42 features 48 53 BREWERIES ARE BIG Southwest Florida has a number of popular breweries fueling the craft-beer craze. EXTREME CAKE ARTISTY Before you dig into that pizza, take closer look. Is it cake PINCHERS CELEBRATES 25 YEARS Phelan Family Brands thrives on recipe Florida-style, fresh-seafood restaurants. 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Well help find new ways enjoy natural wonders which this area famous. 4 ers tom offer. s u l c lue ecia etB r sp j o 3 fo ift f g age p See GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela J. Jaeger CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jason Jones CONTRIBUTING DESIGNER Heather Strudgeon PROOFREADER Dan Whicker SENIOR CONSULTING EDITOR Susan Holly CUISINE Gina Birch Beth Luberecki OUTREACH MANAGER Brian Hatley DIGITAL CONTENT CONTRIBUTOR Stephanie ONLINE Francesca Block WRITERS Birch, Block, William R. Cox, Dave Drotleff, Holaway, Luberecki, Jeff Lytle, Myles Mellor, Dr. Randall H. 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Subscription price 24.00 one-year domestic subscription. Copyright Inc. All rights reserved. part publication may be reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily those Publishers letter I We Here have no doubt many still picking pieces your lives after ripped through our beautiful September 28. Eight days later, while people Fort Myers, Coral, five-county region were dealing with flooded roads neighborhoods, temporary bridge was constructed Pine Island cleanup had begun Myers Beach. Were good at bouncing back. On Wednesday, October 5, Governor DeSantis toured Sanibel-- where live Media headquartered--which been cut off mainland numerous breaches along Causeway. While there, he said there more debris, think, than anyplace Ive seen thus far. saw damage power infrastructure anywhere seen, maybe even concrete utility poles snapped half. At time, governor told plans construct would make accessible end October. repairs made faster anticipated, mid-month, we able drive onto island. PHOTO COURTESY OF MEDIA, INC. If think one word describe Floridians, its resilient. Weve awful lot during past years red tide damaged tourism, hurricane Irma 2017, Covid-19 pandemic, now Ian. And just shared as community. me, Im sure youve also share personal family problems coping these other life-altering events. During Ian, my husband Germany, recovering major shoulder operation. Then, week before hit, got sad news mother suddenly passed away, quickly go Scotland her funeral. Needless say, stress levels charts, watching great distance wondering if anything left home business when finally did get back Florida. As traumas happening, leaned faith kept reminding myself human beings hits. bounce doesnt seem much hope. dont see any. creative backed corner. knocked down, but right keep fighting. Those little easier me dreaded down seemed hopeless. What lost so hope, moving forward. Thats what humans, thats weve shown world Floridians. Today, ask myself, here answers. imagine going quite some time us put together again So businesses homes lost. prayers out families who loved one. battered islands look like Its too hard today, push on--one day time. Please know, dear reader, you. Though format will change, dedication not. want continue being source information enjoyment, working alongside friends neighbors supporting wonderful resilient communities. forward Oh, might trudge--through water, mud, sand, doubt, heartbreak, tears. But trudging, stability, clear path, strength, joy, growth. Let Floridian resilience Thank first responders show courage perseverance helping recover. thank team, loyal advertisers, subscribers. Because you, here. Wishing happy, healthy, prosperous year. Group Publisher, 9 NATURE BY WILLIAM COX red-bellied most common widespread state W oodpeckers Picidae includes 222 species worldwide grouped 28 genera 57 14 North America eight five woodpecker Melanerpes carolinus, red-headed woodpecker, yellow-bellied sapsucker, downy hairy red-cockaded northern flicker, pileated woodpecker. recognized, common, It large range globally, occupying 1.15 million square miles. This does signs decline estimated global population million. extends Dakota, Great Lakes, southern England Gulf Coast. year-round resident throughout eastern United States easily adapts native habitats, including suburban backyards parks. In habitats include pine flatwoods, sandhills, mixed hardwood forests, scrub, mosaic hammocks, cypress swamps, coastal mangroves. Although male cap nape bill, named pinkish belly patch. patches bright orange head play role signaling. sometimes called ladderback or zebra because both sexes black white barred wings. rump grayish-brown face orange-red extending forehead pale upper parts tail. female crown forehead. Juveniles crown. medium-size measuring nine 10.5 inches long, wingspan inches. prefers savanna, wetland ecosystems, forest habitats. uses cavities nesting roosting dead trees snags, slash pine, oak, bald cypress, cabbage palms. nest poles, fence posts, bird houses. chooses several sites excavated male, abandoned cavities, cavities. she sites, prepare cavity seven days. Cavities located 120 feet above ground water they 13 deep approximately four-by-five size. provide excellent shelter. Wood provides insulation against cold hot temperatures. shade thick wood tree snag moderates heat direct sunlight hitting roost tree. interior remains dry rain unless wind drives cavity. observed woodpeckers blocking entrances their rainstorms dry. Nest tend safer successful twig nests placed shrub, tree, ground. Small less noticeable defend preda- PHOTOS ON BOTH PAGES tors such rodents, birds, snakes. eggs young predator small entrance powerful neck muscles sharp stiletto bill. breeds April July Florida, two laid. one-inch unmarked. south, pairs produce three broods per breeding season, compared brood north. Courtship displays V-shaped flight, wing tail spreading, bowing, crest raising. involves mutual tapping reverse mounting. pair monogamous. Incubation takes incubates night, conduct tasks day. After hatching, altricial naked, blind, helpless. They fledge 24-27 hatching. forages nuts, seeds, berries, fruits, insects beetle grubs, spiders, moths, ants, grasshoppers. feeds lizards frogs. Both feed berries insects. them making food deliveries period weeks. Cox professional nature photographer ecologist 35 years. Visit him online williamrcoxphotography.com. 11 Flea markets offer bit everything ANN MARIE OPHELAN Plenty tasty options available Flamingo Market Springs. UNITED FLEA MARKETS name flea market came pinpoint. Many believe term French phrase march aux puces, translates directly fleas. These markets, dating 1860 France, specialized second-hand goods--so articles kinds gather goods actual fleas them. earliest likely took place Texas 1873. long attractive shoppers unusual wares, unique discoveries, deals. Two Floridas markets--Fleamasters Springs--offer more, music family-friendly locations, weekends April, events year, Pumpkin Palooza, Easter Eggstravaganza, Watermelon Festival, Santa, mid-July Fun Fest painters, games, balloon artists, says Jessica Jeffers, director marketing Markets, operates 15 facilities states. Fleamasters offers 400,000 shopping 1,000-plus sellers every weekend 600 bargain-packed booths. matter location, clothing used books, crafts, baked goods, fishing gear, furniture, jewelry, shoes, cosmetics, art, fresh flowers, produce--all deal. Admission parking free each location. makes trip memorable ability here, vintage vinyl searching add collection, glass blowfish grandma, outfit didnt know needed, book dying read, Jeffers. shopper Alice George says, over am looking special something feel browsing. fun festive few hours full grandkids come town. go-to place. always point consignment cove deals items. garage sale, George. Afterwards, ice cream. locations music, Music Hall state-of-the-art sound, lighting, video production concerts. Indeed, visitors it, breakfast, lunch, dinner market. vendors inside out. OPhelan regular contributor Media. delicious choices appeal any palate, barbecue, dogs, burgers, fries, tacos, corn cob, nachos, sub sandwiches, breakfast vendors, selling Vietnamese foods, fish chips, caramel apples, giant pretzels cheese, pierogies, more. grab beer Long iced tea shop, adds pride providing guests unique, value-priced entertainment experience discovery adventure focus family-friendly, festive, clean destination, covered experience. handicap electric scooters rent. Wheelchairs mobility VIP area. For interested either theres opportunity so. Daily, weekend, monthly space rentals variety sizes start cash old clutter enable someone else treasure. IF YOU GO 11902 Springs Road SE, 239-948-7799 flamingoisland.com Open round Friday, Saturday, Sunday am4 pm 4135 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., 239-334-7001 fleamastersfleamarket.com 1April 29 FridaySunday am5 30September Friday am3 pm, SaturdaySunday Better amenities enjoying outdoors Editors note Impacts affected improvements described article. projects hold adjusted timelines. yet determined, according Lee County Recreation. Park Recreation Center, shuffleboard players benefit structure, allowing warmer day, notes Lamey. structure cover courts lighting fans. storage tournament directors booth included. Completion scheduled 2023. refreshing restrooms Beach Park, completion expected 2023, Decking structures planned park. Causeway Islands midst longterm renovation, consisting parking, restrooms, pavilions, hit wiped portions islands. causeway undergoing reconstruction, done ith subtropical climate given--and public parks everyone that. Fortunately, shortage diversity resources--from hiking trails childrens playgrounds off-leash dog areas. getting better local jurisdictions addition shady areas skate parks, pickleball courts, pavilions. 56 park next seeking enhance patrons, Lamey, planning operations manager He highlights whats happening locally. Starting Schandler March one-acre slab surface-mounted ramps, rails, quarter pipes, boxes, explains Rutenberg space, spring adding LEE COUNTY PARKS RECREATION Shaded playground Pelican Baseball Complex Northwest Softball completed elevated boardwalk observation platform Caloosahatchee Creeks Preserve East dredging waterway renovating existing paddlecraft launches Manatee building Phillips Bokeelia splashpads Buckingham Hunter Del Prado Linear Lakes Matlacha Veterans Lehigh Acres. Also Acres, Able Canal Greenway, linear community Yellow Fever Creek side Canal, 17 2024. 12-foot-wide shared-use pathway bond project, comthat stretches miles connects facilities, pleted 2020 16-acre Complex, pavilionsshade structures, trees, palms plantings, Cal Ripken League ages 4-12, benches, bicycle repair stations, dog-waste recy11-acre KozaSaladino Amercling trash bins, ican Little children 5-12. Also, improving pavilions recently added ones. One project 15-acre Complex. Blvd. between Kismet Parkway. 39 10-foot-wide lighted sidewalk runs four miles--on sides road--and roller-bladers, bikers, walkers. fitness stations situated path. Upgrades lot, basketball additional playground--all 60 MORE INFO general obligation project. 15-year approved voters 2018 fund leegov.comparks recreation city, Kaitlyn Pearson, specialist city capecoral.govdepartment Coral. parks_and_recreationhomeindex.php result neighborhood Gator Trails development 18 CITY CAPE CORAL Dining grocery Wynns Naples 200 prepared dishes choose TOP WYNNS MARKET plenty reasons driving trips limited, savings gas way tackle errand lunch same check delicafe store. Lately, extended place--Wynns Market, Pamela Arrens Naples, generally finds likes ready-to-go section. quick easy, adds. bakery deli offered classic recipes since 1938, opened gourmet examples chunky chicken salad, broccoli number-one seller--coconut cake-- featured Food Network. collection salads, sandwicheswraps, meats, ready-made meals. Graband-Go Wall, selection meals citrus salmon, grouper almondine, prime rib dinner, filet mignon, family-style pot pie, artisan flatbreads. Sandwicheswraps salads ready grab. Diners counter own sandwich. Theres rotating case fried, baked, rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, vegetables. themed food, Asian Mondays, offered. Drink sodas, waters, teas, beer, wine mini bottles cans, juice bar section--for juices, smoothies, shots. told, There seating outside, walk-- behind NCH Wellness Center--you meal reflection pond benches. Jerrys Foods favorite among locals islands, thanks dining Cafe, reopened limited service shortly Coquina Coffee cup coffee snack drink waiting. DeRomos Gourmet another option shopping. Italian favorites mozzarella, homemade pasta, traditional York-style pizza Sicilian-style crust, desserts cannoli biscotti--as well freshmade wraps, soups shop serves Starbucks favorites, Caf eats sandwhich Key lime pie. JERRYS FOOD BOTTOM DEROMOS GOURMET MARKET, RESTAURANT BANQUETS PAESANOS turkey chili, lamb stew, minestrone. antipasto olive bar. With 100 from, foods department best thing cooking, Nicole Panio, relations manager. grab-and-go prepackaged versions microwave safe, eat home. Another choice adjacent Restaurant, fresh-cut seafood, produce, ingredients Paesanos Fresh meats cheeses, desserts, wines, weekly specials. An outdoor caf specialties fried calamari, entrees--all authentic piazza setting. prices items cant found anywhere, Camryn Neilson enjoys trip. country, authentic, Neilson. Adas Natural known healthier health beauty products. bakery, organic bar, Greenleaf Grill off-the-grill to-go. deli, stop regularly certain places, Tracy Adams Myers. shopping, ordering grill, avocado toast California wrap lunch. My meet sometimes, Adams. 7070 College Parkway, 239-939-9600 adasmarket.com pasta customers. Restaurant Banquets Promenade Bay, 26811 South Bay Drive, 239-325-3583 deromos.com 1700 Periwinkle Way, 239-472-9300 862 Lafayette Street, 239-549-7799 paesanositalianmarket.com 141 9th Street N, 239-261-7157 wynnsmarket.com DID KNOW Blending restaurant referred grocerant, within grocerants often cozy seating, wi-fi, host station, menus. to-go options. 21 newcomer arrives SOMETHING NEW scene gathering spot 239 growth wonder why restaurants popping up. Mercato Shops. family-owned incorporates farms, ranches, dairies, hatcheries, bakeries, fisheries, breweries, wineries. Everything protein, vegetables local. proudly purvey locally sourced provisions comfortable setting handcrafted artisans. strive create abundantly flavorful, enjoyable, marketer Andrea Krafft. Instagrammable drinks glasses decorated edible flowers rubber ducks floating fros, ambience laid-back, entertaining friendly staff. UNBEATABLE BREAKFASTS Perk Brew 1021 Parkway East, 239-542-6080 facebook. comperknbrew 9108 Strada Place, Suite 14110, 239-631-1902 the239naples.com NAPLES PHTO breakfast. favorites. Lighthouse longtime spot. famous specialty pancakes, malted cakes granola nut whole wheat cakes, omelets, applewood smoked bacon cheddar. Corals Brew. Patrons indoor Breakfast toast, BLT, waffle Plus, different blends suit tastes. wont disappointed croissant, pork patty melt, vegan burger. Gulfcoast Zeitgeist DR. RANDALL NIEHOFF man travels search needs returns it. Moore O ur sunny Coast magnet, Thanksgiving Years Day. Besides holidays Christmas Hanukkah, long-awaited school vacation. calendar gives precious occasions grasp weave ties bind us, especially congregate around tables beverage. Such gatherings possible become beings. Around 200,000 BCE primate ancestors reached anatomical modernity. dramatic complex brains enabled interactions environment living tightly bonded groups challenging physical world. forms life compete resources, aspects cognition considered humans goals, communication, joint intentions driven cooperation altruism, competition. Donald Brown, professor anthropology University California, collected list universals, concepts cultures consider moral behavior fairness empa- thy difference wrong redress wrongs praise admiration generous prohibitions murder, incest, rape, violent obligations shame. Our forebears lived bands, then villages people. When last glacial ended 10,500 BCE, agriculture grain began overtake hunting dependable source, 7,000 brewing winemaking provided convivial preserve nutrition. From 6,000 4,500 increasing specialization interdependence communities led formation cities. continued villagers. British evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar typical size social chimpanzees 55, 150. remained constant prehistoric until today. recent study networking 1,500 friends, actually traffic maintain circle 150 real-world relationships. That corresponds holiday mailing use send greetings interaction grows beyond persons, bonding cooperative efforts require forming organizational hierarchy. room seems feels special. 1950 alive equivalent ever history. almost billion twice Increasing 1950. Therefore, brain power--a decision recognize eternal dignity being, organize good, lots cooperation--for homo sapiens behave advance well-being individuals future race. staggering gathered table, intellect acknowledge facts Every copy Y chromosome African scientific Adam mitochondria Eve statistics entered village earth 3,000 person met probably color creed American Klansmans roots Palestinian suicide bomber Jews his 5 genetically, race exist e.g., 99.9 percent DNA identical, differences groups. Lets set table raise move history welcomed Ran Niehoff grateful 31 nonprofits gift certificate Zoo membership enjoyed care zoos inhabitants. ZOO ts to-do list. head-scratcher trying perfect gift, give helps cause. rounded ideas nonprofit organizations Gift certificates allow recipients long. multiple zoo explore 43 acres botanical gardens giraffes, monkeys, lions call Their allows stellar animals support organization, conservation education world, Courtney Jolly, marketing. emailed printed presentation. Resident FamilyGrandparent memberships 99. valid adults under household. Wonder Gardens Shoppe, carries hand-selected gifts sells animalthemed facilitys coservation efforts. IMAG store science kits learning tools covering sorts interests--from botany chemistry coding. BARNES NOBLE RIGHT WONDER GARDENS ages. souvenirs representing rescued nonreleasable animal residents occasion. ever-changing merchandise stuffed plush zoological marinelife themed, handmade jewelry candles, consigned artwork, various animal-themed items, Sarah Williamson, retail communications works Billy Bee Foundation, Earth Girl Magic Gifts, Painted Pepper Art Gayle Barker. Proceeds purchasing Shoppe toward maintaining botanic gardens, Williamson. inspires resiliency extraordinary experiences hand increase awareness preserving nostalgic landmarks contribute sustainable rising generations. merchandise, Garden ornaments. wrapping November December donation. running History Science Center destination hands-on aquarium ideas. wildlife plushies stingrays hammerhead sharks very popular, Kati Waldrop, guest associate. activity Tiny Robot builder Crystal sets playsets trivia card games treasure trove nonprofit, revenue goes museum upkeep, programming, expansion, Animal Shelters boutique t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, hats, koozies, magnets, products magnets koozies sweatshirts. shelter wide suggested donation, toys, treats, bowls, leashes, cat carriers. Hands-on activities engage Center. 27 everything, tribute options, executive Liz McCauley. honor permanent displayed prominently clinic see. pavers front building. 250 large. planting property, shelter, suggests bench donations, donor board lobby. proceeds Edison Ford Winter Estates stocks cups, idea turtle shark beaded bracelet. purchase bracelet, tracking log track once released wild ventured logged on, Lisa Wilson, director. Part bracelets rehab injured shark. program item funding preservation legacy Thomas Henry Ford. Tributes purchased Shelter long-lasting need. PLEASE SUPPORT Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum 3075 Captiva Road, 239-395-2233 shellmuseum.org 325 SW 2nd Avenue, 239-573-2002 capecoralanimalshelter.com 2350 McGregor 239-334-7419 edisonfordwinterestates.org 2000 Cranford 239-243-0043 theimag.org Caribbean 1590 Goodlette-Frank 239-262-5409 napleszoo.org 27180 41 239-992-2591 wondergardens.org mission ANIMAL SHELTER EDISON FORD WINTER ESTATES. Special Section TANIS RHINES Mediterranean Revival towers flank Venetian-style vistas Gables, City Beautiful. historic Gables E ntering traveling tunnel time--a foliaged surrounded cascading is. Known Beautiful, pearl claims attributes bucketlist-worthy destination. Named founder, Merrick, grew in, limestone, coral-like exterior fitted gabled roof, incorporated 1925 Mer- rick, distinct vision city. Influenced Beautiful Movement sweeping across early 1900s, encouraged winding roadways lined arching monumental buildings, green fountains, visionaries influenced aesthetics trend adopted style elements, Punctuated plazas, illuminated fountains spilling stacked ALL underground grotto Cascading waterfalls Pool. banyan-bordered lanes impressive 47 canopy, architecture reminiscent Andalusia Spain. buildings lengthening Register Historic Places 1,000 properties, slow rapid passage idyllic retreat discovery. Nestled residential composed meandering storybook roundabouts swirling Spanish secret essential CG. notable landmark, fact, hole--a hole original intention attraction soon become. Merricks parents settlers discovered, brick previous homesteads England. Instead, build hurricane-worthy homes, turned abundant accessible--oolitic limestone. smooth sedimentary stone tiny spheres calcium carbonate oolites generated myriad debris shells algae, durable aesthetic nod coral, contributing components. So, townsfolk dug quarry limestone mined charming architectural founders Which artesian beneath transformed rock wonderland cool springing Biscayne aquifer--to precise, 820,000 gallons 40 average pool. Always visionary, Merrick sights oasis envisioned plan, imagining replication Lagoon Italy members could transported romantic worlds away. Calling Casino, elicited artistic uncle, Denman Fink, transform industrial site four-acre picturesque pool 1924. then, A-list celebrities swimming movie star Esther Williams Olympian Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan 1930s films high-dive gondolas imported Italy, ranging Gondola mooring pali di casada, colorful homage waterside line canals. Whimsical waterfalls, sandy beach volleyball, grottos, picnic swaying palm explore. contains lush landscaping, creating tropical oasis. 32 pageants orchestral concerts, band performing Today soak rich photos entrance. minimum 93. couple three-story capped tile roofs surrounding drained nightly injected process fours hours. trickles aquifer, naturally filtered purified resurfaces, taking amount refill nonagenarian, comes swim laps reminiscing how served kids neighborhood, sweltering summer days, pre-air-conditioning. learned never pretend cooling shares. hope 100th birthdays Rhines cellular molecular scientist esthetician. She author irreverent esthetic expos, Face Harsh Truths Esthetician Should Know... You. tile-capped pergola poolside lounging. 2701 De Soto Get score close avoid entry fills capacity allowed--bring there. Rates Nonresident adult 12. reduced rates. Hours operation vary depending coralgables.com. Monday 530 Saturday 430 adorned historical visited 33 GLENN OSTLE Diving horse-eye jack Hol Chan Marine Reserve fragile recovers endures B elize scuba divers paradise, reason. huge schools healthy corals stretch largest barrier reef hemisphere second chance simply amaze. Located northeastern coast Central America, country borders Mexico north, Guatemala west Sea east. reef, UNESCO World Heritage Site 1996, protected marine Best Blue Hole, circular sinkhole center Reef. Measuring 400 deep, gigantic stalactites stalagmites spectacular underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau declared top diving HOL CHAN Off tip Ambergris Caye, dot coastline Belize, southeast San Pedro, Chan, Belizes oldest smallest reserves. Mayan meaning channel, appropriate focused entirely separates open ocean calmer shallow only 75 deep. Despite size, reserve shining example novel effort achieve. established 1987 concern high level uncontrolled, destructive depleted dam- aged corals. status guidelines allowed recover, dived snorkeled Belize. controlled, boat arriving checkpoint pay fee. visit reef. By deeper areas, turtles feeding eel grass, view coral heads, fish. snorkeling, mental dive. captain agreed plant themselves wait swims ocean, eagle rays glide boats pull tie off, clouds nurse sharks. munch grass Chan. sun paints dappled pattern backs Shark Ray Alley. Attracted Alley, group pf rush food. SHARK RAY ALLEY diving, moved already crowded boats. particular popular. 1999 do. stirred action tossing bits overboard, wasnt boiled teeming mass sharks, fish, divers, amazed place, normally timid shy over, under, another, competing must ranger fee enter 36 paid attention, although careful hands tucked armpits none mistakenly confuse water. ordinarily seeing entertainment, admit safely generate steady income, monitor remarkable presence amazing life, regenerate, unparalleled divingsnorkeling visitors, important refuge life. Ostle long-time publications. partner, Pam Hadfield, reside Charlotte, Carolina, writing land underwater. images featherandfins.smugmug.com. bright, ray bottom 37 DIANE YORK paradise DAY ONE ARRIVAL, POIPU BEACH Stepping plane airport Lihue, Hawaii breezes pouring soft, fragrant, fresh, personnel uniformly smiling patient, horde mask-covered, haggard travelers coming day-long flights. Pili Mai condo endless Kiahuna Golf Club. notice crazy abundance roosters, hens, chicks roam pretty everywhere. story Iniki 1992 blasted winds 225 mph island, releasing imprisoned chickens, surviving storm, freedom happily multiplied wild. resort proximity path street mile north south. delineated low wall volcanic ocean. Walking dawn, listening morning songs passing meadows yellow birds saffron finches flitting about, slow, sweet becomes treat. latte Fish Whalers General Store Poipu Shopping Village. Across street, walking Plantation Resort orchid garden fishpond, Thankfully, laws guarantee trail Koloa, rock, leads Beach, Kauais spots. access beaches. connect surfing instructor teach surf Hawaiian style. winter weather highs 70s. chilly companions snorkeling. eels, multicolored whale far distance, plume marking route. monk seal clambers itself us. Later Koloa Town buy groceries Safeway. sticker shock realize bought bags 400. night mango martinis Volcano Pizza YOR TWO MAKAUWAHI CAVE PRESERVE Twenty east Makauwahi Cave Reserve. mammoth, two-story cave exceeds expectations. Pirates filmed Captain Jack Sparrow leaps incredibly cliff, Cave. off-road vehicle bet reserve, rocks tear low-riding sedan. way, pass CJM Country Stables, rent horses ride beach. uphill hike wooded brings triangular opening base. Taking leap faith, crawl cave. this, stand tall reaching sky, cliffs Lost World, moment, pterodactyl flying overhead sweep feet. fossil island 10,000 animals, plants, leaves preserved layers soil, sediment. eye tortoises. hike, Uncles Shave Ice shops Kukuiula mounds pia colada shaved scoop creamy, cold, vanilla cream top. richest Pacific region. Talk Story Bookstore occupies frame populate town Hanapepe. THREE HANAPEPE late brunch dip pool, winding, scenic road Hanapepe, big Kauai, art galleries, bookstore, swinging bridge. looks TV western, houses 1880s. Hanapepe River passes through, crossed 185-foot rickety, length, sways wildly, thrills. gorgeous, though, jumping river streaking gold. across, Bridge Gallery awaits side. Story, delightful escape eclectic gardening, nonfiction fiction, mystery. robots Mystery Theater 3000. cultural books language. kind bookstore spend in. galleries abound paintings photography beyond. cluster road, feast ribs, rice bowls. FOUR ALLERTON MCBRYDE GARDENS, SOUTH SHORE Think Jurassic dinosaurs Allerton Garden. McBryde adjacent. encompass 380 fruit orchard jungle streams, gazebo, ancient enormous Moreton fig monstrous plants was, partially Geographic Traveler calls Fifty Lifetime. three-hour riding bus worth sign reads Relax, connect, inspired, was. groceries, Jodo Mission Japanese temple. lovely lotus lilies. Bangkok Happy Bowl Thai Bistro Bar dishes--Bangkok coconut curry noodles, Bowl, cashew dish, rice--while soft band. trees. familiar, backdrop Park. FIVE ZIPLINING LYDGATE Three party ziplining Koloa. watch awe ravines streams. absolutely exhilarating. safe children. Looking afternoon, south Lydgate Fallen carried inland river, manner driftwood, fantastic creations ocean-sculpted wood. enclosed ponds protect waves, swimming. finish Eating House 1849 Roy Yamaguchi Sizzling tataki ribeye grown tomato mozzarella salad. Yum. striking driftwood. GardenMcBryde 4425 Lawai 808-742-2623 ntbg.orggardensallerton Sushi 2360 808-742-9888 aspenthai.netkauai-thai-food Stables 808-742-6096 cjmstables.com Dive Scuba 2440 Hoonani 7, 808-742-7422 divekauai.com 2829 Ala Kalanikaumaka 808-742-5000 royyamaguchi.com eating-house-koloa Epic Adventures Helicopter Tours Lihue Airport 808-346-8105 epichawaiiadventures. comhelicopter Coffee, 2294 808-742-2113 littlefishcoffee.com State Leho Kapaa 808-241-4460 kauai.com lydgate-beach 1571-4 808-631-3409 cavereserve.org Napali Boat Tours, 4489 Papalina Kalaheo epichawaiiadventures.com condominium 2611 800-325-5701 parrishkauai.com kauai-condospili-mai-at-poipu poipubeach.org 3785 808-335-6469 talkstorybookstore.com 808-742-2364 uncleskauai.com 808-742-2226 pietroskauai.com Store, 808-891-2039 theshopsatwailea. comstoreWhalers-GeneralStore2138943837 mountains, hidden valleys, helicopter. Most tours based Lihue. inaccessible oceanfront caves, snorkel diverse creatures Hawaii, sunrise sunset ideal Others remark younger Time Aloha, heavenly freelance writer avid gardener splits Richmond, Virginia, Sanibel. Her health, lifestyle, travel topics appear periodicals central Virginia. book, Aint Babe Womans Guide Surviving Infidelity Divorce. Club 2545 808-742-9595 kiahunagolf.com 3480 Waikomo 808-742-6735 koloajodo.com Zipline 3477 Weliweli 808-742-2734 koloazipline.com craze bursting microbreweries craft beers names flavors gamut Right aptly selections Clever Tangelo, Megahops Atlanticus, Blueberry Session Sour, Gateway Blonde, Orange Blossom Kolsch. breadth, depth, width unimaginable. international research company DSM, specializes science, nutrition, report survey drinkers Nearly half respondents try new. consumers experiment styles taste profiles. are, outside home, pub restaurant. breweries--so many, choose. Millennial Brewing Company housed warehouse near downtown District, Coastal Dayz, atmosphere welcoming vibe, happy brewery. patio umbrellas interior. grabbing holding brewery Bethune taps times. gain popularity havent tried yet. convenient feature flights four, five, five-ounce samples let pint. adds, pint ensure satisfied. MILLENNIAL BREWING COMPANY Millennials enough SOUTHWEST FLORIDA ALE TRAIL COASTAL DAYZ BREWERY Gary owned operated microbrewery Golden, Colorado. decided wanted warmth, relocated 2017 Dayz Brewery. 44 CO. Nineteen Lee, Collier, Hendry, Charlotte counties collaborated Ale Trail. encourages lovers passport varying prize levels, incentives, stamps participating information, swflaletrail.combreweries.html. FORT MYERS District middle all. Sbuttoni Alliance District. utilized reconfigured--its event beer. Some content sample sitting comfy barstool bartender chat with--but fan Here, shuffleboard, savoring brew. karaoke night. all, owner Kyle Cebull. inclusive beverage selections. family-friendly. Everyone relax His Lager Light lightest offers. first, understand customers liked. Now that, tastes mind. part. Cebull profit frequently hosts fundraisers causes. annual Unicorn Festival featuring unicorn costume contest, rainbow activities, glitter seltzers, spirit fun. keeps tap. noncompetitive. fun, experience, ourselves customer service. clientele. all--families pet friendly. brewerys requested Hazy IPA everyones favorite. short walk riverfront. stroll digest waters River. accolades Beer Professional Competition, statewide contest held Tampa, won gold medal category Wheat, chocolate Chocolate Stout. earned silver O.Y.A. double IPA. Jen Whyte, co-owner husband, Rob County, modest aspirations. doors, sold 400-square-foot taproom. ranks third busiest taproom volume 412 state, Jen. Beyond products, award-winning trucks together. evening Company. Jim Worsham brewers Red Tape ale. 45 Gateway, bartenders brew, tables. calendar, Tuesday, Wednesday Sunday, designed entertained. tap offerings sampled Tape, amber ale recommended promised. POINT YBEL Jordan Weisberg, Point Ybel Brewery, wife mural having painted girl became wife. dad, Tim Finfrock, artist mural. quality Weisberg proudest Ybel. friendships formed bonds created. CRAZY DINGO Crazy Dingo perhaps Southern Farms, five-acre property clientele strolling hops, petting farm goats, cows, sheep, donkey, assorted creatures. partners--Stu Paasche, Mike Schwab, Esperon--who started hobby. honestly say home-grown hops grow farm. Hops usually need climate, guys figured crops brew delicious. Paasches Australian shepherd. Thursday, Saturday. Saturdays, pole barn, music. site, Farms opportunities learn farming brewing. tries foster location Carlos LOCAL venue events, change season. Storm Brewery 4721 SE 10th 239-257-1401 bigstormbrewery.com cape-coral 2161 239-204-9665 coastaldayzbrewery.com Co 8500 Penzance crazydingobrewing.com Eight-Foot 4417 16th 239-984-2655 eightfootbrewing.com 12811 Commerce 28, 239-313-6576 fmbrew.com 1811 Royal Palm 239-271-2255 millennialbrewing.com 7887 Drew Circle, 239-362-2862 palmcitybrewing.com 16120 239-603-6535 pointybelbrew.com Riptide 28120 Hunters Ridge 239-949-9945 riptidebrewingcompany.comvisit-us-bonita-springs 46 SPEAK LANGUAGE VIII tankard. knows invented, barley malt yeast fermented warm temperature relatively beers. dark ales ales, flavor colors used. PALE implies, blonde color. Pale aroma flavor, bitterness. India developed withstand shipping UK hence, name. AMBER color, enhanced caramel, toffee, figs, fruit. English pronounced PORTER Porter 18th century, heavy brown malt. originated porters. STOUT stout porter steroids-- denser, darker, roasty porter. WHEAT BEER Wheat refers substantial portion rather barley. general, hazy, citrusy, fuller feel. youll brewed primarily BELGIAN ABBEY Originating Belgian abbeys, strong ales. Added clovelike spice, fruits apples pears, zest, honey. FARMHOUSE farmlands Belgium France farmers villagers similar abbey rustic earthy, bitter tones, pepper spice. LAGER type cooler temperatures bottomfermented techniques crisp, Lagers Budweiser, Busch Lite, Coors, Miller Genuine Draft. HIGH-GRAVITY High gravity alcohol pumped-up content. really equates SOUR tart funky yeasts bacteria opposed sterile environments specific strains. spice additions. Variety awards Competition. picky Weisberg. drinking, serve stands years, love strip mall base 8,000 followers Instagram. available, variety. non-beer folks, wine, ciders, nonalcoholic visit. listened jazz, played Casual Tan Lines Endless Summer. Lines, darker smoother two, hearts. contests nights, jazz Thursdays, yoga Sundays. nine-year anniversary, real trucks, entertainment. Cake Artistry chefs capture clients dreams celebrating JEFF LY TLE Extreme hen Davis work kitchen Springs, crank great-looking pizza. Peer delivery box, traditional-looking sauce, pepperoni, shredded cheese. wait. different. aroma. cold. cake. pure, confection. Daviss creation 16-yearold birthday party. thought surprise him, recalls, did. honing hobby decade. joined cadre professionals artistry level-- tiered wedding faux flowers. Netflix bowling balls, bags, tacos Hosted comedian Mikey Day Night Live, contestants fool panel judges tasked identifying renewed Few lines eccentric specialized. wield skills fine conventional fare, occasional burger, delicacy creations. created golfers dream teenagers above. requests ask. treats bakeries display cases beginning. retired electronics sales Ohio, showpieces golf ball, hamburger, cat, recipient liked simple photo requested, Any JOANNE DAVIS 49 toolbox belongs kitchen. Inside level, paint brushes, squeezing icing shape heart cupcakes. her, living, glue assembling blocks. How mimic cloth fondant, cookie dough, marshmallows powdered sugar. rolls cuts shape. Voila. Le Cordon Bleu graduate pastry chef Hamilton Harbor Yacht Club, combining cake, brownies, chocolate, mousse, candies appearance cigars Heart dessert mousse raspberry, Dwyer. Dwyer form chess compass ships wheel. luscious fruits. combinations rare Naples--part passion Featured website videos cutting inside. Dwyers confection yacht club Gordon Pass involved upcoming Four Seasons former Hotel site. recalls nautical fit wooden captains wheel yacht. Elizabeth Mikkelsen, guides eponymous Springs-based Paw, shows double-edged sword. Yes, promote creations, impression fast made. minutes, observes Paw Denmark second-generation chef. People taped edited half-hour. 50 SEAN DWYER Rubiks Cube Pac-Man decorate Mikkelsens Pastry left. mask edibles sit atop Mikkelsen happen, Mikkelsen. Dream Jeannie. timetable, plus manpower order scratch, wishes impractical, explains, though workable alternatives--all fashioned staple blocks marzipan, plastic hardening butter icing, Rice Krispies gooey marshmallow stuffing. re-created car Revs Institute Naples. request storys visiting afternoon. teenage daughter walked asked dispenses paper money--wrapped plastic--out top, video. Bess Charles LadyCakes worked Nealon father. LYTLE LADYCAKES. videoand Pinterest-inspired requests, spill candy cut, frequently. Less frequent orders feet, built sections sturdy infrastructure, tier implode foundation. Charles, Bakery concurs impacts certainly shed light industry realistic be, adding, Custom consuming truly test skilled chefs. true lists credentials renowned designer, author, whisperer, wife, mother, declares, eat. Adriana Florez Creations, Sarasota, lead Moreli Hernandez included Las Vegas-style tiger, helmet Mandalorian series, computer celebrate sale technology business. dragon Cigars smoke designer handbags confections Creations Sarasota. smile faces clients, says. translate designs. Jeri Suzette Price Wow. Price, interned TVs Boss York, signature 90 Butter intricate aspiring cakemakers pound plate pan upon removal oven cools. trap fabulous moist movement embraced Norman Love, premier chocolatier co-creator Challenge, debuted 2001. Ritz-Carlton. chocolates fruit--big Northerners Florida--and exotic ingredients, assem- bled layers, encased glazed, topped decorations. boxed Layer Birthday Cake, arranged rows simulate cupcake, German carrot strawberry shortcake. Cake. marvels cannot tell real, not, Love produced special-request designs eyeballs doctor, football, high-heeled shoes. Still, fancy plain, sweets comfort childhood, understands. Lytle editorial page editor Daily News. CREATIONS MIDDLE SUZETTE NORMAN theme Five-layer box below. 52 Family-owned adheres KEVIN ROONEY Pinchers Celebrates question faced significant challenges, hospitality pandemic impact staffing keeping doors open, hit. Brands--the Pinchers--was spared wrath losing success survived 25th horizon. stride humble beginnings 12-top 1997 21st Casey Key, July. West Marina - Wesley Chapel Venice 54 Ph Tony Kathleen Founders y earl elan appetizer--Hot Crab Cheese Dip GODS GREATEST DINING ROOM IS FLORIDA. TONY PHELAN Owner Grant parents, Kathleen, Sunshine 90s launched Shack goal Florida-seafood, Florida-style Tampa West. Phelans aim Other Deep Seafood, Fillets, Tonys Rib House, Phuzzys Shack. words Phelan, Gods greatest account choosing striving waterfront available. Each Tony, blow-torch barrel art. facet unique. alike dcor, seafood serves. restaurant, OPhelans 1990s 55 Thanks partnership co-own Denise Haugland, secure blue crab, grouper, gulf-caught delivered customer. Signature never-duplicated chips. crab in-house workers handpick meat Of course, logo crabs, Alaskan king, snow season May, crabs caught waters. vast menu deliciously mild, flaky snapper mahi. fries beans Immokalee. Stone claws Marylandstyle dockage, prior Sunset saved dessert, slightly chilled Customers pie enjoy. Offering two-for-one hour 3-6 kids-eat-free special, laid-back casual vibe. 25-year celebration deserved, unwavering commitment experiences. putting bucket Rooney Tin Cit GINA BIRCH BLEND version BlendJet portable blender doubles drinks, whatever blending. attachment ounces, easy protein shake multitude beverages go. Just charged via USB connection. 49.95 blendjet.com MEDIUM RARE high-tech device cooks steaks wirelessly. MeatStick Mini thermometer sends real-time data phone multitask mealtime cook perfect, steakhouse-quality 99.99 themeatstick.com TINY BUBBLES Aerators lovers, Bocavin Electric Wine Aerator millions bubbles pour expose oxygen, enhances flavor. job decanter. 39.99 bocavin.com FINGERPRINT NECKLACE sentimental piece Talla fingerprint holds. Simply use, design parent, spouse, friend. 195-1,800 lovetalla.com BREAD BOX Wildgrain delivers bake-from-frozen sourdough breads, pastas, pastries minutes results quality. Entertaining flavorful. 89 wildgrain.com SPIKED SODA Stewarts iconic soda brand flagship root licorice-based U.S., packed low-calorie, low-alcohol spiked seltzers Root Beer, Black Cherry, Cream, Lime. Find Total Wine. 10.99 fourpack 12-ounce cans stewartspiked.comstewarts-spiked-sodas COFFEE Using immersion method, stylish CafeSolo maker cribsi lover Spoon flask, stir, insert filter grounds cup. lid opens automatically youre coffee, neoprene hot. 99.95 cribsi.com PUZZLING FUN Puzzles entire WerkShoppe array artful puzzles ignite wanderlust family, limited-edition Festive Nutcracker jigsaw puzzle embellished foil. donated engagement programs. werkshoppe.com CANDLES THAT GIVE BACK Duet ultimate feel-good, smell-good, betterfor-the-environment candle. companys founder produces candles IDDeal Foundation employs intellectual developmental disabilities. addition, duetcandles.com LUGGAGE CUP HOLDER hands-free, caddy riemot negotiating airports breeze. attaches luggage Velcro folds use. pocket andor boarding passes. 14.99 riemot.com TASTING BOARD wineflight gift. Made acacia wood, cut-outs wines grape cabernet, winery, combination 39.95 BALL PIT Keep entertained in-home ball pit Playroom creates 38-inch-diameter pits, kiddos 6 months old. modern match balls chemicalfree, odor-free, recycled outgrow Ball Pit Balls, starting littlebigplayroom.com 59 BANANAS innovative gadget Banana Loca snacking core banana, peel, fill yogurt honey peanut Nutella. 28.99 bananaloca.com WRINKLE-FREE STRAWS colorful, reusable straws LipSips planet, lips. food-grade silicone, ergonomic eliminates pucker motion causes wrinkles 14.95 lipsips.com LEG JACKET tailgating, nights boat, bonfires, Mozy, lightweight, multifunctional resistant sand repellent. sizes, pockets, carabiner clip, built-in wrist strap ease carrying. 65 getthemozy.com CLASSIC SLIP-ONS classics Carrano, creator high-end luxury leather worn Hollywood icons Audrey Hepburn. Handmade theyre stylish. 295-570 andreacarrano.com ALL-PURPOSE SHIRT lifestyle apparel, Water shirt Cowboy sunglasses loop, cell phone, holds bottle capability bottle. 145 shop.californiacowboy.com ITS HANDS grooming, HandsOn gloves excess hair ends furry friend soothing massage process. Available child sizes. 24.99 handsongloves.com C leopatra, sole rule alone control territory, alleviate famine, fleet, suppress insurrection--all rocking routine, elements alpha hydroxy acid, enzymes, trendy ingredients. skincare business, trends rapidly scene, fading fast. indefinitely revolutionize forever, changing formulations offerings. differentiates dud keeper, staying potentially lie stays forgot whether newly discovered work. Cleo bathing soften hydrate skin. creamy milk baths contained lactic recognized gently exfoliating acid. enzymes ripening applied skin break cells, impart glow texture effectiveness Cleopatras continuing climb. treatments linger Consider following Low-level Peels. Disappearing hard-core chemical peels. downtime red, irritated, week. Research indicates lower acid as, effective yearly peel. Alpha acids glycolic, lactic, mandelic preferred exfoliate stimulate collagen elastin struc- tural proteins firm. smooth, taut hyperpigmentation get-up glow. Allies Skin Mandelic Pigment Corrector Serum blend banish spots recharge cells. LED. Light-emitting diodes LEDs 1927 Russian inventor formal positions, followed super semiconductors. Oleg Losev light-emitting pegged practical stated, LED converts electrical energy energy, diode itself, painted-on coating bulb. exposed wavelengths, outcomes realized wavelengths anti-aging LEDs, smart incorporate daily regime. growth, modality depend traumatizing elicit healing response. method atraumatic, miraculous makeover begins. redness. downtime. weird effects. means begin using approaching soiree Studies activates fibroblast factor, increases pro-collagen, decreases enzyme MMP-1 breaks collagen. stimulates cells increased simultaneously slowing destroys beginning bring wands basis. Use reduces bruising swelling surgery speed wound laser treatments. significantly improved complexions texture. Check LightStim Wand Wrinkles. Behold benefits Has regenerative Increases rate healing. production. Decreases circulation. Evens tone Sleep-on Masks. excuse mask. formulated mean masking sleep. Quickly absorbing messiness, stickiness, cleanup, apply thin layer bed elixir magic Choose specifically troubles wake NUGE9s Sleep Slumber Mask ceramides Syricalm skin, restoring moisture balance irritation caused environment, particularly overexposure air conditioning. Develop long-term relationship worthy retention. luxurious reparative visible improvement us.allies.shopproductsmandelic-pigmentationcorrector-night-serum Wrinkles asktheestheticians.comproduct-pagecopy-ofmangosteen-daily-resurfacing-concentrate-7 NUGE9 asktheestheticians.comproduct-pagesleep-it-offslumber-mask 63 BETH LUBERECKI Are lipstick face-cream fanatic Then issue, lowdown fragrances, lotions, must-have makeup, between. CURL CONTROL exclusively Ulta, six-piece Mango Tulsi Botanical Blend bundle Mielle Organics wavy, curly, coily best. shampoo, conditioner, leave-in serum, styling gel, whipping crme herb tulsi, vitamin zinc moisturize hair, improve scalp strengthen roots. combined mango, antioxidant-rich vitamins replenish hair. Working together, reduce breakage shafts. Ulta ulta.com stores Bell Tower 239-334-0659, Cypress Woods 239-766-4107, 239-766-4283 Coralwood 239-458-3522 Coconut 239-992-0361. CALM YOURSELF Treat sensitive TLC Gentle Calming MyChelle Dermaceuticals. no-rinse-needed cleanser 17.99 remove dirt makeup extract, squalene, witch hazel hybrid oil-based serum 34.99 concentrated mugwort oil, meadowfoam oil smoothness elasticity, daisy oak extract brighten, soothe, Pick Dermaceuticals 239-939-9600, adasmarket.com. BLEMISH BUSTERS Pimples pop inopportune do, reach Acne Cover Patch 6.50 14.50 Avarelle. extra-large hydrocolloid shrink blemishes calendula oils. To prevent zits Avarelles Toner Pads 19.99 routine. Ingredients hyaluronic pimples, soothe Avarelle CVS stores. DAVID DROTLEFF TO BE CONTINUED close... fatal Blood Sugar Miami sky teaser Shes accused murders. guilty three. chapter murder Ruby Simon commits--at 5. drowning boy Atlantic Ocean suspects wrong. waited guilt hooked now, well, book. Fast-forward interrogation Police Department, detective questioning lifetime suffered untimely deaths arms Ruby. death husband. Did kill repeatedly herself time--or perspective Sascha Rothchilds thriller, debut. turning pages Rubys attempt determine truth figure Ruby, seemingly well-adjusted Yale-educated psychologist, psychopath. Dexter likable serial killer Or narrates conversation reader. charming, witty, engaging. edge narration. Normal... quite. trappings normalcy-- career, solid sister adores, pets dotes loving husband--but reader otherwise. Can police dont, packing Consuela Jetsetter bag sleeping bag, overnight necessities, pillow. Oversized weekender Myra Bag. K ids grandmas, longer holidays, Depending childs age, pillow, animal, blanket, PJs. Priscillas women women-owned companies ages, infants adults, Maari Simcox. smiley-face slippers. Currently Older appreciate affirmation cards read aloud loved. Priscilla Murphy, realtor 1950s. empowering women-made self-care, lift up, remind Children pack totes totes, purses brands. carry adorable notebooks pouches anyone, Karen Allegretti. record journalistic format, toys toiletries. Below Cupcakes cookies sleepover treats. EARTH PRISCILLAS SANIBEL LADYCAKES BAKERY Suggested puzzles, additions stay. Maid tire generation generation, Abby elementary school-age weekends. playing flashlights dollar store, Williams, popcorn--cheese, butter, flavored--and to. Am deck guests. 71 MM bedtime snack. Maid, Clue, Barnes Noble Estero, sleepovers bookstores. Sloth Sleeps Over clever, silly, heartwarming friendship debut author-illustrator Blythe Russo. Bear Came Along Richard T. Morris Dont Pigeon Stay Up Late, Mo Willems Yawns Christopher Eliopoulos. debut, Denises clever wordplay detailed illustrations Knight Owl instant classic. Since hatched, dreamed becoming knight, facing fearsome dragon. companion. hand. treat occasions, grandmas house. please tooth. 72 Comfy smiley slippers seller suitable, cookies. flavors, remiss neglect Grandmas Peanut Cookies, Charles. child, grandmother hurt. sell order. chip, lemon crinkle, MMs. forget generations Playing singing old-time Range sing campfire songs--like Be Round Mountain--and oven-baked smores theme, piles graham cracker, marshmallow, places sheet, broils browned melted. Yummy 73 proper planning, intimidated occasion ocktail parties alone, cocktail party, sophisticated, grownup air, throwing intimidating-- pressures Beckman mocktail manage 1988, extravagant, laid down. BonSoiree planners. year-round, graciously shares insider tips plan execute leave talking had, come. FOCUS pick jumping-off asks, Friends fellowship Do reflect style, cites gold, float leaf cocktails. snow, cones cocktails, mocktails, desserts. sangria, focal instead MANAGE Look when, remodeling advises Beckman. things. FORGIVENESS BUDGET BRAINSTORM Creativity compares cooking Brainstorming stockpot boiling haphazard awful. boil refined exciting. appetizer MILE BRIDGET HEATHER FOSTER sexy, budget considers, start. Even limit, willing unlimited money further, finding guests--something impression. Perhaps garnish Perfection elusive, are. pressure media Martha Stewart comparisons, Forgive yourself arent moment. Remember magazine SPONTANEITY Sometimes random meeting. hosting notice. First thing, remember forgiveness. Next others pitch overlooked, recommends Beck- man. nothing potluck approach minute. COCKTAIL creativity. Sparkling Cocktails cocktails slam dunk make. Add splash Chambord Champagne flute, sparkling raspberries, Kir Royale. easier. talking, incorporating lesserknown liqueur Sorel, hibiscus holidays. hints ginger, cinnamon, clove, with. soda--just glass. Sorel Spritzer Combine ounces ounce flute flower. Sweet Try Mozart Dessert Cheesecake Spice Liqueur maple syrup rim teaspoons Cookie crumbles Roasted chopped pumpkin seeds Ground nutmeg shaker ice. Rim Mix plate. bowl. shot syrup, topping. Top nutmeg. Strain choctail Yields drinks. NO ALCOHOL, PROBLEM permitted soiree, drink, elevate Tea, soda, nice, necessary, boring. about. recipes, biggest snob. Alcohol wise accommodate spirits well. key superior juices Victor, pomegranate Victor Pom Paloma Cactus Pear Pomegranate grapefruit seltzer Q Spectacular Grapefruit Spindrift substitute Pinch salt Squeeze wedge ice, stir gently, squeezed wedge, serve. doctor tequila. each, blanco reposado HIRED HELP Whether serving both, splurge should hired help, Turn BonSoiree, college student extra cash. eyes filling clearing plates, doorbell rings ever. focus, expectations, Cheers. contributor. finds, well-known personality morning-show Sunny 106.3. Mixologists cactus pear paloma complementary juiciness exceptional. drier grapefruit-flavored balance. coking Brussels sprouts fryer basket submerge crispy. sage fry seconds Remove drain. Return gastrique medium-high sprouts. Break 23 crispy prosciutto toss raisins. Season pepper. dish rest crumbled goat 2200 Edwards 33901 239-314-3800, luminaryhotel.com Crispy Sprouts, Maple Raisin Gastrique, Prosciutto, Goat Luminary Co. Serves Canola slices cups cider vinegar shallots, sliced sprouts, removed, halved golden raisins cheese Kosher salt, Cracked pepper, Fill deep-sided canola oil. Heat 375 degrees, test. tabletop Preheat degrees. Lay parchmentlined sheet pan. bake reserve. gastrique, vinegar, saucepan medium consistency thicker. heat. Velvet Bubble Room Serving self-rising flour sugar baking eggs, beaten cocoa powder vegetable buttermilk coloring 350F. Sift flower, sugar, cocoa, milk, vanilla, coloring. Beat minutes. Pour greased floured 9-inch pans 45-50 pans, wire racks. Frosting softened teaspoon unsweetened pounds pecans, beat fluffy. Slowly mix smooth. Assemble layering frosting layer. liberally pecans. 15001 239-472-5558, bubbleroomrestaurant.com Beef Tips Arugula Salad Standard beef, 1-inch cubes Blackening seasoning Wooden skewers metal tablespoons sirloin tenderloin. Toss beef blackening seasoning. Skewer desired amount. saut pan, wisps smoke. skewered Cook brown. medium-rare beef. shorter, temperature. Avocado Horseradish Sauce tablespoon sour horseradish Salt arugula dressing preference. Plate salad 5301 S Cleveland 239-219-6463 1520 Broadway, 239-931-1240 thestandardftmyers.com Chef Fabrizio Aiellis Butternut Squash Ravioli Grappinos Pasta semolina all-purpose kosher 78 stiff dough. Knead mixer dough hook medium-low elastic. Wrap least lightly surface roll thickness desired. Filling butternut squash, peeled roughly mostarda cremona blended saucelike Parmesan crushed amaretto squash coat evenly. Roast 400F soft. cool. skins processor combine. mixture Parmesan, cookies, taste. ravioli. stick Freshly grated saucepan. infuse butter. burn continuously 80 browns crisp. ravioli press sheet. finger wet edges nicely sealed roller, pressing heavily release. Boil salted done. finished. Carefully Serve 239-331-4325, grappinonaples.com Manhattan 10K Alley 1.5 Woodford Bourbon dashes Angostura bitters single Filthy Cherry bourbon, Chambord, stirrer, coupe toothpick, skewer cherry, immediately. Collier JW Marriott, Marco 239-394-2511, jwmarco.com 82 RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 ronandsons.com Sales Installation Security Alarm Systems AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom System Vac Much More 239.939.0077 accentbp.com ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS CopierPrinterScanners Printer Service Supplies Print Cost Recovery Management Artists 7 briny arbiter, abbr. Dark-colored long-necked seabird ___ winning, Northern sea duck 15Portrays Compass point, 19 Support survival _____ Fox Yoko 32Rhythm Rejuvenating 37Memos Down Whale tails Short sleep Military Historical ____ idled Record points millennia Fishermans equipment current Horseshoes, e.g. spread 20Constellation provider Bird sounds Auth. unknown Landing co. Dark horse Almond, USNA grad, PUZZLE N L Hidden Word CAPT. BRIAN HOLAWAY Authentic Ragged Ass Saloon motor running, highway, way. --Steppenwolf t Island. smoking Milwaukees heard owners taken establishment mid-50s, Nick Lori, adventure, along. McCarthys Captiva, traveled Roosevelt Channel, pointed Chino boated powerlines, Crescent channel Monroe Canal. St. James car, bike, walking. Canals ago property. northernmost longest canals City. sense me. kaleidoscope vessels, now. canal forgotten dreams, boats, shrimp, tiki-bar fish-cleaning tables, lifts, tubs. Midway bend where, S. Thompsons words, ticket, ride. Low Tiki haunt locals. Saloon, vessels descriptions. HOLA ago--only smoke-filled Milwaukee run Good eaten, stories shared, memories return Saloon. exacted toll reopen Capt. Holaway Master Naturalist shelling ecotour guide 1995. charters Sound, Cayo Costa Cabbage Captiva. ramp on. shoal, nearing pines. pines righthand lets dock. boater docking current, docks tied steps cruiser Budweiser bike. Only Kenny Chesney duet plays speakers curious step smokefilled notice, however, clouding walls, Buds sign. virtually unchanged ago. 85 FRANCESCA BLOCK Bat Yam Temple retrieves treasure, unscathed storm Stephen Lewis Fuchs Congresses. Link NBC Nightly News recovery studied journalism, affairs, relations, Chinese Princeton University. digital CONGRESS FAMILY BAT YAM TEMPLE ISLANDS n Ians devastation, congregants consumed prayer main fears beloved community, Torahs. struck Sanibels shores unrecognizable destruction joy-filled Ron biblical surge. Houses flattened swept away 150-mph winds, lives, lay scattered Scot Congress, member stayed recounted window subsided below 14-foot-high felt gulf, Warnings landfall high-alert. evacuate ground, Howard Lorsch temples Congregational Church Christ hopes holy 19th-century stolen Nazis. fortunate receive 1,564 scrolls Nazis Londons Westminster Synagogue Holocaust. scroll shul synagogue Boscovice, Prague. stored safest vault belonging Melissa Congress. Congress recover Temples Torahs, wrapped garbage Jewelers documented Florida--less Yom Kippur, holiest Jewish calendar--the reeled sheer loss hundreds thousands failed survived. closed hurricane, Congresses contacted Commissioner Ruane access. Within sheriffs headed safety risk Torahs vault. timidly stepped sunny, eerily quiet day--seeing shambles eyes--Scot greeted miracle. Wrapped completely relieved, congregation Zoom Rabbi Steven spread-out whom tuned wherever synagogue, diaspora congregational began. Lester Holt aired 3. DANIELA JAEGER COVER mothers Artistry, 48. courtesy GOING STRONG COSMETIC TRENDS HOT HERE STAY ULTIMATE HOLIDAY PARTY PROPER PLANNING PAYS OFF VOL. NO. U.S. 4.95 BONI ES ER V EMBE R D EC EMB 0 Published CAKES NOT YOUR MOTHERS RECIPE LU ME Display

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