features 50 BUILDERS WHO CARE With a mission to provide emergency home repairs at no cost needy and deserving elderly andor disabled homeowners, this charitable arm of the Lee Building Industry Association works solutions for local residents who need safe, comfortable place live. 56 THE SEA LIONS OF LOS ISLOTES A pair small rocky islands in Sea Cortez is population center playful sea lions. On way there, you will encounter an amazing mixture marine life area declared aquarium world by famed oceanographer Jacques Cousteau. SPECIAL SECTION 2 TOTI.COM MARCHAPRIL 2023 Waterworld 62 Sunset Conch Concerts 66 Shelling 101 68 Finally, Turtle Success GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela J. 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All rights reserved. No part publication may be reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily those PUBLISHERS LETTER Past. Present. Future. Do what can with youve got, where ime goes so fast. Just months ago our beautiful Southwest Florida was devastated. But look weve been able do short period time. Amazing. Devastating things happen people almost every day around world. The magnitude events might different, but everywhere there someone hurting. When hurt, its often hard accept reality situation. Thats when lean on, though feel alone, truth many want help. Its important push away that Let others support you. If put your fear aside as they are--today--youll see through obscurity, next arise. You plan future much want. Sometimes plans work out, sometimes must failure. Whats learning from past putting focus on present day. live now, youll treating planning step-by-step attitude. In his autobiography, Theodore Roosevelt quotes Squire Bill Widener Wideners Valley, Virginia, saying, are. good advice. And here I am, following advice we companys future. We started printing Islands magazine 1996. these years, dedicated print publishing company, intend continue company. But, stated my November 2022 publishers letter, some changes adopt new technology. distribute timely content faster more frequency, well doing multiple ways platforms. This help us service advertisers readers even better years come. Dont worry, though. Were eliminate printed magazines. Print has culture centuries. People still love it, were convinced it remain vital business community readers, producing top-quality magazines enjoy. For 27 proud superior editorial award-winning design. quality, just like rest community. So, expect challenging ourselves stay true roots while also forge ahead implementing newer technologies. As move forward 2023, sharing progress Meanwhile, please enjoy reading how moving examples, Cruising Recovery page 13 about post-hurricane efforts Captiva Cruises island communities devastated storm Builders Who Care activities providing homeowners need. Heres looking optimistic transition positive change PHOTO COURTESY MEDIA, INC. Group Publisher, Media 8 departments ON RADAR 10 Once Pace Girl, Always Girl 16 Beauty Trends 18 ZEITGEIST Hurricane or Windfall MAKING WAVES 20 Wetlands View 26 Staying Afloat 28 IN That Sinking Feeling 32 KIDS Putting Paddle 34 NATURE NOTEBOOK Capturing Landscape EXPLORER 36 One River, Two Worlds 40 Old Thrives Cabbage Key 44 Tending Coastal Health 74 BETWEEN LINES Adventure Alphabet Tree 78 WHATS STORE Hot 80 CHEERS Coming up Ros 82 86 COASTAL COMMERCE Brewing Craft Beer, Friendships, Community Drinks 96 92 RECIPES WE LOVE Cooking SWFL 95 SERVICES PROFESSIONALS CROSSWORD PARTING SHOT MayJune 4 Family friends all heart, pack issue ideas tips healthy living, care garden, fun places, achieve very best love. ers om ffer. t s cu cial o ue tBl spe e j 5 ift f g age 9 p See BY NOELANI MATHEWS E Center Girls creates safe space participants excel ach year, Governor Ron DeSantis declares March Believing Month--a time recognize importance young women become female leaders tomorrow. Fort Myers created girls have faced tremendous obstacles empowered transform their lives better. taught me if believe myself, anything possible, says Destiny, graduate Lee. learned OK cry talk feelings--it only makes stronger, another graduate, Alexis. pivotal countless women. referred struggling school, histories abuse, unhealthy relationships, mental behavioral health factors. Facing pressures life, enroll program receive academic counseling services them full potential grow into strong, confident Our stories driving force take much-needed steps County beyond, Jennifer Cellitti, executive director Girls, women, regardless race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, should uniquely cared Lees graduation ceremony huge milestone achievement girls, defied odds overcome various personal trials order complete high school. alumnae include college students graduates, working professionals, mothers, wives productive, contributing members society. PHOTOS ALL PAGES PACE CENTER GIRLS, LEE for, supported, encouraged versions themselves path healing recovery. opened 2007, after Judge James Seals noticed alarming rise crimes coming juvenile court. Hearing Paces impact Jacksonville, he brought initiative before group open Myers. influential Gail Markham, founding partner Markham Norton Mosteller Wright Company, became board chair Sexually abused her father 4, shared own traumatic childhood voice gain center. always shocked hear story because didnt really Markham. touched lot raw nerves everyone seemed know somebody abused. came together, history. Bringing mentorship, guidance, hope, since achieved remarkable results than 1,000 at-promise Since opening served throughout Day Program Reach programs. finding paths success. Aligning public school district, centers curriculum includes education, counseling, relationship building, career thrive. According Womens Prison Association, number state prisons U.S. increased 834 percent over four decades, twice rate men. Research shows jail report sexual violence prior arrest. atpromise annual Grande Dames Tea opportunity embrace powerful spirit chance learn Floridas most revered 11 gender-responsive, traumainformed programs, avoid incarceration develop skills confident, productive After leaving 100 improved academically. had involvement justice system within one Pace. 89 employed. expanding Therapy services, social, emotional, families outside communitys support, beacon hope Florida. Learn pacecenter.orglocations lee. Mathews writer, creator, storyteller raised Peach State, now calls Sunshine State home. 12 EMILY BENSON Excursions aboard 49-foot catamaran, Santiva, let passengers Florida, visiting destinations reached boat. To POHOTOS CAPTIVA CRUISES helps Ian amily owned operated 1986, helped locals guests experience regions waters nearly exploring unique hidden gems operations grinding halt September 28, 2022, shifted staff first priority staff, together immediately clear debris salvage homes. Many team worked family, Brad Junghans, co-owns wife, Leslie, partners Bob Jenny Rando. Weve weathered storms although none quite one. suffered sort loss damage, welcomed each other homes wasnt own. co-owners Junghans Rando Among popular outings dolphin cruise, attracting animals, which ride boats wake. Playtime, accommodates groups 49 exploration waters. 14 TOP SUGARSHACK PRODUCTIONS BOTTOM storm, Causeway compromised, vessels ferry transported food supplies addition relief workers employees critical helping hotels businesses recover. entirety adult lives, co-owner Randos--who early 90s until took ownership 2018--recalled lessons company founder Paul McCarthy kept full-time employed maintained benefits closed. guided Charley 2004 continued pay employees, couldnt operate, says. carry legacy during ensure could get back--and stay--on feet. reopened December limited operations. departed out McCarthys Marina Pink Elephant Dock Boca Grande, accommodating 45-foot catamarans, Playtime Santiva. It soon expanded offerings cruise schedules recovery continued. Immediately long known sunsetwildlife cruises share firsthand beauty led Coast Guard-licensed captains, educational insights ecosystems native wildlife. excursions designed Key, nestled between Pine Island Cayo Costa. rare dont boat, classic hideaway believed inspiration behind Jimmy Buffetts song, Cheeseburger Paradise. inn restaurant, built 1930s family American novelist playwright Mary Roberts Rinehart. sits top Calusa Indian shell mound, offers panoramic views Sound, delicious seafood, cheeseburgers, desserts. nature trail climbable water tower offer further opportunities explore. private charters interested having destinations, sunset, wildlife, sightseeing cruises. available special events, including weddings, rehearsal dinners, graduations, birthdays, corporate outings, more. owners Cruises, feels incredible once again scenic meant is--and been--a be. information, visit captivacruises.com call 239-472-5300. Benson Floridian enjoys writing organizations region 15 BETH LUBERECKI Are lipstick lover face-cream fanatic Then youre right place. Every issue, give lowdown fabulous fragrances, luxurious lotions, must-have makeup, everything between. SUPER SPRAYS Make hair products harder Garniers 10-in-1 Multitasking Leave-in Sprays 9.99. Sleek Shine formulation smooth hair, reduce flyways add shine any sticky residue. lightweight Pure Moisture option soften detangle nourishing dry strands scalps. Grow Strong spray moisturizes, thickens, detangles adding body bounce. Find leave-in sprays drug, food, mass-market retailers. BOUNCY BEAUTIFUL RELIEF AT READY Curly needs hydration keep curls becoming brittle. Curlsmiths Essential Cleanser Conditioner use superfoods vegan ingredients sunflower oil resurrection flower clean tresses scalp weighing down curls. shampoo removes dirt buildup, conditioner moisturizes detangles. result less frizz moisture, textures too. hair-care duo Ulta ulta.com stores Bell Tower 239-334-0659 Gulf Town 239-766-4283 Myers, Coralwood 239-458-3522, Coconut Point 239-992-0361. Dry, itchy got Yes collection relief. Start exfoliating Gentle Soothing Pre-Shampoo Scalp Scrub 7.99 gel Treatment 7.99, both remove buildup calm tea tree sage oils, witch hazel, apple cider vinegar. calming effect pH-balanced Relief Shampoo 8.99 moisturize hydrating sweet potato extract kukui seed moisture softness. Get heading Zeitgeist DR. RANDALL NIEHOFF Beginning read whole Breakage poem Oliver go edge sea. How shines morning light cusp whelk, broken cupboard clam, opened, blue mussels, moon snails, pale pink barnacle scarred-- nothing shut, tattered, split, dropped gulls onto gray rocks gone. schoolhouse little words thousands words. First figure means itself, jingle, periwinkle, scallop moonlight. begin, slowly, story. poet began she walked along coastline littered evidence natural strong winds raging water, living creatures tossed turned, habitat awash brokenness. Her forced upon gulf coast starting and, her, recover slowly steadily eyes wise radio broadcaster Harvey called REST What blind fateful pushed apart, insightful faithful back together. resilient rebuilding caused mindless, automatic mechanism associated Charles Darwin survival fittest mindful, freely chosen acts generosity cooperation. envision drama hurricane toward narrative windfall echo Darwins contemporaries, Russian scientist Peter Kropotkin asked. Those continually war other, animals acquire habits mutual aid undoubtedly fifth century BCE brilliant Greek intellectual Herodotus reported examples wild described Nile crocodiles passage plovers picking leeches jaws. Modern science noted stunning pervasive cooperative interactions creatures, tiniest denizens microbial level wood-wide web forest field complex worldwide net international trade diplomacy. Never challenge greater theories assume reproductive success self-interest forces biological life. species, practiced human beings giving capability choose self-sacrifice rejoice altruistic behavior. recent book, Good Life Lessons From Longest Scientific Study Happiness current associate study, Robert Waldinger Marc Schulz, key long, isnt obvious. Contrary think, achievement, exercise, diet, write authors--though matter too, add. Instead, thing continuously demonstrates broad enduring relationships... connected friends, happier physically healthier connected. And, so, begin Here, destruction, hurt--but stoic suffering refreshed kindness support. Neighbors bonding, friendships strengthening, total strangers family. ancient such case. Marcus Aurelius, Stoic philosopher Roman emperor 161-180 CE, held empire pandemic two wars counsel facing brokenness arise think precious privilege alive, breathe, love... Accept fate binds you, whom brings heart. anthropologist Margaret Mead acknowledged value communal bonds observation oldest wonder come night. zeitgeist marked gratitude find Ran resident 1991, hopes house summer coast, warmed warmth hospitality others. 19 ANN MARIE OPHELAN Where lands Four Mile Cove seasonal kayak rentals water. preserve piers shaded trails, making great bring FOUR MILE COVE ECOLOGICAL PRESERVE 365-acre Ecological Preserve mangrove forests, salt marsh, upland areas. Migratory bird species found preserve, shady easy walk, CITY CAPE CORAL etlands ecology defined National Park Service, biologically diverse systems enhance control erosion, maintain stream flows, sequester carbon, least one-third threatened endangered species. under wetlands, according Oceanic Atmospheric Administration land cover. Although seem impressive amount, saw increase development 1996-2016, extent negatively impacting coastal shorelines wetlands. fortunate protected Hidden Cypress Springs Six Slough J.N. Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge Sanibel. These places first-hand wetlands areas environment. Note preserves access temporarily damage. W walks observe yellow-crowned night herons, white ibis, osprey. Land gopher tortoises, raccoons, coyotes, bobcats, armadillos. explains Honey Phillips, environmental recreation specialist city Coral. preservation mangroves fisheries quality. Mangroves erosion protect wind surges hurricanes. Walkers trails Cove--6,600 feet all--offering way, piers. There November-May Kayak Shack Outpost, scheduled cleared debris. Guided tours hikes available. year-round a.m. dusk. COUNTY GOVERNMENT HIDDEN CYPRESS 428-acre consists several ecological communities, flat oak hammocks, freshwater marshes, cypress. Andrew coordinator suggests checking desiccated cypress domes northernmost trail. Around migratory Deer among Cypress. 21 painted bunting, vivid colors, snail kite raptor. black bear, panther, alligator, big fox squirrel inhabit preserve. designated plant animal greenspace, passive recreational Maintaining benefits, flood protection preserving naturally purifies surface Restoration removing large monoculture melaleuca, invasive exotic Conservation 2020, acquisition stewardship benefit generations dawn adjacent 3,922-acre Larry Kiker options currently review. SIX SLOUGH boardwalk leads visitors Preserve, birdwatchers spot avian area. 3,500-acre 1.2-mile trail, interpretive center, amphitheater. Supervisor Rick Bauer notes springtime 22 birding hotspot. peak migration season. songbird returning northern spending winter Caribbean South America slough spaces journey. Spring seeing wading birds, alligators, turtles. exists thanks determined schoolchildren 1970s, Monday Group. plants serves wildlife corridor greenspace. provides ecosystem groundwater recharge, crop pollination, disease control, filtration. Vegetation takes nutrients improving quality County. daily typically seen 45-minute volunteer naturalists offered 930 am. reservations walks, preregistration required head. Registration DING DARLING NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE Drive reopens, refuge biking hiking. 23 IF YOU GO 2220 SE 21st Avenue, 239-549-4606 capecoral.govdepartmentparks_and_ recreationhomefour_mile_cove_eco_preserve.php Wellfield Road Liberty Youth Ranch Way, 239-785-0203 leegov.comparkspreserves hiddencypress 1 Drive, 239-472-1100 fws.govrefugejn-ding-darling 7751 Penzance Blvd., 239-218-1032 sixmilecypress sloughpreserve.org Trails make ages prized habitat. opens am come, served. pm, Tuesday Sunday. Harns Marsh 578-acre active stormwater facility eastern rich birds kites, limpkins, 140 animals. 38th Street W, 239-368-0044 la-msid.comcommunitypage harns-marsh OPhelan regular contributor Media. 24 largest undeveloped United States. 6,400-acre refuge, famous population, federal Fish Service. continues holdings--funded Federal Duck Stamp program. 1934, sold duck stamps waterfowl hunters 98 purchase stamp directly assist conservation easements. information program, fws.govserviceduck-stamps. closed damage Ian, reopen spring. By then, Drive--at hikers bikers, supervisory ranger Toni Westland. pelicans spring songbirds scarlet tanagers in, breeding Bird lovers green tricolored herons--right refuges easy-to-hike Indigo Trail, adds Volunteers restore participating Cleanup Ranger Wednesdays Check details eventbrite.com. OTHER LOCAL WETLANDS TO INVESTIGATE Bay Aquatic closures. 13,800-acre park archaeological historic sites, variety plants, reptiles, mammals, fish. 700-1 Fishermans Wharf, Beach 239-530-1001 floridadep.govrcpaquatic-preserve locationsestero-bay-aquatic-preserve waves jackets savers LIFE JACKET LOANER PROGRAMS dock jacket. SAFE BOATING COUNCIL hether jet-skiing off shores Beach, kayaking Imperial River Springs, boating imperative wear portable floating device PFD, perhaps Boating accident statistics show half deaths drowning, fatalities, Guard USCG Safety Division. 2021 reveal, Drowning cause death 81 fatalities. Of those, 83 wearing jackets. Twothirds drowning victims swimmers. Commission FWC encourages boaters jacket boating. Unexpected boater end grab beforehand. knows going occur, protection, Ashlee Brahier Sklute, Division Law Enforcement. Need borrow Sail Power Squadron Sponsored grant Tow Boat US, wide assortment Fire Rescue Station, 2351 Palm Ridge Road. sancapboating.clublifejackets.shtml. Foundation nationwide loaner Bokeelia, Coral, nearby boatus.orglife-jacket-loaner. shapes sizes. perfect fit. MIDDLE FLORIDA FISH CONSERVATION COMMISSION Sklute laws require wearable USCG-approved PFD person onboard. PFDs appropriate size intended wearer, serviceable condition, access. Children 6 USCGapproved vessel length underway except anchored, moored, docked, aground. traditional orange reputation being uncomfortable, especially climate. Thanks technology, however, inflatable PFDs, belt packs, worn discomfort interfering wearers movement fishing, paddling, activity. automatically inflate immersed styles manually pulling cord. They lightweight, forget Sklute. Most retailers online distributors selling equipment Safe Councils Campaign, snug fit proper fit, adults ones children. Wearers sure fastened correctly, straps, buckles, zippers secure, check holding arms straight head, then asking friend member grasp tops openings gently pull up. directions labels care. Fido--life four-legged well. Campaign effort focused responsible encouraging accidents fast, stowed away. Wear Your Jacket Work May 19, Week, 20-26, 2023. Remember, wear, Yvonne Pentz, communications Council. Whether fishing enjoying boat--boat pro prepared adventure. Inflatable cord quickly inflates. MORE INFO Farris Bryant Building, 620 S. Meridian Street, Tallahassee 850-488-4676 myfwc.com 3350 Ulmerton Road, Suite 8, Clearwater 703-361-4294 safeboatingcampaign.com Pets Thousands blown waterways Ian. puts removal test agencies diligently wayward storm. hit homes, buildings, streets coastline, rivers canals, beaches, shoreline, barrier islands, estuaries--along docked there. Indeed, hurricanes impact, NOAA identified 7,500 potentially displaced vessels, assessed 4,200 waters, Charlotte, Collier, Lee, Monroe counties. 708 derelict either removed compliance. DV boat cannot function power. dinghy steel hull. An abandoned AV administrative codes. state, plenty aftermath Whose job damaged imagine workload necessary 9.3-mile Mexico approximately miles three across widest section, Sound side seven-mile-long 67-mile-long Caloosahatchee winding San Carlos 400 saltwater canals--more Venice, Italy. yes, commonly ADVs, waterways. ADVs destroy seagrasses fish habitat, leak pollutants gas surrounding environment, pose 29 Dealing government agencies. danger submerged navigation channel. Furthermore, illegal activity, housing, create theft vandalism. costs taxpayers, local, county, authorities. stolen, owners, removed, stiff penalties play. hire manner safest possible Companies crew captains coast. Vessel voluntarily release waiver process--although ended 2022. facilitated destruction vessel, cost. role turned Department Emergency Management DEM, coordinated disposal investigated FWC. 15, 133 DEM safety seriously, FWCs Waterways section leader Maj. Rob Beaton. He minimum wake affected distance officers perform duties. NOAAs Office Response advises, registration current, power appears concerns 888-404-3922. Certain helpful investigation description type, size, make, model, etc. location descriptive, street address, latitudelongitude numbers name, visible Pictures, Why remember, ugly contact Source leegov.com 30 insurance, maintenance, end-oflife vessels. Proper hazardous materials. Recycling valuable parts metals. Taking shop landfill recycling disposal. Researching whether voluntary turn-indisposal problems devastating 600 added database. is, ever leave behind--remove it. myFWC.com 800-4-Seatow seatow.com Statutes--823.11 Derelict relocation penalty leg.state.fl.usStatutes index.cfmApp_modeDisplay_StatuteURL0800-08990823 Sections0823.11.html. motor needed getting kids Outfitters rents sells nonmotorized watercraft gear riverside location. G River. giant snook below, mullet jumping, turtles sunning shores, herons Stuller. Fishing river yearround, full-service bait shop. family-owned seven days week 7 last rental 3 pm pm. Advance booking required. welcome. etting canoe, kayak, standup paddleboard SUP excellent fresh air exercise. paddling COAST KAYAK Another Matlacha, tours, lessons, rentals, e-bike birthday parties, team-building camp 14. ESTERO RIVER OUTFITTERS Located Estero, elsewhere vehicle suitable transport. say old enough bike, paddle owner Justin recommends smallershorter paddlers sit-on-top kayaks easier maneuver rider sit inside cockpit. Tandem available, allowing child adult. Canoes choice same reason. Young individual lesson, children basics confidence abilities navigate independently, parents children, options, versatile Perception Hi Five, offering rear swim deck paddled sitting standing Potential buyers try free am-5 Theres selection pre-owned watercraft. tours. K AYAK tunnels. kayak. --Justin Stuller, 10- to-11-foot kayaks, light, maneuverable, younger ones, Diana Stockbridge, owns operation husband, Bryan. tandem pairing rentals. break, Matlacha Pass Preserve. Early gets morning, spotting manatees, dolphins. Mangrove Maze tour heart estuary, tunnels nets sandbar, Stockbridge. sunset Tour, watch setting sun. roseate spoonbills, Kuenzel. Water temperatures generally low 80s, adds. 20991 Tamiami 239-992-4050 esteroriveroutfitters.com 4120 NW, Temporary Sirenia Vista Park, 3916 Ceitus Pkwy, 239-283-1125 gulfcoastkayak.com Bunche 17950 John Morris Pelican 18450 Big Hickory 239-788-0173 kayak-excursions.com EXCURSIONS EXCURSIONS, Bay, near locations. day, summer, vacation camps. smaller paddleboards maneuver, Stefan Common sightings dolphins, turtles, horseshoe crabs, egrets, osprey, bald eagles, 33 WILLIAM COX Knowing camera images Storm clouds dramatic backdrop Juno Pier east BOTH decades master consistently photographs, expensive. skill, rewards capturing Photographers artists technicians. At first, other. Digital photography film photography. requires mastering dials menus. familiar technical aspects photography, artistic side. Inexperienced photographers tend dial determine resulting images. approach mostly snapshots, Lighting everything. Lens aperture adjustment, Av knob icon camera, determines amount hits digital sensor camera. Aperture measured f-stop, f-number. f-number, larger lens recorded. values range f1.2 f32. lower f-stop image shallow depth field, higher extensive field. advantage exposure mode select shutter speed automatically, freeing compose image. Smaller speeds. remember stops doubled halved increment. Adjusting f4 f5.6 reduces half, f4. monitor LCD screen sharp six-stop progressing ISO International Organization Standardization ASA Standards ISO, speed, film. Low settings 200 high-quality Higher allow shoot speeds, introduce noise grainy, darker doubles halves, speeds aperture. stops. landscape lighting combined compelling subject. photos pop. room reflections, capture portrait scene, usually highest-quality twilight My workflow taking placing full-frame wide-angle close subject, sense dimension. foreground interesting background. Finding subject Backgrounds find. overexposed screen, adjusted postprocessing. rendered final adjusting. correct postprocessing minute two. Shooting jpeg, highest using balance. White balance corrected jpeg files. images, scene hours. hour sunrise sunset. mess schedule, but, hey, sleep mealtimes overrated trying heron, ready closeup Cox professional photographer ecologist 35 years. Visit him williamrcoxphotography.com. Follow Use angle f11 f16 five tripod electronic aperatures greatly longer speeds--try eight picture gives maximum given focal length, aperture, lens. format histogram right, avoiding clipping sides histogram. appear ANDREA STETSON manatees mansions Longtime Brent Ayers favors float peace world, quiet me. moving, set tubes Cullums Nature Place. sandy spits hover bridges. leaves tube climb jump deeper Others gliding canoe elusive manatee alligator. lots crooked branches hang river, Willoughby, quieter rustic knobs. porpoises, manatees. Cullum Hasty moved trees portion 1994. meanders nine traverses different worlds. narrow, shallow, tea-colored sloshes knees moves canopy oaks pines headwaters Bonita. cant go, wanting travel paddleboard, colorful tubes. Eventually, widens deepens. ducks bridges heavy traffic bridge bats. nice sections, sections pontoon by, longtime Willoughby. growth knobs, pretty, cruising variety. footbridge spans Depot midway ARON THOMAS During higher, Trail river. twists turns oaks. looked like. amazing. CGT Kayaks now. hike shell-covered instrumental creating. disturbed, wonderful turkey walking hummingbirds buntings tarpon, snook. kayaking, doable lowest spots couple inches, oftentimes fine, yards, few them. lived 1972 oaks, Thomas colder weather seek warmer inland 37 easternmost cypress, palms, While customers prefer portion, west 41. dream building buildings boats, houses, that. Matheson Bridge, Bat 5,000 bats emerge start evening feasts. trips adds, regularly cold. bit 37. average watching gentle giants eat vegetation riverbank. Their favorite ferns, them, notes. elephant grass. town grass western lined estates north newer, older Florida-style south tide mow Great Blueway, 190mile fed Kehl Canal runs east-west Flint Pen Strand I-75, Bay. originally Surveyors Creek, named Army Corps Engineers surveyors mapped remote 1870s. recorded maps Survey. Later, developers decided name lacked sales appeal, 38 Head Bridge evening. renamed Creek Charlie Strader, president Historical Society, enlightening history significance. tributaries hinges hitting bays creating ecosystems, Strader explains. allows 8,000 village Native Americans Europeans pioneers. hinged talks agriculture thrived main route transportation. funnel, drains limits. funnels 70.2 square miles. dark color tannic acid. ecosystems. heads mansions, flows Trap Intrepid Waters, treasure concludes. newspapers 1995. She North Naples. 39 BARBARA LINSTROM Nothing laid-back vibe--not holiday Memi Doug Whitehead oN reassurance survived catch taxi Key. camaraderie trip welcoming vibe islanders, hectic pace dissolve. Riding ferry, stress evaporates. people. Everyone genuine sincere, Whitehead, resident. Don, spent Thanksgiving Christmas holidays post-Ian. stayed nights time, Whitehead. earth. 20-year-old daughters beloved happy places. vintage cottages holiday. run inn. Looking Intracoastal Waterway Useppa mode, refreshing lush missing. Phyllis Wells bought property 1976 since. thought would worst theyd see. bullseye again, Wells, Sr. Charley, lost tall coconut palms 20s plantation Jamaica. haircut. hurricanes, landfall storied island, developed Rinehart 1930s. intact approached dock. Because 40-mile-wide eye rather eyewall, inn, cottages, tower, survived. arrived step daughter, Caitlyn, handle. minutes werent disembark. T-dock construction replace destroyed 112-acre accessible smallest inhabited Sound. lies finally shore sustained 150 mph Landfall mile us, manager Scott Lepson. hour. 33-foot elevation, atop circa 1936 endure accommodate fact, phenomenally resumed tradition serving drinks weeks December, daughter caught Charters Pineland Marina. Getting felt passing mainland long-time establishments decimated made too deep emotional connection visited earlier writers workshop bestselling author Randy Wayne internationally renowned writer Matthiessen. pulled commercial dock, sun rises Inn. markedly 41 Overall, virtually unscathed. Miraculously, did catastrophic all, metal roof massive vegetation. amazed buildings. T-dock, destroyed. stretch already rebuilt Christmastime, completed permit rebuild exact footprint, inns dollar-bill bar surprisingly signed bills occupying space. dollar dollars visits. unfurling vibrant ferns. Cuban laurel far lush, view rising tower. Eve, Caitlyn taxi. assurances Capt. Jesse mate Ingelido, gradually coaxed board, truly proving slowed-down alive Messer Thankfully, claimed decor bar. leadership third-generation Messer, whose grandfather grew Costa--and patient frantic sides. patience willingness lose schedule heartwarming feeling. equally soul-nourishing entering previous ago. looms vegetation, showing signs regrowth. 42 cabbagekey.com stepping low-key, friendly being. Linstrom premiere Having 1976, covering evolution Sunrise de-vegetated Fern regrowth 43 Conservancy thinks regionally protecting oceans coasts regional issues degradation swim. CONSERVANCY, RACHEL HANCOCK DAVIS visiting, likely played bringing here. theres ocean surround lakes peninsula. states economy, tourism sector, populations, general matters. State. swim, stays splashing beaches Caribbean. Atlantic previously swimming Keys Carolinas. Sharks lifetimes year. CONSERVANCY healthy, flow healthy. thrive, thrive go. kind thinking establish Ocean Coasts OCN Spanning southeastern Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Mexico, Caribbean, regional, science-based sea-level rise, degradation, resilience. contains countrys contiguous shoreline majority saltmarshes. Conley. acknowledge scale beyond single jurisdiction... idea collaboratively enables tackle combination looks inform decisions levels, practices another, Consider estuary spend offshore, So connect overall resources correlates habitats uses risks decades. project Conservancy, David Moss educate anglers snapper grouper fisheries. 45 map concern Network. WANT GET INVOLVED address kinds issues. large-scale work, assessment used examining certain determining offshore energy projects. Other localized project, wide-ranging impacts. restoration wetland restoration, influencing flooding watershed asks does influence whats occupies position OCNs efforts. Virginia Texas links partners, involved projects research oyster Pensacola. Thirty-three reefs East Blackwater serve oys- ter contribute fisheries, frequent engaged array partners... oysters bay play role, series fishery challenged... system-level estuary-scale expand estuaries. involves beyond. Recreational estimated billion expenditures versus million combined. sees impact. 55 vulnerable overfishing. overfishing occurs, pop- Conservatory doing. simple actions, recycling, trash usage. system, matters, estuaries Serving difference. welcome organization, involved. 46 MAP OCEAN COASTS NETWORK ulation itself affected. Snapper hard-bottom deep-water coral reefs, predators. season undersized, returned theyre bottom enough, risk discard mortality barotrauma. scuba divers bends, causes compressed expand. excess unable return needed. angler, worse done regulations, recompress Moss, Conservancy. Deck Depth solution problem descending device. device, release. pricey fix. expensive 60 47 Conservancys supports 48 something engaging fishery, angler himself. shutting keeping staying fishery. difference affect partaking resource casting line lead inspire States, economic driver social activity... front fishermen region, chapter real topic. Even impacts tourist-driven Moss. purely financial standpoint, populations snowball sunshine. tackle. ocean. intrinsically linked nature, live, you... well-being, whack ability activities. Network, nature.org. Nokomis, Floridabased freelance whos bethluberecki.com. BIA Jackson significant repairs. Nancy construction. left Phillip Ford, Annette Nilles, Tasha Birk, Wendy Carroll, Crystal Stouten, Thibaut, front. 51 Stouten confers site. partnership Christopher Alan Homes reconstruction possible. hen income relying solely retirement disability tough afford Couple issues, mobility concerns, aging, difficulty increases substantially. in. families, celebrate home, gathered framework blessings 52 Homeowner Dolores Armstrong AC provided partners. obtain means, nonprofit homeowner Care, requests need, scope shifted. native, Over condition deteriorated, presenting concerns. Leaky plumbing, soft flooring, exposed wiring, termite HVAC major Additionally, dependent walker wheelchair, accessible, increasingly shower, example. knew deserved help, Care. unit life-changing gift cool heat. Rather repairing committed demolishing dilapidated entirely. relies generous donors willing labor materials budget build rely builders actually type directors instance, exactly stepped plate. jumped hesita- 53 Lehigh Acres veteran Armstrong. tion said, Ms. done. recently months, relaxing new, asked shes Jacksons answer simple. happy. specializes renovations ADA accessibility, replacements, electrical plumbing repairs, wheelchair ramps, replacements. entire regularly, Thibaut. 2005, 500 charge improve conditions. Armstrong, Caring brother, autism, admits lack conditioning challenging. replacing herself money stuff, do, thats circumstances, rallied Haines Air Conditioning Refrigeration Lennox Conditioners install brand-new Arrangements weeks, volunteers knocking Armstrongs door tell 54 shock said surprised news. happened handler unloaded shiny installed. Now, brother luxury granted, unimaginable most, Stouten. comfortably--especially hottest before,and feet--peoplelike Celestine McClinton, Harlem Heights homeownerwhose completely gutted floodwaterentered Repairs ensuring chronic obstructive pulmonary COPD, safely comfortably McClinton days. continue,and receives hundreds month requesting assistance. individuals unsafe housing conditions yet example neighbors.The lasting changed forever. true, Jackson. more, donate, request leebuilderscare.org 239-938-0056. conditioning, received unit, installed Refrigeration. Los Islotes Swimming dogs Baja GLENN OSTLE L ocated Mexican mountainous peninsula California west, narrow bodies planet. Home 900 fish, invertebrates, impressed Cousteau partner, Pam, diving times, 25 La Paz, capital Sur. eagerly renewing acquaintance underwater wonders dive late Clockwise lions schools islets. teeth gripping prey. begins marina Paz. 57 Cortez. Below lion pup casts curious glance site anxious revisit Islotes, islets point Espiritu Santo Park. Only daytrip colony 400-500 snorkeling. pod bottlenose dolphins escorted leaping twisting seemingly joyful abandon. misty humpback whale breached delight board. witnessed mobula rays jumping flapping stubby wings. peaks appeared striped guano frigatebirds circle overhead. mouthfuls mind-blowing gather below waves. brownand blue-footed boobies, surreal sight cormorant zipping underwater, search meal. 58 rocks, bark squabble large, melon-headed bulls posturing females patrolling area, warning snorkelers close. arch highlight walls covered bright cup corals. Twenty-five ago, ours around. busy unloading dozens kicking excitedly islands. Top escorts racing alongside bow twirling Bottom scatter bull swims duty BECOMING PART FUN depths 10-50 Diving crowds life-jacketed snorkelers, 59 keeps prizes. Sharing aggressive unnerving doesnt realize interact zoom chew fins, bite short, lovable pests themselves. Juvenile lions, puppy-like faces, personality. Some shy, bombing warning, eye. seems boil hypnotic dart aggregations silver burst schools, splitting dividing regroup densely difficult diver Watching ballet mesmerizing. feeling intimidated, swing action ONGOING Paz attraction alike boon city. attention toll law 1994, match humans. no-take zone enforced Comisin Nacional de reas Naturales Protegidas CONANP, directs management Mexico. remote, place, ghost entangled die sustain serious injuries. Patrol survey park, permits compliance addition, Mexican-registered organization Rescate Lobos Marinos Lion Project visits rescue veterinary rescatedelobosmarinos.org. WHEN hours lie nuzzle suspended Islotes. populate October March, whales bundle cool, mid-70 degrees Fahrenheit. enjoyable, singular wont forget. Carolina. featherandfins. smugmug.com ostleglenn Instagram. 61 Bobbi Kemp rebuild, continuing blowing conch Beach. B Destroyed beach stop sound Kemps ritual. Tradition, goodbye participated ritual Jerry stresses. buy blow joining band. neat. Benak dremel tool cut conchs, transforming shells musical instruments newcomers, patiently teaches technique sound. Michele Dingman join learn, tried this, incentive. group, heard obbi cottage tradition. blowers bystanders beach. dips horizon unusual drifts musicians shells. 2016 grew, gave reason neighborhood blew sole conch. later returned. here, allowed happens stood. Now pile rubble curb was. insurance cover standards. 63 sets toot Left Kemp, Feste, Benak, Mowery nightly SECOND SUN STARTS SINKING BELOW HORIZON CONCH BLOWERS START BLOWING THEIR SHELLS. nobody else around, to. this. teacher Feste original conch-blowing welcomes newcomers camaraderie. comes tomorrow, cool. thank goodnight blower taken believes concerts defeated control. agrees. back, Covid stop. blow, Covid, jokes. outdoors. stopped cell phones horizon. second starts sinking dozen stand videos Denise Tisone dog, Scooby, watch. dog everybody, island. pretty 64 2016. Here joined Mowery. Carol Joe Pugliese show. couldnt, watch, Bahamas Keys. 60th Shell Blowing Contest West. goal bunch guys West contest, Hawaiian P, pronounced poo, shell. religious secular traditions. communicate canoes land. ashore. Permission denial blows. avoided death, instrument. ceremonies sunsets. special. about. CAPT. BRIAN HOLAWAY ADVICE SUCCESSFUL EXCURSION essentials shellers kit sand dipper, container, first-aid items, mesh bag, footwear. P eople collect seashells prepared, hints walk treasures. Be aware surroundings. Often beach, carpet head focusing whatever bring. Take lift house, condo, resort. Turn landmarks. sounds overlooked. More excited hurried back. turn confusion enter landmark started. Hydrate. fluids walk. Im daze track sky, easily dehydrated. aid. items case Band-Aids finger reaching shell, sunscreen, lip balm, jellyfish sting Gear. Carry bag containers fragile round container dollars. improves chances dipper gear. foldable aluminum stick stainless basket handy surf Footwear headwear. footwear varied barefoot off-roading mudflats waist booties rubber sole. Chacos Crocs. Fitkicks slip-on shoes. socks ankle shoes, intrude easily. highly recommend hat protection. straw hat, breathes hot Sunglasses. polarized sunglasses worth weight gold. polarization cuts glare miss glasses. extra lend passengers. Invariably, expression says, Wow, bottom. Look squint relaxed. Squinting fun. Enjoy shelling hydrated, yourself fully prepared. Holaway Master Naturalist ecotour guide His Costa Captiva. successful excursion. 67 Mother Keewaydin flippers dig nest dropping Ping-Pong ball-sized eggs hole. record-breaking turtle nests tirelessly, education hold. reaping results. 2005 444 loggerhead laid Collier 1,990. dismal nests, 283. 2000s environmentalists worried creatures. optimistic. 1980s 1990s paying off, mature. Maura Kraus, senior Natural Resources, remembers oversee- ing 1980s. entailed raising 9-12 predators feast quarter-sized hatchlings. FWC, Kraus ran segment 1982 1989. chance, raise susceptible predators, describes. Tags reveal Cuba, Carolinas, travel. why increasing. Local governments Eve Haverfield, Time, number-one teaching graded escarpment egg laying, way. list reasons document distribution nesting, respond stranded investigate biology, Carli Segelson, division holders nesting stranding wildlife-friendly programs teach immense saving Hatchlings quarter 69 monitors follow lights ambient yards fool tiny wrong battle Amber LED lights, introduced decade difference, darkness depends Haverfield splatter condos mother lay eggs. Renourishment sand, use. Increased renourishment projects, monitoring Three hatches, hatchlings behind. stuck root out. rescued released 70 excluder devices, TEDs, success, Kraus. Before fishermens drown. TED captured escape net. shrimp pass bars net, bump against grid flap mesh. Marine Protection Act, implemented legislature 1990s, step. laws, holders, governments, agencies, tools needed, law, Segelson Permit band save high-tide line, farther dunes. mark prevalent, screening nests. raccoons coyotes benefit. restaurant recalls. effective education. fill holes furniture alone multifaceted, respecting Education beachfront contributed increasing numbers. 71 paid beaches. demonstrated data tracks 760 2020 1,618 1,740 record 2000 2010 ranged 70. fewer 160 century, posted ranging 574 698. went 2007 212 233 2021. counted 109 Lovers 17 120 2008 2009, optimistic, hurdles. fears confuse dunes oats scurry road instead gulf. worry supporters dismal. Back scared, admits. educated, regulation, lighting, research, renourishment. future, thrilling, concludes points warms 72 DAVID DROTLEFF 75 76 BE CONTINUED 77 GINA BIRCH POPCORN BEACH BUCKET Popcorn snack foods bucket, Johnsons iconic. 1940s mainstay City, New Jersey, boardwalk. delivered doorstep flavors fun, reusable packaging. 24.95 johnsonspopcorn.com FLOATING PHONE PROTECTOR phone splash-proof, falls hand Chums protectors. 1983 guides tired losing sunglasses. 19.99 chums.com GEN Z BOTTLE Gen generation. beautifully bottles filled sustainable reused recyclable. eye-catching art--quirky critters conversation starter. drinkgenz.com FRESH CUT FLOWERS Real flowers die, silk cheesy. Try FreshCut Paper alternative. vase included. colors sizes, fold easy, things. product sold. freshcutpaper.com MYKATIO BOWLS Tripping pets bowls floating-bowl sets. Easy height cat, digestion. floor, robot-style vacuums underneath. Dishwasher doggie designs. mykatio.com INSPIRED LIGHTING Fusing eco responsibility beauty, designs Brooklyn-based Nea Studio inspired sconces algae, translucent renewable material. chandeliers reflected illuminated art fits perfectly architecture. Pricing neastudio.com FLASK Built rough tumble outdoors sleek bartop, High Camp flask magnetic locking tumblers seamlessly attach ends. Made surgical steel, holds temperature cocktail coffee. released. 125 highcampflasks.com TUSCAN CAKE STAND vintage-inspired cake desserts, tiered Ten inches diameter, thick, durable glass delicate sturdy everyday piece Martha Stewart collection. martha.com SUSTAINABLE STICKY NOTES Swap messy desktop Quartet. dry-erase computer pad maximizes desk space, keyboard monitor. Jot durable, angled resists stains ghosting. boards depending estate offers, storage pens. quartet.com COCKTAIL MIXERS skimp spirits shouldnt mixers either. Tonic lineup cocktailing level. carefully crafted botanicals flavors. mocktails. Have party send 33.99 topnotetonic.com 79 ts restaurants chilling ros wines, newness Sales wine historically dramatically summer. wine, spirits. shelves Cocktails pink-tinged lovely media taste fantastic. Like glass. indicates cotton-candy sweet. flavor profiles fruits strawberry, cherry, raspberry ripeness. Rose gins producers crafting Glendalough Distillery Ireland classic, heartwarming. rose petals. petals grown garden distillers mother. Rose. Not married, craft gin wedding honor Rose, passed spirits--the soul. Flowers vapor distilled roses flavors, aromatics, color. 34.99 neighboring Scotland, Edinburgh Gin delightfully aromatic Rhubarb Ginger Gin. Classic London Dry Gin, lemongrass mulberry. claim touch heat, sweet, lively. mix tonic gin, club soda, drink solo handful ice. Italians gin. Malfy Rosa hand-picked juniper, lemons, grapefruit, oranges. smells floral distinct grapefruit. overpowering balanced, hint honey. purists, simply ice wedge lemon Raspberry Fizz ounce syrup Aperol ounces soda Mint sprig garnish Shake Strain ice-filled Add freshly torn slapped mint. garden-party beverage cart. 30. Atian radar. Africa botanicals. apart shrubs distilling process. fynbos, shrublands specific containing plants. Atians profile citrus cardamom juniper. robust fascinating uncover. lover. 49.99 version logical consumers. tequila, agave curious. Curious meet Calirosa. creative fusion tequila lifestyle California. Calirosas Tequila Blanco Jalisco, aged red-wine barrels hue barrels, enjoyable red berry subtle piece. Calirosa anejo hues scents vanilla dried fruits. 74.99 vodka, Hangar aforementioned brands do. Vodka barrels. Quite simply, blend wine. blending slightly proof vodka. flavor, strawberry note. Ideal spritzers cocktails feature citrus. range. However, wanted havent pretty-in-pink alternatives Cheers. contributor. drinks, finds, well-known personality morning-show host Sunny 106.3. premium grapefruit wheel rosemary Build copa cubed Gently stir combine. Garnish rosemary. Celebrating business, Co. remained forefront thriving beer events. beer, Popular microbrewery FORT MYERS BREWING COMPANY husbandand-wife Jen Whyte doors 2013, grandiose expectations. hoped brewery friends. couples sparked settling Gateway missing enjoyed dearly brewery. desire Whytes secured vacant industrial brewing beers. Rob, software engineer homebrewer hobbyist, handmade brew establishing business. public, yard stated, Brewery planned small, pouring brews 400-square-foot taproom. Fast-forward surging award-winning, signature brews. love, perfect. gone national accolades. brewerys Chocolate Stout nation Beer Festival competition, seltzer brewer consecutive Open Hard Seltzer Championship. floored officially launched Countys microbrewery. weekend jobs week. wildest dreams turnout recalls tap, Operations 22,000 taproom production churns gallons decade, pleased palates unique, menu Blonde--a blonde ale--and introducing heftier brews, IPA, ales, lagers, stouts, out-of-the-box Brewings earned accolades, gold medals World Cup Festival. locally seltzers, Spykd Seltzer. brewers bartenders beers recognized global level, regulars tasting menu. beverages, Seltzers. pride seltzers drinkers non-beer alike. Beyond familyand pet-friendly atmosphere trucks, music, draw weekly highlights Burger Night, Trivia Food Truck Rallies festivals Anniversary Party, Summer Fest, Oktoberfest, Winter Wonderland. community, hosting fundraisers causes, nonprofits, championing industry. scene. 12811 Commerce Lakes 239-313-6576 fmbrew.com latest event details, music lineups Facebook.com FMBrew. MARK YOUR CALENDARS Upcoming 10th Party Feb. 23-26 St. Patricks Halfway Oktoberfest April Cinco Mayo Mothers Week 15-21 Memorial 84 Waterfront splash scenery sipping romantic drinking martinis ice-cold bounded running watery drink, tasty appetizer, Following choices. acres Cocohatchee Naples, House charm waterfront sip elderflower martini rhubarb gimlet. outdoor seating fire pit casual. lively bar, Tavern, 6-9 Live Bait stage. chilled seafood dine formal dining selections appetizers Crispy Fried Oysters, entrees Roasted Black Cod, desserts Lime Cobbler. deck. dinner date, guest Amanda Williams Springs. Deep Lagoon Seafood Oyster McGregor Blvd. overlooks canal curved conducive conversation. Guests Prickly Pear Margarita Cucumber Chili Cooler. Both indoor patio fingers, Swordfish Neapolitan, expanse Pinchers Edison Ford. awaits WESTIN RESORT MARINA VILLAGE PHELAN FAMILY BRANDS Marker Bar Bistro flowing drink. Tropical Carrot Cake. hour--daily 2-5 wooden locations two-for-one 3-6 deliver tables restaurants, Kevin Rooney, VP marketing advertising Lagoon, Pinchers, House, Phelan Brands. passionate memorable experiences, amazing, picturesque are, Rooney. Tarpon 87 Westin Resort BOTTOOM Village situated Glover Bight 92, overlooking favorites sandwich, honey-glazed salmon, mahi-mahi tacos, Marwan Haddad, Resort. handcrafted fare sandwich slice lime pie Nauti Mermaid Dockside Grill. wraparound views. mojito view. 88 entertainment weekends. Nearby Point, options. crab cheese dip, shrimp, raspberry-swirl cheesecake. margaritas sangrias. backdrop. 799 Walkerbilt Naples 239-591-3837 bayhousenaples. com 14040 239-689-5457 deeplagoon.com 5951 Silver King 239-541-5000 marriott. comen-ushotels rswwi-the-westin-cape-coralresort-at-marina-villagedining Ford 2360 W. 1st 239-245-7049 pinchersusa.com 5991 239-540-7939 90 SW Macadamia Nut Mahi-mahi Restaurant Roys Serves braised bliss potatoes, -inch thick pieces, ends asparagus preference grilled, blanched, sauted macadamia nut butter teaspoon Kosher pepper vegetable lobster cream sauce chives Lobster Cream Sauce pound onions, diced carrots, celery, tomatoes, ripe basil quarts pounds bodies, tomalley, gills, separated tomato paste stock Roast oven 350F fan minutes. Lightly saut carrots celery butter. followed paste. Stir evenly distributed. cream. Bring simmer, stirring Pull shells, shaking liquid, strain chinois ladle. Blend batches bath down. Season pepper. Crust topside. Heat pan medium crust-side searing golden brown, careful burn nuts. cooked percent. Flip cook rare. Place slices potatoes sauce. crustside asparagus. chives. 26831 Promenade, 239-498-7697, roysrestaurant.com 94 RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 College Parkway ronandsons.com Installation Security Alarm Systems AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom System Central Vac Much 239.939.0077 accentbp.com ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS CopierPrinterScanners Printer Service Supplies Cost 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel claudiospestmanagement.com CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Name Know Trust Termite Pest Control Across Three-hulled sailboat side, poles Deans e-mail ender Principal Pelicans Japanese Was sad 26Raise 27Chic sights 31 Foreigner song Orange Grumpy colleague wave Beachcombers Down Browning skin 2Progress Campfire residue Straight Kind poodle coves 11Gosh Lemon suffix Outdoor meals Plumbing Pitchers stat. abbr. solar Alien spacecraft Predicted arrival USA symbol 32Nada Companies, Trademarks, PUZZLE O N Word waters--and it--impacts economy. SARAH KITTREDGE, COVER excel. 10. Cover photo courtesy WATER NO MOTOR NEEDED TURTLE SUCCESS NEST NUMBERS ARE STRONG WATERFRONT BARS DRINKS VIEW VOL. NO. 4.95 BONI ES ER MENTORSHIP. GUIDANCE. HOPE. V UME MA R C H IL 0 Published Display

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