features 48 LOCAL NONPROFIT REDEFINES AUTISM Based in Cape Coral, Family Initiative was founded 2015 by David Brown and Anjali Van Drie to fill the much-needed gap clinical training support for families children with ASD. 54 FIND YOUR WAY TO FREDERICKSBURG About an hour from both San Antonio Austin, Fredericksburg wraps a little bit of Texass past, present, future all one enticing destination. Its place where visitors can travel pioneer times World War II Texas viticulture day, or simply shop, sip, stroll their way along downtowns Main Street. 2 TOTI.COM MAYJUNE 2023 SPECIAL SECTION Home Garden 64 Rethinking Redoing Landscape 66 Center Household 12 departments 8 GUEST EDITORIAL Living Side Creates ON THE RADAR The Power 16 Hope Hurting Teenagers MAKING WAVES 18 Keeping Things Cool 22 Fresh Fabulous 24 IN COMMUNITY Our Heroes Go Fishing 28 FOR KIDS Delighting Discovery NATURE NOTBOOK 30 Natures Work Art 32 Wonder Gardens Prepares Future 36 OUT ABOUT Colors Cabbage Key EXPLORER 38 Birthdays Remember 41 Back Nature 44 STAY TUNED Lifes Accompaniment 46 WHATS STORE Whats Hot Southwest Florida 60 CHEERS Celebrated Sips Moms Dads 62 RECIPES WE LOVE Cooking SWFL 68 PROFILE Tracking Cleanup BETWEEN LINES 74 Adventure Alphabet Tree 78 Dont Panic. Just Read 79 SERVICES AND PROFESSIONALS CROSSWORD 80 PARTING SHOT Coming up JulyAugust Taking care ourselves is what issue about. No matter your age lifestyle, health most important thing you have. We will show best ways make healthier happier you. 4 ers om ffer. t s o l cu lue ecia etB r sp j 9 fo ift f A g 7 p See GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela J. Jaeger CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jason Jones CONTRIBUTING DESIGNER Heather Strudgeon PROOFREADER Dan Whicker SENIOR CONSULTING EDITOR Susan Holly CUISINE TRAVEL Gina Birch BEAUTY Beth Luberecki OUTREACH MANAGER Brian Hatley DIGITAL CONTENT CONTRIBUTOR Stephanie ONLINE Francesca Block WRITERS Birch, William R. Cox, Dave Drotleff, Erik Entwistle, Hamilton, Holaway, Luberecki, Myles Mellor, Kathy Montgomery, Dr. Randall H. Niehoff, Ann Marie OPhelan, Andrea Stetson PHOTOGRAPHERSARTISTS M. 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All rights reserved. part this publication may be reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily those BY DR. RANDALL NIEHOFF only guaranteed result friction Confucius say To put world order, we must first nation order family cultivate our personal life set hearts right. --5th century B.C.E. PHOTO DANIELA JAEGER Niehoff H ere on Gulf Coast, residents continue try things after chaos hurricane Ians direct hit last fall. via federal state governments sent lots help-- symbolized FEMA agents big, toothy-clawed trucks that have removed so much debris. As locals work recover, however, still struggle debris interpersonal issues troubled spaces share, whether size circle small tensions within household, medium disagreements homeowners association, large stressful giveand-take city county politics. WHEN HAVING DIFFICULT DISCUSSION FAMILY, GOAL IS UNDERSTAND, NOT CONQUER. PATTI SOUSA SPARKS ARISE FROM THREE FLASHPOINT ISSUES WHETHER RELOCATE, RESTORE, OR REBUILD... THEN, HOW GO IT. In each setting sparks arise three flashpoint relocate, restore, rebuild... then, how go about it. Theres rub--a sure source heat when really want light. Whatever arena discourse, some do lead smoothly compromise neatly wrapped solutions. right, need turn down heat. Friction destructive--ordered resolutions require empathy, openness different perspectives, two-way communication. Alarmed rapidly rising political across communities increasing polarization society, social psychologist Jonathan Haidt his research partner, Caroline Mehl, co-founded Constructive Dialogue Institute 2017. They applied behavioral science find navigate conflict problem-solve through collaboration it begins reframing goals conversation as achieving mutual understanding rather than victory which sounds like Here five suggestions more constructive 1. Let winning. When having difficult discussion family, goal understand, conquer. Leo Tolstoy wisely pointed out, happy alike unhappy its own way. Anna Karenina 2. Take turns sharing story. Research shows people rarely change minds deeply held beliefs because facts but understands personally affects someone else, cooperation becomes possible. Like old adage cant understand other else unless walk mile shoes, dialogue encourages us stand shoes briefly see look perspective. 3. Ask questions judge. Notice difference between these two approaches How possibly think Can tell me led view 4. Acknowledge role emotions. One does agree peoples opinions assure them recognize strong, very real feelings. This trust built. 5. possible, seek common ground. possible confront challenge, other. Rather sitting face face, sit side focus problem Niehoffs decided restore home years heartfelt decision. 10 On radar KATHY MONTGOMERY R For mental illness, NAMI Collier offers land uthnie living her car February 2022 following stay at womens shelter flee abusive relationship. While she could employment easily, struggled keep jobs difficulty maintaining schedule, sleeping, safety, hygiene while being homeless. Ruthnie found National Alliance Mental Illness Countys Sarah Center, able shower, eat, laundry, connect resources. She park there safe sleep, centers air-conditioned lounge during day. I my car, crying every night, says. didnt know going do. McDonalds doing bird baths restroom. spending money wasnt save. felt end. At point got real, depressed Baker Acted. Act allows involuntary institutionalization individuals illness. addition offering basic services homeless, safe, welcoming daily drop-in center anyone over diagnosis. It groups, outings encourage socialization community engagement, lunch, activities enrich quality members. center, connected Colliers Supportive Housing Employment program Mary Kay Flood, housing specialist, who helped helps ensure pay bills well. Flood also helping investments get repairs. illnesses overcome barriers specialist Collier, Mark left right such budgeting paying bills. PHOTOS ALL PAGES COURTESY OF COLLIER COUNTY revisits cute drawing son made calendar. says always makes smile. challenges homelessness recovery wellness. NAMIs works participants secure home, toward employment, engage local resources community-based living. Since July 2022, has served 107 adults 31 children. great waiting list serve if had funding. first, stayed hotel searching affordable would meet needs. September 1, County room 15-year-old son, him times. With government private grants donations, pays average 1,000 month assistance, 332. moved in, steady caretaker assisted-living part-time job retail store earn extra income. dark pulled out darkness showed light, pray God single stop saying thank Im thankful bed sleep roof head. peace. roots dating back 1987, network organization country accredited Council Accreditation, accreditation organizations provide human services. provides Enjoying cup coffee courtyard, help NAMI, now hopeful future. 13 programs 3 months seniors typical organizations, many unique Collier. complex system, Hatch, CEO. offer unique, nonclinical groups wellness journeys. whole person just free include Support members caregivers skills hearing voicesseeing DBT dialectical behavior therapy peer-run Connection, providing various illnesses. Health Under Guided Systems HUGS, supported Naples Children Education Foundation NCEF, founders Winter Wine Festival, responds needs risk problems County. English, Spanish, Creole universal screenings, parenting classes support, facilitates referrals early identification access care. Self-Directed Care SDC healthcare choices actively participate serious Life coaches assist establishing measurable goals. serves 90 year. CLEAR Clearing Way Change call-in service any individual search connecting lived experience recovery. available statewide 4-10 am receives 400 calls per month. Until year, were several rented spaces, administration offices building town. March, into new leasing former location Senior Center. move brings under roof, ability expand seamlessly expose available. Montgomery been writing interesting live region. holds key proudly glad stability head car. MORE INFO 5025 Castello Drive, 239-260-7300 namicollier.org 14 SalusCares Vince Smith teens substance-use diagnoses Small group interaction treatment. S Program nurses staff on-site teenagers program. SALUSCARE teven Hill, director residential medicationassisted treatment SalusCare Fort Myers, he worked hello Target Walmart. 17 years, Hill Campus Adolescent Residential Treatment nonprofit since 1990 ages diagnosis combat addiction. kids late 20s 30s spouses, children, careers well, went FSU, career, great. come visit. 20-bed facility adolescents south Tampa Floridas west coast, increased years. According Drug Abuse Statistics, teen drug use rise, alcohol marijuana used substances. among eighth graders 61 percent 2016 2020. By 12th grade, abused alcohol. good changed time addictions treat them, People substance disease character morality, brain changes brain. Primary development occurs adolescents. Kids tools toolbox pull together. Childrens Therapy Services outpatient therapeutic clinicians specialize Community Response Team CFRT designed experiencing stressors Covid-19 pandemic collaborative Lee Schools SalusCare. students school receive instruction instructors School district. Fifty misused least once. Eighty-six smokes, drinks, uses drugs An already-worsening rise gun violence created perfect storm disorders intensify, isolation lack interaction, activities, conditions definitely become acute, acute harmful substances, Many experienced high-level trauma. 2021, reported adverse experiences emotional abuse 55 percent, parental loss 29 hunger physical 11 percent. knows fine line teenage experimentation disorders. Sometimes blind eye attribute youth experimentation, Unfortunately, big shift hands-off parenting. Social media information. often devices, finding trouble. But seeing starting younger ages. longer use, intensifies earlier better. struggling Florida, hope. 90- 180-day voluntary requiring involvement education District, treatment, structure. ways. Families referral others referred department juvenile justice, court providers, Department DCF, agencies. paid insurance sliding-fee scale based full kitchen breakfast, dinner, snacks 3763 Evans Avenue, Myers 239-275-3222 SalusCareFlorida.org 2450 Prince Street, 239-338-2306 ANN MARIE OPHELAN season enjoy water hether youre heading kayak tour, enjoying few hours jet skiing, paddling boat, riding flume, May June wet. favorite weather perfect, too hot, humid. waters warm, manatee sightings, Adam Sauerland, manager Tarpon Bay Explorers licensed concession J.N. Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge. Bay, rents kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddleboards, pontoons, conducts tours once operational again, post hurricane. Besides manatees dolphins, boaters might birds nesting rookery islands, wading birds, fish jumping water. fishing fantastic wonderful visit paddle Sauerland. Among bay snook, redfish, spotted seatrout, grouper, mangrove snapper, pom- W pano, flounder, sheepshead, Spanish mackerel. casual cruise quiet waters, Lakes Regional Park go. Originally rock quarry 1960s, 158 acres freshwater lakes picturesque rent swan pedal boats Wheel Fun Rentals. Owner Scott Ellington boat rentals, should before long. bikes parks 2.5 miles trails around lakes. Looking excitement Head take Jet Ski Dolphin Tour Parasail. tour thrilling unforgettable everyone loves ocean, nature, adventure, Kevin Nobis. After brief safety orientation guide, off takes forests seagrass beds, spotting diverse marine life, including manatees, seabirds, curious playful dolphins. guide points sights wildlife explains importance preserving bays fragile ecosystems. Whether solo traveler, friends, activity enjoy, dolphins birds. BONITA JET SKI PARASAIL, INC. Explore Explorers. TOP TARPON BAY EXPLORERS BOTTOM WHEEL FUN RENTALS Parasail boards, bicycle parasailing guests birds-eye gulf Barefoot Beach, Lovers Key, Island. fun, exciting begun Sunsplash Waterpark Coral. must-do Ohio summer My love Sunsplash, day fun. food pizza, burgers, beverages, it, visitor Jenny Monroe. officially opened March 18, plans open Thanksgiving weekend, longest ever. extending operating select nights. levels thrill seekers, gentle quarter-mile Stream River Tube Ride winds park, tall exhilarating Terror Swan Park. 19 fun kinds Rentals Park, 7330 Gladiolus 239-332-2453 wheelfunrentals.comflfort-myers lakes-regional-park OPhelan resident regular contributor Media. 20 SUNSPLASH FAMILY WATERPARK Tube, Pirates Cove young adventurers slide blasters, gushers, geysers. Plus, added special events lineup throughout entire season, chief marketing officer Ron McKenzie. Upcoming Mothers Day Weekend Celebration 13-14, featuring entry, Hawaiian-themed gift, specially priced Momosas. Memorial 27-29 admission ticket active retired military valid ID. Dad gets weekend 17-18 entry drinks Man Cave. nice, cool start summer. IF YOU 27890 Hickory Blvd., Springs 239-399-5277 bonitajetski.com W. Lake Kennedy 239-574-0558 sunsplashwaterpark.com 900 Road, 239-472-8900 tarponbayexplorers.com n d Fa b u Farmers markets Auroras Produce vendors Island Market. SANIBEL ISLAND FARMERS MARKET CAPE CORAL MARKETS SPRINGS SHANGRI-LA E Local honey Market Seasons Farms displays fresh produce Saturday Springs. week, Floridians farmers shop market beautimarkets score everything fruits ful views lake Wednesdays, am-1 vegetables homemade goods. pm, October-May. Parking shopping. favorites area. operated Roots Markets partnership Year-round, draws thouthe Enrichment Foundation, sands pm. Over past decades, beautifying park. grown 120 operates nine region, array though temporarily closed relocated hurorganically produce, home-baked goods, ricane Ian. Boca Grande, handmade items, delicious foods, music Captiva stages, Claudia reopen next St. Onge. Sunday morning destination, adds parking lot Jerrys Foods Another Mid-Cape moving locaSunshine Tuesdays am-3 pm tion City Hall grounds Mercola 2023-24 season. vibes, music, parking, market, celebrating 15th more, Farmseason, Market, located ventures. proud partnerruns Sunday, October April. ship F.I.S.H. Friends Service Here, sets donated foods Greens organic garden Shangri-La popular recreational areas products, Betsy Ventura, partner Jean Baer owns Roots. host islands. highlight mission community, Ventura. May, Saturday, am-12 If foodie, youll here, 50 vendors, organically seafood Joes Catch, Mediterranean Chef Robert, more. Ventura operate Coconut Point Estero, Outlets, Babcock Ranch. Also USDA-certified Springs, Thursdays am-2 abundance greens moringa, basil, dill, longevity spinach, Swiss chard, collards, Asian green mix, Cecelia Morales, Club Square, SE 47th Terrace 10th Place, South capecoralfarmersmarket.com Sunshine Caf 125 SW 3rd buylocallee.com Ranch 42850 Crescent Loop, Promenade 26795 S. 23106 Fashion 800 Dunlop Temporary Foods, 7500 Periwinkle Way, Outlets 20350 Summerlin Organic 27750 Old 239-949-0749 shangrilasprings.com organic-garden Cowboy Sharp knife sharpening Wednesdays manager. incorporates regenerative holistic gardening practices. implementing permaculture principles further growing environment. Most garden-tending strictly hand assistance machinery. approach agroforestry principles, intentional integration trees shrubs crops create environmental, economic, benefits, leads appointment. inside lobby Monday Friday, never miss fresh. LAKES PARK OUR Healing excursions disabled vets U.S. Army veteran Wayne Fegley, trips Fegley joined Captain George two-day trip Islamorada, aka Sport Capital World. He knew fellow ever had, Fegley. caught tuna wahoo, enough plenty home. Fegleys Islamorada came thanks Fish Hero FWAH. exceptional sponsors responders. world-class memories. offerings responders dealing effects post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD, traumatic injury, disabilities, wounds war wounded veterans FWAH anglers fly-tying techniques monthly meeting Military Heritage Museum Punta Gorda. PTSD numbers alone staggering served. personnel Vietnam Iraq suffer lives. Recent studies shown benefits rehabilitation process. curative powers fishing, outdoors heal heroes, spokesper- FISH HERO vet showing haul FWAHs Keys fly-fishing workshop participants. amazing life. give gave country. --Larry Kendzior, executive director, Katie Kimsey. communal gathering affected approach. calms ones mind, lowers levels, boosts well-being, builds confidence, connections. country, Larry Hero. heroes helped, healing numbered nearly 3,000 hours, according annual report. Thanks volunteers, expenses kept low, provided no charge. participant, Paul Williams, Injured together... stories, laughing. Getting something they love-- forget struggles. effort honor killed war. 2015, giant grouper prized became catches trip. sixth Purple Heart state, Florida. award given fighting nations wars. Across United States, locations honoring 1.6 million recipients. third-largest population nation, 1.5 1.3 male veterans, 164,000 female veterans. express gratitude. traveled, variety Florida--in Mexico Captiva, Monday, 29, 2023. States holiday recognize, honor, mourn died serving armed forces. 25 LEARN MILITARY HISTORY Brotherhood Resource exhibits, events, 4522 Del Prado Blvd. South, 239-360-8913 thebrotherhoodofheroes.com. artifacts, innovative experiences, educational opportunities, Marion Gorda 941-575-9002 militaryheritagemuseum.org. Library dedicated responders, history. Edison Mall, 4125 Cleveland 1755, swflmm.org. MEMORIALS Veterans Area, Located Four Mile Ecological Preserve, Parkway, memorials Participants volunteers Matlacha, Myers--where red mackerel, mahi-mahi, amberjack. range overnight trips. recent Tony Mothership Outfitters Burnt Store Bar, long, shallow, sandy flat near Matlacha Pass, reeled trout, even bonnethead sharks. fisherman knows, offered year-round. Luckily, VA disability rating. trips, workshops bimonthly places Bass Pro Shops Those interested donating, sponsoring, volunteering website. benefit please reach Hero, fishwithahero.com facebook.comfishwithahero instagram.comfishwithaherohlen 26 Summer camps learning Every campers Sea compete surf race. Ford Estates STEM-focused science, technology, engineering, math. EDISON FORD WINTER ESTATES SEA SCHOOL ummer break corner, forward camps. mix focusing STEM, abbreviation mathematics--all components career fields computer sciences, healthcare. STEM projected grow 10.5 2020 2030, outpacing non-STEM occupations, Math Science Initiative. Equally chance explore creativity, thinking solving. arts acronym--STEAM. camp opportunities--focusing STEAM--for gain momentum same break. Considering Thomas breakthroughs electric power generation, sound recording, motion pictures, surprise Myers. These teaching behind concept. Then present challenge apply scientific concept successful. world, scientists discoveries engineers discoveries, mirror dynamic. Weekly themes Robot Makers, Video Game Creators, Movie Making. New Clever Coders, code platform develop logic forms series projects platforms. sessions run 7-August geared grades K-2 3-5. excited lessons typically cannot school, Pearce Augustenborg, coordinator Estates. Having robots, laptops, ambitious ideas practical normal classroom tasks teachers museums EdisonFord education. creating lesson, significant intellectual academic trying here. option. Camp vary weekly, Better Your Pod Dolphins Week Were Moon Jellies Week. say, well tons Shannon Rivard, director. 6-13, weeks opportunities 17. Camps 12-August 25. creative undertakings citys facilities. Outdoorsy types Eco-adventure Rotary ranging Reptile Fossil Fun. courses. connect, grow, themselves supportive environment, Yudit Orlando, visual centers. group--there budding artists, actors, musicians, dancers full- Inventors Performing Arts Creating Play, Cookonomics. 4-13 5-August 9. opportunity self-expression, craftsmanship, imagination. learning--a win-win campers. consists indoor outdoor hiking mucking swamp, animal tracks, guest speakers, animals, partaking nature studies, netting ponds, participating games, theme-related crafts, Honey Phillips, senior recreation specialist. 19-July K-8. Camptacular four Bill Austen Youth Freedoms Rotino Yacht Club. involve weekly field days, projects, activities. incorporate lesson plans, Michelle Nave, supervisor. Counselors creatively. build summer, expanding imagination keeping out. scheduled 4, 5-14. artistic bent Fine selects engaging curriculum. supports idea STEAM incorporating design creativity using unlock STEMs essential enhance flexibility, adaptability, productivity, responsibility, innovation. From refining motor skills, environment child thrive, Sam A. Ellis, acting supervisor Musical Theatre Intensive Camp, Broadway Palm weeklong 7-12, running 1-6, 19-August choice Centers CITY CENTERS ARTS 10091 McGregor 239-939-2787 artinlee.org 26100 239-495-8989 artcenterbonita.org Parks Recreation 1015 Cultural 239-573-3128 capecoral.gov 2350 239-334-7419 edisonfordwinterestates.org 455 239-472-8585 sanibelseaschool.org notebook WILLIAM COX visually striking painted bunting birders Passerina ciris brilliantly colored birders. There subspecies separated eastern race P.c. western pallidior. geographically restricted Other names Mexican canary, finch, pope. medium-sized bird, 15 centimeters exhibits bright colors, blue head, eye-ring, underparts rump, yellow-green back, tail back. Females first-year males above dull yellow below, light eye-ring. inhabits pine flatwoods, mixed pine, hardwood forests, mesic hammocks, agricultural urban environments. frequents roadside thickets, yards, hedges, fence rows, freeze-killed orange groves, fallow farm fields, shrubby weedy areas. feeds mostly ground habitats seeds amaranthus, bristle grass, dock, white proso millet, nyger, panic pigweed, sedges, spurge, Johns wort, wheat, wood sorrel. During protein-rich insects. breeds Brevard north Atlantic coastal counties larger river systems, Christmas counts banded buntings indicated populations seriously declining. Savannah rivers. winter covers central Jamaica, Bahamas, Cuba. Numerous overwinter leave return mid-April. considered spring migrant. arrives anticipation extends July, peak mid-May June. Male courtship includes flattening body ground, spreading wings tail, fluffing feathers, exhibiting jerky movements. tenaciously defends breeding territory, sometimes resulting injury death. polygamous species broods nest end branch thick cover clump moss approximately meters shaped deep constructed weed stalks grass. incubating, days. Clutch varies eggs, clutches consisting eggs. Nestlings fed insects adult larva beetles, crickets, grasshoppers, flies, wasps, spiders, snails, caterpillars, weevils. fledge eight Geological Survey decline Georgia 1966 1995. decades decreased happening long time, generally procreating partially explained narrow geographic range. potential causes agriculture development, attraction feeders developments, closer parasitism brown-headed cowbirds, predatory cats, bird-feeder diseases aspergillosis salmonellosis. Painted illegally trapped sold caged outside render vulnerable extinction extended broader combination impacts--a declining population, range, habitat destruction--categorizes threatened. You increase chances observing yard planting shrubs, gar- dens, grasses. feeder seed bath away windows prevent crashing glass. Be clean disease. Join eBird.org report observations, determine status declines. Cox professional photographer ecologist 35 Visit online williamrcoxphotography.com. Master plan promises upgrades, history venerable Animal West feel desire oasis. BOTH WONDER GARDENS downtown sits 3.5 prime Imperial River. 1936, evolved called beloved zoo botanical gardens, dodging pressure 2013 rallied save generations. Now site positioned enter phase master old-Florida oasis foundational strengths defined millions critical facilities, programs, experiences. Neil Anderson, president CEO, revealed conceptual drawings nonprofits fundraising gala. event, fund-a-need call kick raised 455,000, construction Gator Beach Habitat Pool Keeper Demonstra Area SHELTER GATOR VIEW Plans existing improving alligator exhibit underwater viewing natural habitat. discussed event 165,000. all, record 468,000. Through anonymous donors, 1 space veterinary services, husbandry holding preparation, offices. West-style second story, allowing boardroom behind-the-scenes visitors. component needed Association Zoos Aquariums AZA. completed 2024, building, house property damaged hurricane, maintenance horticulture. property, storage, eventually 33 museum, formerly Visitor expansion gift exhibits. addition, long-promised otter finally introducing mammals reptile 300. built, post-hurricane Ian repairs historic welcomed gardens storm, expected reopened extensive cleanup accessed gate. tree fell damaging received close inches surge, rebuild walls floors. phases upgrading naturalistic example, current concrete-block pond chain link fence. snapping turtles, known star-shaped arrangement eyes. outdated immersive guests, Anderson appeal community. developing tree-to-tree canopy elevated walkway height aviary house, tree-height hab- Volunteers aftermath 34 house. itats, sloth prehensile-tail porcupine. Robinson detracting whats timeline funding developed. enhanced improved, attracting fund thus sustain gardens. developed steering committee, staff, board Details shared meetings public-private partnership, involved supportive, NEW Zoo Wisconsin, transform AZA-accredited excited. dreamt happen, can, is, will. partnerships parties happen. 27180 41, 239-992-2591 wondergardens.org CAPT. BRIAN HOLAWAY island abloom island. sea, cross island, sea. short beautiful. getting man exalts wonder beauty --Martiros Saryan botany is... unto itself. plant tells story plants 100-acre northern Pine Sound. Pulling harbor looking sea kaleidoscope flowering plants. Yellow beach daisies front lawn magnificent reddish-orange royal poinciana top hill. bloom, landmark. seen approaching south. vivid colors shout tarpon Keys, snook Chokoloskee, flamboyant flame Caribbean Mexico, oldest documented planted 1917 Marian Fairchild, wife noted botanist Fairchild. poincianas spread acreage. reveals color palette subtropical world. steps boathouse frangipani supple flowers pleasing nose. blooms wearing pinkish color. flower leis Pacific Aztec Mayan high esteem. Inn Restaurant Bougainvillea another Key. collected Rio de Janeiro Jeanne Baret, woman circumnavigate globe. Disguised man, expedition French Admiral Louis Antoine Bougainville, whom named. intrigues night-blooming cereus. then perplexed cactus itself including, limited to, cabbage palms, oak trees, strangler figs, occasional buttonwood. night. lucky, glimpse morning. Hibiscus people, lovers not. appealing gravitate toward. Botanists debate hibiscus discovered, established Hawaii, absorbed culture. originated, pleasure beholder. Time spent smelling flowers, feeling petals, stopping, pausing flora spent. Capt. Holaway Naturalist shelling ecotour His charters islands Sound, Cayo Costa State North Captiva. Night-blooming cereus Pink Royal White 37 science-themed IMAG party-goers birthday treats. heres perhaps bigger birthday. gather friends rake gifts, celebrate beginning parents throw backyard bash pool party, memorable. Tropical Breeze worlds mini-golf hole, celebrants. Birthday holes miniature golf, GellyBall Gallery extreme battlefield. paintball mess pain, Sandie Greiner. GellyBall, blasters launch hydrated biodegradable orbs, TROPICAL BREEZE venues variation party games. tional attention. Typically, cruises minutes chartered, added. cake cruises, Parrot Grill Salty Sams Marina, launch. nearby Original Shrimp Dock Bar Grill. chartered pirate customized, brought onboard. bar adults. tiki hut shade party-goers. low-impact, no-mess Revelers blast strategic games Gallery. Options pizza beverages. attendant keeps moving. Breeze, options, chill Hertz Arena. Party packages decorated room, popcorn, instructor skate. Parties 65 attendees. Extra hour-and-a-half. Everblades Reception Package pregame parties--with players team mascot Swampee. Do wait until minute book weekends fast catering Caitlin Macy. option Pirate Cruise. iconic Pieces Eight accommodate smaller passengers all-ages cruises. either charter join adults, jokes VanDenabeele, operations Sams. crew puts birthday, pirates song honoree addi- HERTZ ARENA sporting backdrop 39 Cruise Playing mad ers, STEMLab displays, lemonade, water, paper plates, cups, napkins, utensils. show, takehome experiment, discounted wall climb Miromar Malls WINK Playland included. 6 older. History luck Party, Experience Add-on Ultimate Party. encounters demonstrations. options Live shows, visits Lab aquariums, Amy Loveless, Estero. Guests mathematics themes, Jurassic Adventure, Mad Scientists, Space Explor- 2000 Cranford 239-243-0043 theimag.org IMAGs 10801 Corkscrew theimag.orgstemlab 2500 239-765-7272 floridapiratecruise.com 234 Santa Barbara 239-574-3939 tropicalbreezefunpark.com 40 photos courtesy photo Arena 11000 Pkwy., 239-948-7825, ext. 1022 hertzarena.com CROW Calusa touch Explorer Left Clinic Rehabilitation CROW. Below tactile experience. Photos ature teach plants, interactive experience, talk walk. Scientists concluded exposing oneself wealth benefits--improving attention, lowering stress, bettering mood, reducing risks psychiatric CROW, hospital Planetarium Ian, CROWs N operation, destination attendees learn 55-year protecting wildlife-- native migratory--who Alison Charney Hussey. walks, guided campus state-of-the-art hospital, ambassadors, bring message public. cameras--raccoon, otter, intake cameras--that hopes soon. Please patient improve 105-acre offer, speaker series, seminars, trail butterfly raptor aviary, planetarium shows. Two ecosystems, pinewood flats cypress dome swamp. accessible Loop Trail 15-minute shell pathway rougher Wildlands complete. introduced programming, general Hayes. tegu lizard, sulcata tortoise, Waffles, corn snake. doors, Al Allie, American lizard menagerie Planetarium. highlights center. 42 pages leading 3450 Ortiz 239-275-3435 calusanature.org 3883 239-472-3644 crowclinic.org Preserves Environmental 5505 Rose 239-549-4646 Shell Factory 16554 239-995-2141 shellfactory.com Six Cypress Slough Preserve 7751 Penzance 239-218-1032 leegov.comparksparkssixmilecypress alligators, homeschool sensory-friendly evolving outreach program, working hard community--adults alike. June, off, graders. roll laser planetarium, system. 44-foot gives astronomy today. included Mars, Frontier Unveiling Invisible Universe Oasis Water Solar System. kind Miami Bradenton. 43 ERIK ENTWISTLE Music living, hat What church service, wedding, funeral documentary Hollywood blockbuster dance Any celebration elusive form communication, couldnt imagine without, granted. connects another, discrete influence Perhaps youve attended concert profound, hope again. Or sing choir camaraderie sense built making captivated particular performers composers work. enables reflects aspects intimately virtually do, possess gifts. organized ears vibrate body, penetrates emotions intellect fully understood. Unlike photograph, represents moment frozen exist snapshot. flows temporal passage, beat progresses. lives moment, wish presently appreciate achieve goal. mind attuned, whatever happen circumstances altogether profound realm rewards fullest frequent companion, heard playing involuntarily enliven powering tasks, adding joy exhilaration routines, putting step most. hand, relax unwind, peace melt cares Of course, listening yourself instrument singing musical voice. studying doesnt becoming virtuoso, discipline, satisfied continually striving improve. humbling rewarding created, share others. aspect keys nature. invite accompany journey, Pianist, instructor, musicologist Entwistle teaches Sanibel. writes Stay Tuned column hobby fruit sustainable methods. 45 GINA BIRCH BICYCLES BEGINNERS Learning ride rite passage kids. Woom designs low-weight bicycles child-specific geometry introduction riding. heights, weights, levels. Starting 199 woom.com SLEEPOVERS MADE SIMPLE Perfect play, nap, sleepovers, Mimish two-in-one sleeping bag backpack comes soft, cozy, colorful fabrics, sizes. kids, zippers, Velcro tabs, buckles skills. version older resistant. 59.99 mimishdesigns.com PEEK-A-BOO ART EASEL Nurture andor childs two-sided, transparent acrylic Little Partners. Paint, experiment media. Built-in storage easy supplies quick cleanup. adjustable. 159.99 littlepartners.com COOK COLOR Eco-conscious artisan-inspired, Bloomhouse cookware toxins olive oil-seasoned cast iron stoneware dinnerware, company sold. 12-piece cook heavy-gauge aluminum nonstick ceramic interior. looks cooks good. 350 bloomhousecollection.com SOUTHERN BREAKFAST breakfasts best. folks Loveless fixins door. well-known Nashville establishment cranking biscuits 70 Customize delivery packs bacon, biscuits, jams, sweet potato butter must. Prices lovelesscafe.com LOUISIANA RUM rum. change, Bayou Rum Louisiana. crafted sugarcane molasses. Both Reserve XO aged bourbon barrels. finished Pedro Ximnez sherry smooth rich flavor. 80, respectively bayourum.com YOGA CARDS Personalize yoga practice PlayPauseBe Yoga Decks. deck contains 82 artful cards categories. complete infinite number sequences. Switch mimic position, read phrase focus. 34.99 playpausebe.com LUXURIOUS OLIVE OIL Laudemio Frescobaldi oil add flavor cooking. luxurious, pure, cold-pressed Tuscan smell, artichokes. intense yet balanced drizzling, dipping, dressings. 39.99 laudemiofrescobaldi.com NONALCOHOLIC APERTIFS Pop star Katy Perry Morgan McLachlan De Soi nonalcoholic sparkling aperitifs. Canned convenience, alternative wanting spirit vibe beverage Vegan, gluten free, natural, flavors. cans drinkdesoi.com KARMA CAT TOYS Karma Cat wool toys play. coarse fibers cats teeth gums clean. Floridians, released beach-inspired toys. Fair Trade. 9.95 dharmadogkarmacat.com 47 Nonprofit Redefines Autism treacherous HOLLY HAMILTON INITIATIVE leaders Offerman 49 hen Kristy Offermans twin boys reached Kyle utter word, Dada, speech stopped. toddlers, Neither nor brother Kameron started talking, wrong, Kevin. Nonverbal 5 old, diagnosed autism spectrum ASD, neurodevelopmental condition severity characterized repetitive behaviors, nonverbal Disease Control, estimated therapists, ABA analysis language, Initiative, spectrum. Kyle, Kevin, BOYS WERE YEARS OLD INTRODUCED FRIENDS INITIATIVE, THAT WAS LIVES CHANGED BETTER. --KEVIN OFFERMAN, PARENT workers training, passion highest-quality award-winning bringing advanced technology organization. assessing child, individualized ongoing ensuring thrives, Drie. mean bedtime assess struggles grocery afternoon. importantly, solutions caring, inclusive fosters dignity, respect, empathy. Offermans, personal, difference. literally physically boys, them. Theyve meltdowns. truly dont found. family. supporting impacted ASD assessments, comfortable atmosphere families, security 51 Young transparency observe progress. peer connection, compassion, understanding. evidence-based expertise empowered confident Initiatives inaugural Skills Playgroup, sons independence foundational. acceptance. Combining entertaining hanging friends. thrived progress tremen- dously social, sons, old. night greatest Parent Group, haven resources, discuss topics interest, updates inspiration growth vastly, focused realized 52 hangout sports, yoga, in. feedback intervention lofty urgent attainable goals, Brown. earlier, soon initial delays recognizeddiagnosed. quicker window, dramatically trajectory serve. options. legislative session, House HB1, savings accounts eligibility abilities. advocates interest HB1 greatly disabilities eliminate waitlist, empower emphasize legislation decide child. receiving up, plans. serve, robust continuum carry lives, ends 12, remind lifelong journey. autistic college education, 85 unemployed. beyond childhood everyday believe generosity realize dream. tackling fears arent here today, Hamilton Florida-based storyteller places, partnerships. 734 4th 239-910-0712 fi-florida.org 53 FREDERICK Country preserves BETH LUBERECKI More 150 shops, boutiques, art galleries plus dozens restaurants wine tasting rooms Fredericksburgs RHIANNON TAYLOR CKSBURG Examples houses German immigrants remain city, vacation rentals. oh-sophotogenic Das Peach Haus purchase products Fischer Wieser Specialty Foods. 56 CLOCKWISE TRISH RAWLS DAS PEACH HAUS Beers Altstadt Brewery traditional brewing Franchises stores allowed Historic District runs uncover finds. oots Fredericksburg, Texas. Which isnt surprising statement area grapevines, wildflowers, peach trees. goes that. preserved heritage thats display area, histories contributing down- towns Timing springtime wildflower appeal, almost GETS ITS START 1846. Theyd America opportunity, rough arrival coast entity exactly fulfill promises, Fredericksburg. Town founder John O. Meusebach named settlement Frederick Prussia. Settlers acreage town farming houses. residences buy sell goods attend incorporated structures preserve heritage, heart soul, historian trolley driver D. Schafer. Downtowns Pioneer one-room schoolhouse, log cabin, first-hand settlers lived. Marktplatz space, reconstruction Vereins Kirche, originally hall, church, school. octagonal reconstructed 1930s symbol. endures Brewery, practices beers, Bakery Restaurant, fare wiener schnitzel sauerbraten. Ottos Bistro modern spin classic Austrian cuisine, sourcing ingredients farms, ranches, producers thoughtfully assembled wines dishes. cuisine well-crafted LEGACIES LIVE seem odd museum theater II--until birthplace Chester Nimitz, commander Fleet Ocean Areas II. expansive honors Nimitz effort. H.W. Bush Gallery, stories photos, quotes, timelines, artifacts Japanese midget submarines attacked Pearl Harbor hatch USS Arizona. shines spotlight hometown hero, Combat Zone main demonstrations reenactments. MEIERSTONE VINEYARDS Meierstone Vineyards, seventh-generation Texan Krystal Patel produces small-batch grapes growers. operation welcomes temporary vineyards permanent tasing room. 57 Kirche symbol reminder past. Exhibits displays. alive interpretation, Shields, War. That excellent childrens exhibit, Homefront Growing Up War, eyes girl descent forced relocate internment major renovation check website information closures. Lyndon Baines Johnson, 36th president, born Stonewall, election F. Kennedys vice subsequent swearing map tourism B. Johnson Historical sites LBJs boyhood LBJ Site walking trails. Touring impact him. 58 BENNETT winemaking industry legs surroundings, planning sampling vintages produced wineries, vineyards, Gillespie County, 100 wineries Country. Vineyards newest scene, 555-acre far historical sites. winemaker Stone fifth generation name moms maiden names. previously tech dream lured peace, job. myself returning clear regain no-brainer lifestyle forward. wines, dry whites ross reds, growers state. aims currently navigating regulatory landscape, now, sample chat process terms fruit, recommendation newcomers tried prepared varieties probably of, climate. blossom identity worldwide. ties strong Ferris Fletch Co., owner Rarig Rosss began Wiesers multifaceted business store, companys muchloved Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce. play roles business, Dietz Distillery producing spirits raspberry-infused vodka London-style gin. Evelyn Washburne grew husband, John, force restaurant scene company, Street Hospitality. 2013. approachable dining, product storytellers sense, small, beaten path. couple family-friendly fast-casual spot Tubbys Ice House, La Bergerie, Caliche Coffee Roastery, Hospitality umbrella. recently took longtime dining August Es opening Italian Alla Campagna Ottos, heralded huge Freder- icksburg Washburne. primarily ranchers there... landscape impact, Washburnes hospitality sector. spots Vaudeville, bistro, gourmet club, supper club newer Sage Lounge Albert Hotel, rooms, restaurants, saloon. weve encouraged growth, High tides raise ships. authentic Nokomis, freelance writer whos Learn bethluberecki.com. Hotel 242 E. TX alberthotel.com 6120 East, 290, 830-304-2337 altstadtbeer.com Co. 409 830-307-9290 ferrisandfletch.com 1406 Highway 87, 830-997-8969 jelly.com Ladybird Lane, City, 830-868-7128 nps.govlyjo Road 52, 830-644-2252 tpwd.texas.govstateparkslyndon-b-johnson 573 Meier-Stone 830-644-2462 meierstonevineyards.com 311 Austin 830-997-8600, 250 pacificwarmuseum.org 225 830-997-9084 oldgermanbakeryandrestaurant.com 325 830-990-8441 pioneermuseum.org 241 830-383-1079 sage-tx.com 601 sidestreethospitality.com Vaudeville 230 830-992-3234 vaudeville-living.com 59 M Share drink loved Fathers fall apart, season-- chosen role. parents, grandparents, guardians--and elusive. lover spirits, bottles start, gifts alone, share. Sitting glass cocktail giving priceless anything. bottle. Champagne, spa certificate. whiskey, maybe glasses sipping. Consider bottle Confiscated Kentucky Owl. brand resurrected 2014, Prohibition. whiskey homage barrels tasted prohibited sales. notes honeysuckle flavors orange, graham crackers, spicy cayenne. Good cocktails rocks. 149.99 aficionados, Nikka Coffey delightful discovery. Made Whisky, sweetness richer texture vodkas. ideal mixing together Mom Dad. Think espresso martini straight twist. stills distillation process, barley, contribute Engine Gin wins packaging category. half-liter tin screw top, resemble oil, anything viscous. lively, botanicals mountain Alps. tag fuel consumers dreams. did Nice cold beverage. Indian tonic good, simple match Revelation Ros beautiful afternoon Maybe indeed revelations chilled women Goose Ridge Washington. blend syrah, pinot gris, merlot, mourvdre, grenache, mouthful. Aromatic expressive, strawberry watermelon, nice minerality freshness. Etude Pinot Gris sleek sipping brunch cheese charcuterie board. 91-point Enthusiast lovely tropical notes, acidity, slightly creamy mouthfeel. Found Napas famous Carneros winery NEGRONI ounce vermouth bitter aperitivo liqueur leaf lemon zest garnish Serve ice Twist cocktail, sage leaf. preservation wildlife. feel-good tastes Chardonnay Beringers Private Napa Valley hang tropical. layers mouth little. Make linger over. statement, vintage Don Melchor. Winemaker Enrique Tirado balance energy finesse. tend agree. Melchor Chiles revered cabernet sauvignon. Spectator listed 2014 floral aromatics. herbal acidity. collectible test dads. Happy Day. Thank love. lessons. Cheers contributor. food, personality NIKKA MARTINI ounces Vodka Green Pour ice. Stir strain Garnish olive. cooking LOBSTER LINGUINI Petars Serves Pasta grams 00 flour semolina egg yolks teaspoon virgin Pinch salt Mix mixer let dough rest hour, covered plastic wrap Roll thickness standard pasta machine manually inch. Cut 10-inch-long noodles. claws boiling tails minutes, minutes. removing immediately 7-8 Break meat whole, cut half lengthwise linguini pictured. Sauce pound lobster heads, 3-4 garlic gloves, onions, chopped medium-size carrots, celery sticks, tablespoons tomato paste cups heavy cream bunch thyme pot, caramelize down, low Once heads nicely caramelized, transfer pot simmer, cloves, onion, stick stock. celery, carrot. Cook Add heat, stirring frequently. Deglaze dry. stock, vegetables, boil. thyme. simmer half-hour Strain sauce strainer. Boil strain, hot sauce. remove Season pepper taste, plate 3300 239-249-4064, petarsrestaurant.com Maine Lobster First, bodies, separate heads. Use stock PETARS RESTAURANT fter rolled September, backyards disarray--or worse. some, remnants be. homes--it peaceful oasis, playground vegetable garden, entertain. Making again days staying less staycations cost saver. vital households. Mike Williams rethink better fit lifestyle. many, lost first. said done, playset patio shady pergola, firepit guests. completed, revitalization ever, grandchildren consider redoing purpose. Are considering ponder First Different atmospheres. Grown-ups frolic pool. Backyard RYAN ODONNELL PHOTOGRAPHY are. Then, theres budget consider. Maintenance costs pools yards budget. costs, pitch reuse repurpose items already yard, bricks stones. materials shave privacy instead fencing patios completely savings. architects vision grander assisting kitchens, areas, decking, Myers-based architect Joyce Owens Architecture LLC advice activity. view, pool, Play time-saving measures occupied. busy Owens. suggests atmosphere, inviting mingle cozier, quieter Plants backyards, lush setting, privacy, shade. Evans, expert Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundations Native Landscapes humans portions adapted likely bloom designing usable run. says, climate increases estate around. wetland pollinator demonstration SCCFs SANIBEL-CAPTIVA CONSERVATION FOUNDATIONS NATIVE LANDSCAPES GARDEN CENTER pollinators, indirectly one-third global supply. Being means proper fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides. And root systems slow runoff, absorb stormwater, against invasive Evans. attract pollinators irrigation spot. act barrier neighbors noise. border differing heights densities effective this, answer landscaping Tuesday Thursday. re-creating backyard, SCCF Post-Hurricane Replanting Guide, tinyurl. comSCCF-Replanting-Guide. GETTING STARTED eager measurement sketch purchased. landscaper, renovator, backyard. replant survived Joewood Jacquinia keyensis, 10-20 feet tall, sun shade, moist soils. Lignum vitae Guaiacum sanctum, grows Pigeon plum Coccoloba diversifolia, 20-40 Seagrape uvifera, 25-30 Owens, FAIA, RIBA 239-362-1688 architecturejoyceowens.com 1300 239-472-1932 sccf.org our-worknative-landscapesand-garden-center Multipurpose multigenerational households point. stages. multigenerational, blended valuable melting sorts. Pew study, 2021 higher 1970s. reasons--spending together, watching television, entertaining, seating, designer Chappell Norris Furniture Interiors. suggest sturdy chairs matching ottomans firmer seat prefer chair Swivel sway video text Younger upholstered cubes puffs lay floor watch movie. fabric consideration. Performance upholstery fabrics durable, stain resistant, easy-to-clean. Microfiber, cotton, linen, canvas, faux leather choices. Sofas lie on. tables function card tables. splashes pillows. Sturdy NORRIS FURNITURE INTERIORS durable furniture, undoubtedly mess, mother, walker, us, Elaine Long Her furniture microfiber fabric. selected, sofa. sofa shouldnt selected lying Chappell. sofas solution not, recliner solution. Depending shape L-shaped sectional choice. Sectionals sofas, onto pieces. decision include. table seats sofa, prop looking, Nesting lamp additional tabletop needed. case piece anchor television advisable. electronics storing, drawers doors close, hide tables, game table. Lighting considered. Sconces ambient lighting safely movie, Swingarm lamps hobbies. Large mustnt dress windows, blinds, shades, drapes style control sunlight privacy. rug comfort. Wool rugs allow spill surface material soaking Finally, individual, accessories, artwork walls. liven lively 14125 Tamiami Trail, 239-690-9844 norrisfurniture.com 67 ANDREA STETSON B Blog devastated Delnor-Wiggins ehind gates, sand, DelnorWiggins Pass barreled 28, demolishing ranger station, restrooms, pavilion, roads, leaving mounds beach. crews cleaning mess. grain sand sifted dangerous Roads cleared, infrastructure restored. time. Naples, wondering scenes usually pristine paradise. volunteer Ursula Gibbons, taken mystery posting blogs Facebook page detailed updates. date on, Gibbons explains. informed. positive hopeful. details, lowdown happening. posts uplifting sadness. stuffed hoodies, fundraiser. critters mangroves. hugged tight. cat and, dirty faces, pampering, wrote. bi-weekly blog Facebook, updating vegetation. sparser, survive storm. URSULA GIBBONS Before shots section Delnor-Wiggins. shot shortly picture cleaned. pictures Wiggy moment. heartbreaking, yes cleaned slice --Oct. later Humane Society Conservancy animals there. that, posts, Modglin, aimed informing damage, restoration efforts. posts. Oct. inform closing gates stages demo deemed unsafe, access. Wednesday, 28th, ashore category Along 8ft-12ft surge coastline Naples. sustained catastrophic damage. submerged entirely, damage extensive, 69 buildings two-story boardwalks, sheds, destroyed Only assistant managers homes toes warm stare turquoise sunsets. memories, importantly transition, lets thoughts pattern DWSP, rangers Koreshan Site. 23 done toll gopher tortoise news survivors Part locate, document, protect biologists Nov. Does vastly Yes, dead vegetation gone, entrance cleared lots, excluding irreparable bathhouses, buildings, CSO citizen lost. Much vegetation, oats, dunes gone 2ft-4ft covering road lots. vehicles, golf carts, UTV, Argo, ATV, etc., forever contractor demolition essentially slate 1-2 indefinitely access, certainly posted rebuilding picnic sparser treeline. trash picked seems Folks are, unfortunately, danger, equipment ask leave, slows down. PLEASE, contractors Give rebuilt. promise worth wait. front-gate station demolished bathhouse buildingranger loungeCSO amount amazing, impressive working. remember cleaner, piles hidden dangers sand. Dec. Well, bathhouses mangroves debris, mulching veg continues. 21 continues pile processed sand-sifting phase, Year. beachtree line, raking bits talked, pipe rebar waterline. fact rid Jan. pulling layer lot. Seeing metal pretty eye-opening. grateful taking dangers. Cleaning underbrush excavators filling dump unscreened drive sifter truck load screened, 12-hour shifts, week. hauling 72 loads screened fresh, Each total 720 wants tortoises 10. drowned washed inch removed, 71 fix Hurricane explained, body. hard, gained speed harder, actually depositing pile. action, labor discarded. equivalent 972 tons. football fields. rebar, walked pile, saw pieces bolts sticking chunks concrete, ton trash. sign turtle nests. powder. amazing. chugging farther mulched carried massive task list. foundation gateranger leveled. roads downed begin. magnitude happened Wiggins. Though AMAZING progress, done. --Feb. bigger. see, mixture signs, metal. Feb. Everywhere go, asking none tradition SO DO So, post-Ian None away. why yet, thought address question. Service, contractors, rangers, reopening. infrastructure, heavily damaged. granted basis lost, equipment, piles, sifted, Wiggins site, work, involved. Posts two-minute details facebook.comfriends.delnorwiggins videos1856448954747661. returning. love, concludes. magazines newspapers 73 DAVID DROTLEFF 75 76 BE CONTINUED 77 Between Lines through, curl lighthearted book. title, Not Panic, somehow all. havent Wilson before, start. quirky imag- Escape novel inative earth. Best Panic tale offbeat Tennessee Coalfield 1996, boredom poster. Frankie, aspiring writer, Zeke, talented artist, collaborate idea, ominous-looking enigmatic edge shantytown filled gold seekers. fugitives, law skinny us. print copies Xerox stored Frankies garage. surreptitiously satisfied, everywhere can. notices, do--and posters own. Some advertising band satanic cult. newspaper borrow term, viral. 1996. follow, featured national platforms programs. clothing theme, zeitgeist. Frankie Zeke admit poster falling ways--until reporter Yorker saying, seekers... outed, coming-of-age circle. RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 College Parkway ronandsons.com Sales Installation Security Alarm AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom System Central Vac 239.939.0077 Serving accentbp.com ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS CopierPrinterScanners Printer Supplies Print Cost Recovery Management 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel claudiospestmanagement.com CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Name Know Trust Termite Pest Control 27 shores Look closely Stretch beside Sleep stars, words tamed Land brave Compass direction, abbr. Agrees financial agreement with, Romantic Mischievous Raffle reward Naval rank, Snorklers Finger ebb flow protection Down Going camping treks Blooms Masters warmer. Very period, Advanced study ___ Deviation course 12Thickness Puts clothes attractive, 17Unified Bird Notified intercom airport, e.g. Come Trade Vegas PUZZLE O L Hidden Word parting C elebrating 96 clubs meetings, gatherings, cultural celebrations, events. Gathering Place COVER leader Delnor-Wiggins, followers restoring Cleanup, 68. Cover LOOKS AHEAD WHILE HONORING FINDING TEXAS HILL COUNTRY AID MENTAL ILLNESS LENDS HAND VOL. NO. 4.95 BONI ES ER V UME MA Y JUNE 0 Published WIGGY RESTORATION Display

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