Ad_Page.indd 1 12616 958 PM BONITA ESTERO 40 YOUR FLORIDA EVERBLADES One of the countrys most successful hockey franchises, Everblades regularly make playoffs, winning league championship in 2012. But team also scores with community assists. MAGAZINE 46 ON WHEELS WHAT TO EXPECT AND OFF SWFL STREETS On Cover Florida Fish and Wildlife Conversation Commission officers such as Stuart Spoede pictured are critical protecting Estero Bay, our states first aquatic preserve. He other FWC enforce rules, keep us safe protect wildlife. Read about their jobs beginning on page 22. photo William R. Cox 2 TOTI.COM JANFEB 2017 4_BE_JF17.indd 12716 426 Your Gold Rush gave Kirsten her shining moment. E V RY P L AY I S F O R D U C A T N. Since 1997, Lottery has been creating a brighter future for through Bright Futures Scholarship Program. Through this scholarship, more than 725,000 students have earned opportunity to attend college. The education they received is allowing them give back boost Floridas economy, while helping fund next generation students. So remember, you play, wins. Must be 18 or older play. Play responsibly. 2016 3 Departments 8 Publishers Letter 10 Making Waves Celebrating Southwest Floridians Profile 12 My Forever Valentine 16 Someone You Should Know Stay Tuned Ensemble Schumann 22 30 20 Fashion Trending Now Clubs Outdoors Adventures Officer 26 Pritchett Family Eagle Cam Coastal Commerce Shangri-La Springs 32 Wheres Beef 34 Crossword 35 Beauty Trends Products Help Look Best 36 Radar Bocce Generation 38 Culturally Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum 50 History Presidents Day Trade Marks used under licence from De Beers Group Companies. Forevermark 2016. TM, TM 52 Epicurious Recipe Guide Dining SW 62 Natures Notebook Butterfly Orchid 64 Calendar Where Go What Do 74 Between Lines Political Shenanigans In Community 75 Walk Talk Epilepsy Walkathon 76 True Confessions Festival Director 77 Services Professionals 78 Stargazing Norma Hagan 80 Parting Shot issue ... ocean, Gulf, rivers lakes--this where we long be, at least near. Well bring all things water-related, boating fishing seafood. plan curling up MarchApril letting thoughts ocean breezes inspire you. Bonita ISSN 1521-1207 published six times year by TOTI Media, Inc., P.O. Box 1227, Sanibel, FL 33957. 4 Its journey become one. constant pursuit absolute beauty, every diamond undergoes rigorous selection. This why less worlds diamonds worthy inscription promise rarity responsible sourcing. 5 GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela E. Jaeger ASSISTANT Scarlett Redenius EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Craig Garrett Elizabeth Grimm SENIOR EDITOR Beth Luberecki CONSULTING Susan Holly CUISINE TRAVEL David Grant ARTS CONTRIBUTING Acevedo FASHION Rene Novelle CALENDAR EPICURIOUS Doug Gallogly CREATIVE DIRECTOR Brian Stromlund GRAPHIC DESIGN CONTRIBUTORS Andrew Cantor, Dana Long PROOFREADER EDITORIAL COORDINATORS Redenius, Klaudia Balogh WRITERS Gina Birch, Cox, Erik Entwistle, Gallogly, Garrett, Kathy Grey, Hagan, Luberecki, Sharon McAllistor, Glenn Miller, Mirman, Renee Novelle, Wierima PHOTOGRAPHERSARTISTS Ryan Brenizer, Mila Bridger, Thomas Eckert, Dan Rosenfeld OF SALES MARKETING Kyle Fisher 239-472-0205, ext. 103 ADVERTISING 100 Friedrich 102 Christine 112 Dru Anne Doyle 109 Kimberly Paulus 108 OFFICE ADMINISTRATION, SUBSCRIPTIONS CREDIT CARD ORDERS 106 WEBMASTER Philip Lippard, Sanibel Logic CONNECT WITH US facebook.comtotimediamagazines facebook.combonitaesteromagazine twitter.comtotimedia pinterest.comtotimedia instagram.comtotimedia FOR E-MAIL INQUIRIES toti.comcontactus Island, 33957 239-395-2125 New York Representative Office 800-472-0634 FounderChairman President Guy Tober Vice PresidentC.O.O. Financial Administrator Jacqueline S. Times Islands Subscription price 24.00 one-year domestic subscription. Copyright 1996 Inc. All rights reserved. No part publication may reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily those 6 7 PUBLISHERS LETTER WILL THIS BE YEAR That same type fortitude enthusiasm exactly basis how single person organization works together, long, award-winning lifestyle publications Doing difficult thing course, definition, never easy. reward accomplishing what set out do an intoxicant unlike any other--it feels so good that it propels more. believe each possesses drive. discovered looking within singlemindedness go just one step, deed, small daily effort better your life people encounter, lives--and society--will enriched. begin new year, allow me share my personal goals 2017, Im going seek challenging objectives, resist taking easy road. treat whom come contact respect, kindness courtesy which like treated. if strive toward these types simple goals, results will immeasurably positive. favorite quotes industrialist Henry Ford, who wintered Fort Myers. said, If think can cant thing, youre right. As look forward another exceptional appropriate phrase. Enjoy Publisher inspired--and ike many people, find myself reflecting back--and forward--at time year. dawn brand-new brings unbridled Media. It occurs there only keeps own will. Think childhood when parent adult said would achieve something possibly attain specific goal milestone. anything me, instantly developed determination ever thought possible, order accomplish could do. When reflect times, clear principles seeing apply us, whether child adult. ago, was fortunate enough visit Allalinhorn, 13,212-foot mountain highest point region Sass-Fee, Switzerland. see spectacular miracle nature, but hike its summit. Id truthful told sure it, several during ascent turning back. Fortunately, group who, myself, were determined reach top. now realize singular purpose pushed onward, entire working shared, common goal. PHOTOS BY THOMAS ECKERT VISIT THE ALL NEW MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINGS EXPERIENCE TRUE LUXURY 9 ULTRA-MODERN 4-STORY, 223,00 SQ. FT. FACILITY 35,000 SHOWROOM 3,700 INDOOR EVENT SPACE 2,500 OUTDOOR 47 TOTAL SERVICE BAYS OFFERING TOURS DAILY 2PM 14610 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, 34110 239.260.9593 TotiMed MAKING WAVES salute residents, businesses organizations island coast special CRAIG GARRETT MILLION GOAL REACHED seemed hardly possibleto raise million donations childrens hospital, nearly half 240 project cost. commitment over five years daunting, behind ended November. seven-story Golisano Childrens Hospital located HealthPark Summerlin Bass roads. Opening center April precede Lee Health-Coconut Point medical campus Estero. From campaign funds happened, starting 2012 Naples billionaire. More contributions followed, 500,000 each, much smaller amounts. Suddenly November shower confetti, happy supporters accepting final million. hospital you, community, built, Skip Leonard announcement event reached. chief foundation officer Health Foundation, charged finding donors continuing funding effort. CHAMBER chamber members collected 1,000 pounds nonperishable food annual Harvest Night drive benefits Assistance Emergency Pantry. evening hosted Promenade, featured live music Markley appetizers DeRomos Gourmet Market Restaurant. TOP PHOTO COURTESY LEE HEALTH FOUNDATION BOTTOM AREA COMMERCE Confetti rained celebrating achievement. opens April. TotiMedia-NOV-2016-8.25X10.875-V1REVISED_Layout 92316 1249 Page ner Win s ard w g includ 140 ence excell ove r ign Des o i e t st categories Be ltiple room mu Show N SA da IB Flori rs yea row CLIVE DANIEL HOME CD NAPLES, 2777 34103 239.261.home 4663 1351 NW Boca Raton Blvd. Raton, 33432 561.440.home BOCA RATON, 11 PROFILE Marriage always easy, mutual respect faith play roles Byron Liles former Linda Sawtelle guitar early marriage. couple after still together. KATHY GREY There no lovely, friendly charming relationship, communion company BYRON LINDA LILES Coming together beginning. Keeping progress. Working success. --Henry Ford They married ago. She 20. 27. church youth leader he spotted RIGHT OTHER --Martin Luther ets dispel discouraging urban legend percent marriages end divorce. Pinpointing percentages state impossible, turns out, studies last three decades clearly indicate steady decline Love, seems, alive well, evidenced two couples whose lasting unions define Valentines Day. roller-rink outing. third-generation native his grandfather pioneer James Wallace Lyles, born 1897, wanted rancher, instead forming Insurance Agency. had sing destined relocate Missouri, she father Bible everything changed night roller rink. boyfriend, says. God picked me. Still, shed promised move Missouriand did. And didnt stand way. college interfering. want spend rest her. propose letter, accepted. sent money engagement ring. Byrons mother sewed bridesmaids dresses. honeymooned Georgia. Nearing golden anniversary, Byron, 73 Linda, 66, children grandchildren. remains universe because follow commandments Bible, says, fidelity honor. We both selected h Reaching Our Goal H Ero communitywide effort, hundreds businesses, individuals contributed build Florida. YOU built OUR Come public GRAND OPENING APRIL 1, Support high quality pediatric care donation today. foR BeinG ThaNks 239 210-5372 LeeHealth.orgFoundation 13 PETER CONNIE BERGERSON Because raised city nearby family, depended completely another, perhaps secret Peters schedule flexible, Connie Hed oil changes errands. kids summer. shared responsibilities. Peter likes cook. sides. cleaning lady clean house dont clean. bed makes it. traditional marriage defined roles, adds. values understanding, trust. breaking up, either. theres trouble paradise Laughing, says Manhattan into room. were, ups downs. breast cancer underwent rounds chemo. threw loop, ball. nurse, did finishes Beautiful ever. 2015 experienced pulmonary issues. lost him, hes now. lucky made possible lives. punctuates God. Grey editor writer living boss wife decision maker. --Woody Allen elementary student Southeast Missouri State University, professor. Their paths crossed 10-cent beer night. dinner date Purple Crackle, old dance club. dated years. Bergerson Troll 1972 St. Louis Gateway Arch. lived Cape Girardeau, led University political science department taught school. children. migrated 2002, Gulf Coast develop curriculum teach administration. reading Collier County schools. retired 2015, then returned teaching time. loved off, perfect poor mice. now, teachers, doing pretty well path wasnt smooth. greatest challenges completing Ph.D. young home, muses. school instructors settled 2002. 14 427 LEFT 15 EAGLE CAM COFOUNDER, FROM HER PERCH ATOP SPORTS G innie McSpadden happening track American icon. Cofounder website broadcasts video eagles nesting familys North Myers property, busy relations, digital marketing social media work sports, automotive, hospitality travel industries. senior account supervisor Naples-based Norris Sports Group, spends months Central grad started career advertising executive, launching campaigns went NASCAR, supporting outreach national racing series, planning advance eventsmedia tours overseeing at-track opportunities including post-race Victory Lane. doesnt shy role streaming raising youngsters. famous guests, Ozzie Harriet, nested Dick Real Estate property 2007. streams nest 24 hours day, seven days week, 10,000 viewers watching magazine Ginnie story. AS KID country singer. However, developing really bad stage fright school, began pursue behind-the-scenes path. hoped nontraditional job sports. sought variety internshipsa record company, professional wakeboardwater-ski series NASCAR. definitely exciting WORLD very demanding. Youre often call 247. Caffeine must world relaxing enjoying Saturday football Sunday golf, am usually ground workingbut wouldnt change thing. WOMEN IN great Globalization technology transforming traditionally maledominated industry, leading leadership women. Women hold top posts pro sports leagues, trend continuing. honor alongside some toughest, intelligent women best learn whenever possible. MY NASCAR blur. For almost years, jumped race town town, rarely getting day WILLIAM COX off weekend home. Being charge Lane learning experience. fast-paced environment second second, requiring quick decisionmaking flexibility. privilege meeting keeping touch across country. Traveling week inweek co-workers provided extended family. BALANCING LIFE struggle. Right dove career, losing friends family regret being gone long. based Florida, get catch everyone again. Luckily, near ones continue office airplane, hotel Starbucks. whatever work. CELEBRITY ATHLETES else. promise. dorky, funny nice, especially won race, game tournament. celebrity appeal CANT WAIT Olympic Games. big goal-setter, Olympics list. Career happens ADVICE ANYONE considering ready hard, fun take granted. advice was, someone willing free. hard stay humble. PINCH-ME MOMENT various athletes City tour. Good Morning America, Live Kelly, Letterman, CBS Sirius Radio. 17 STAY TUNED blend sound, remarkable musicianship season once again comes full swing tourists flock visitors residents alike advantage veritable embarrassment riches enjoyed here, indoors out. Among delights offered music-lovers Sanibels BIG trio instrumentalists collective sound proves level experience concert sold unfortunately. With unconventional combination oboe, viola piano, exhilarating audiences unusual unexpected particular instruments heard appreciated, course. Oboist Gallant notes, ERIK ENT WISTLE fact produce unique special. string quartet, sound. Here soulful strident oboe paired colors pianist produce. Pianist Sally Pinkas elaborates interesting nobody hideeach instrument color, alike. trios program naturally features eponymous Adagio Allegro Op. 70, Mozart popular Kegelstatt Trio, K. 498 Bruch Eight Pieces, 83. pieces, takes place clarinet, fresh aural perspective works. Rounding recital novelty 28 Schilflieder Reed Songs August Klughardt, German composer musical orbit Liszt Wagner. movements poems Nikolaus Lenau, telling sadness love poet wanders edge reed-filled pond. Notes quite over-the-top, emotional work, indebted contemporary romantic composers Klughardts tour de force. having performed decade. freedom, observes violist Steve Larson. Weve gotten know others playing, weve communicate other, allows interpretive risks vary interpretation performance performance. importantly, points chemistry Pianist, instructor musicologist Entwistle undergraduate degree Dartmouth College. post-graduate piano Washington Louis. doctorate musicology California, Santa Barbara. teaches Sanibel. AT GLANCE Performed Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall Library Congress. Details ensembleschumann.comFacebook left, Larson Schumann. January GENERAL TOURING, INC. 19 retailers gaining inroads, surprising choices W RENE NOVELLE Rocksbox hile hand pick latest trends wardrobe, reality era limited excessive options. nice shift selections edit taste. Whether wardrobe overhaul, occasional outfit wear occasion, fashion clubs subscription month memberships offer options everyone. listed retailers. ROCKSBOX Finding accessories perfectly complement feel mission ever-growing sea experts bringing jewels month, theyll deliver pieces jewelry door. piece, option purchase permanent collection. swap simply send box few days. concept, birthed decade research co-founder self-proclaimed advocate Meaghan Rose, taken among enthusiasts nationwidethe doubled size past FABLETICS Never stress gym style healthy inspired actress Kate Hudson cofound thats setting standard fashionable fitness clothing. Noticing disconnect Fabletics created bridge gap between stylish outfits affordable points. VIP enjoy retail clothing, 49.95 monthly membership fee overall memberhips purchase. start 25 members. clothing herself, browse coordinate attire. check men, workout partners point. LE TOTE Why pay crazy prices 150 brands fingertips budget-friendly rate designers BCBG, House Harlow Rebecca Minkoff, Le Totes service gained unprecedented momentum, becoming go-to spot fashion-forward nation. looks, maternity mommies-to-be feeling comfortable chic. mom re-entered workforce, Tote member Amy Subscribing BEST Ive done myself. new-to-me clothes expense, complimenting worn At 59 memberships, 69 totes delivered door containing items coordinated accessories, curated proprietary algorithm. Keep youd before swapping closet. Editor 21 OUTDOORS Boating safer, natural resources protected ride-along greater appreciation colleagues perform. OPPOSITE PAGE Conservation greatly helps areas state. To fully understand commission does job, took boat ride Bay Spoede. Initially idea diverse demanding n 1966, designated Land placed conservation buffer bay encroaching development. provides fishing, recreational opportunities, course need management protection maintain ecological functions. SPOEDES DUTIES NOT ONLY INCLUDE INSHORE FISHERIES PROTECTION, BUT ALSO OFFSHORE PATROLLING--DAY NIGHT. dedicated officers. enforcement division divided Water Squad, South Inland Squad. His primary patrol area adjacent federal waters, called upon anywhere Spoedes duties enforcing safety violations. includes observing boaters operate vessels manner, current vessel registration, obey lower speed limits minimum wake zones, proper equipment jackets fire extinguishers. Another important duty resource protection. verifies anglers licenses regulations fish seasonal limits, bag possession legal requirements. Many species legally protected, seatrout Cynoscion nebulosus, redfish Sciaenops ocellatus, snook Centropomus undecimalis mangrove snapper Lutgenus sriseus. violations daytime. Thus operates undercover illegal activities gill netting pompano Trachinotus carolinus. Illegal netters thousands dollars include inshore fisheries protection, offshore patrolling--day Some targeted amberjack Seriola dumerili, red Lutjanus campechanus, preserve 1966. 23 snapper, mutton L. analis, grouper Epinephelus morio black Mycteroperca bonaci. Additionally, assistance multiple response calls. watercraft accidents, disabled boats watercraft, participating nine-day hunt Cecil Webb Management Area, tranquilizing relocating bears Ursus americanus floridanus aiding wildlife example, short-finned pilot whale Globicephala macrorhyncus, West Indian manatee Trichechus manatus latirostris, panther Puma concolor coryi, gopher tortoise Gopherus polyphemus, osprey Pandion haliaetus, brown pelican Pelecanus occidentalis, bald eagle Haliaeetus leucocephalus, loggerhead turtle Careta careta shorebirds. responds shorebird enclosure Sea eggs occasionally dug stolen. nests protected. Sometimes, overzealous photographers beach enter disturb enclosures. dogs inside enclosures, destroying killing nestlings. enclosures beaches Captiva, Beach islands. Snowy plovers Charadrius alexandrinus terns Sterna antillarum protective Captiva. Least terns, skimmers Rynchops niger Wilsons C. wilsonia Beach. addition, aids rescuing stranded fishermen, enthusiasts, paddle boarders swimmers. swimmers venture too far cannot winds strong currents. interviews media. Special Operations against motor theft, smuggling, drug traffic, dangerous carry weapons bulletproof vests. came away perform day. outdoor experiences enhanced law nature photographer ecologist Visit him online regulate boater safety, activities, speedwake oversee resources. SPOEDE RESPONDS SEA TURTLE SHOREBIRD PROTECTION ENCLOSURE VIOLATIONS. Viewers symbol, attracting audience uring interview, recalls placing camera large tree directed nest. stream photographing birds Bayshore Road. Pritchetts deep ties community. Ginnies believed giving back, fulfill role. hoping Cam, amazed four given minute streams. estimates 65 web views hail Alva, learned outdoors way educate history viewer classroom moderated chats. hope educating eagles, steps conserve neighborhoods. noted stunning number positive impact awareness worldwide. Camera positioned Other cameras below. Thanks volunteers, tens observe eagles. incubation starts October generally December January. Usually egg laid per successive clutch completed 3-6 days, varying eggs, average, Incubation 32-35 conducted female. Both adults brood young. hatch 2-4 apart weight gain substantial, males grams females 130 chronology plumages natal down held approximately weeks ninth 10th juvenile stage, plumage developed, dark feathers. weeks, antagonism mates peak. Nestlings flapping down-covered wings, begins emerge preen regularly. After grasping talons, pecking prey casting pellets. fifth loudly scream. wings above stealing monopolizing food, behavior intense exercise frequent. perch branches limbers. fledge 9-14 10-12 weeks. harsh challenging. provide intervention, pair Harriet history, 27 ranch line fencing photograph symbol. drama associated dispute predator raids. instance, uneventful until March 17, found injured Clinic Rehabilitation Wildlife, CROW, fractured clavicle injuries. treated Dr. Heather Barron. released June re-admitted later injuries territorial fight M15, Harriets mate. succumb Last February, eaglet E8 rescued around leg. May partially fell limbs horned owl Bubo virginianus attacked them. Eaglet observed attack, eventually broken femur. condition August. specialist firm, relations chair board directors CROW. mentions volunteers life-savers project. full-time and, amazing able activity archives, photos, videos updates, VIEW ABOVE Nest watched 29 COASTAL oasis art serenity. Mysore fig below property. hidden DANA MIRMAN ntering Springs, wall Old 41 stepping world--an one-time 1920s-era today enchanted garden, propertys owners let secret. welcome grounds local treasure is--free charge. Describing itself vitality healing arts focus organic offerings, consistent throughout array services. on-site spa focuses treatments, dining room, open lunch, offers garden-to-table fare sourced on-premises certified garden orchard. addition range programs, yoga, meditation, retreats. founded 1920s Heitmans, prominent potential real estate customers, explains Sroka, president Springs. century hands health Hollywood 30s 40s retreat emphasizing therapies 70s 80s. acquired 1998 Lama Hana Trust closed renovation relaunching incarnation. essential magic lies rich environment. home springs named. Nearby storied stands massive fig, huge majestic indigenous India. figs handful rare trees away, Oak Creek weaves These treasures grounds. exotic botanicals, Sroka. sense majesty incredibly unique. land beautiful productive, farm. organic, 9.5 acres devoted herbs vegetables, farms incorporated menu Shangri-Las chef. MILA BRIDGER RYAN BRENIZER defies categorization, different things. farm, yoga venue. integrated portfolio those, fed development authentic protect, viable. sampling general manager Zawi Borsa recommends signing Bliss 135 package captures everything, Borsa. class--either dance--have lunch treatment. full-service massages facials body equipped massage infrared sauna, eucalyptus steam locker serene private courtyard. pillar support arts, artists. gift shop artisans craftsmen rather pushing commercial products. exhibit artists time, Wednesday facilities wine, interact guests. Sroka blossoming, evolving seeking. growth plans future. donating nonprofits, holding events, co-programming schools striving customers. here felt special, concludes. Without trying individual person, leave knowing somewhere Mirman freelance television producer. IF GO 27750 Road, 239-949-0749 magical venue weddings events. right restored buildings. 31 200 varieties Jerky Outlet, decide, Miromars GINA BIRCH f exposure beef jerky sticks plastic wrap stashed cash register convenience store, jerky. true glory flavor Outlet Miromar Outlets. Inspired success franchise Tennessee, co-owners Jeff Greene Mark Dartley opened store yummy snack Smoky Mountains east eaten meat seasoned dried, process dating caveman according Greene, preserving winter. todays society sophisticated methods preservation freezers, drying practice widely embraced. Walking flanked Flavor Walls jerky, available sampling. While dozens flavors, main smoked dried. Dried know, describing moist softer chew. Tasting stations progression classics, sweet, savory least, spicy. prime rib, honey barbeque moonshine. Two Dartleys favorites Cajun brisket cherry maple turkey. top-choice eye round, youll turkey salmon, along meats wild boar, venison, elk, buffalo gator. Crawfish Slap Mama selection Dianne Giardina, saying worked customers respond product. relaxed, theyre walking want. store. engages customersthe complementary eatables. Take, dried bugs real, freezedried bags, covered chocolate encased lollipops. Giardina buy jokes, genuinely discover creepy crawlies taste like. hot sauce discovery zone, outlet Mix Match, starter kits shopper BEEF JERKY OUTLET assorted popcorns, chocolatecovered goodies, sauces pickled shelves Not extracts raw potent, chain. kept locked case. Reaper warns, seen men teary-eyed snackers paradise, popcorn station sweet selections, candied nuts, glass jars brimming espresso beans candies. seem country-themed items, winter months. green asparagus. vacation homes themselves health-care administrators decided mall fit. buzz opened, Dartley, Mall workers, even FedEx excited coming. stunned. showing gratitude servants Wall Honor, collecting patches enforcement, EMS troops, adding space entrance. Fellowship Christian Athletes, site official grand opening late Appropriately Land, playground buds stores Birch well-known broadcast journalist frequent contributor ITS JUST THAT ENGAGES CUSTOMERS-- STORE IS FULL COMPLEMENTARY EATABLES. Outlets, 10801 Corkscrew Suite 190, 239-949-8911, 33 SAVE COVER PRICE ONLINE Year Years 39 SUBSCRIBE FIND HIDDEN CROSSWORD RECEIVE FAVORITE SUBSCRIPTION ADDITIONAL AN INSULATED LUNCH BAG. Hidden Word Reading Pleasure Bag exp. 33117 Online rates Internet orders only. Web TOLL FREE fax 800.472.0635 Gift subscriptions SubPage_ND16.indd 1119 AM BEAUTY TRENDS Are lipstick lover face cream fanatic Then place. Every issue, lowdown fabulous fragrances, luxurious lotions, must-have makeup in-between. laid-back surfer babe total product junkie, feel. BETH LUBERECKI MORE THAN LIP Want kiss icky chemicals goodbye Check Ecco Bellas FlowerColor lip cruelty-free, all-natural cosmetics Lipstick 19.95, incorporates vegetable waxes, oils mineral pigments create creamy formula moisturize lips. hydration, try Vitamin Lip Smoothers shades alone lipstick. Finish Gloss applicator tube built-in mirror. Pick Bella products Adas Natural 239-939-9600, Goodness Sake 239-992-5838, ABOUT FACE Dry skin got Try Fango Essenzialis Moisturize version Mud Mask 32.50 help balance hydrate dull minutes. Mineral-rich mud exfoliates purifies pores, olive hydrates balances skins pH blood orange nourishes improves texture. Just sit relax mask magic. Find Essenziali Macys Edison 239-477-3300, TAME TRESSES matter after, Alterna Haircare likely help. lines offerings Caviar Style Grit Flexible Texturizing Paste 28, sculpting separating, Concrete Extreme Definition Clay ultra-strong maximum definition. sleek smooth look, Satin Rapid Blowout Balm 28. lightweight lotion cuts conditioning enriching locks. strengthening proteins nourishing hair easier protects damage. Grab Ulta Bell Tower Shops 239-334-0659, Coconut 239-992-0361. RADAR inches strategy, bocce baby boomers playing League Italian rolls B GLENN MILLER occe world, seems. Sure, Super Bowl attracts Baseball generations known pastime. Golf courses speckle landscape interior farmland countless parcels between. Unless resident gated however, immense popularity bocce. ancient form bowling, players roll ball narrow court white pallino, target 2008 eight teams tripled since then. Today consists communities stretching Naples. Spring resides communities, Village Walk, Road miles I-75. About 300 communitys courts, Spring. 600 700 players, baby-boomer ages, generation. lot talent, Spring, attorney Albany, York. humongous moving around, there. talking maybe tennis pickleball that. boom, though, peaked league, constrained height snowbird matches courts. Bocces roots secretarytreasurer Richard Curreri, ancestry. encountered boy Quincy, Massachusetts, uncle played league. Although intrigued played, Curreri boy. starters, bar. bar laugh. Decades later, retiring engineer Polaroid, moved Uncle Frank plays Carlton Lakes sport enticing many. itself, Curreri. thrill camaraderie meet communities. sport, nuances subtleties outsiders know. Theres offensively. defensively. bounce walls, balls, knock opponents balls gets involved SOUTHWEST BOCCE LEAGUE BENTLEY VILLAGE game. noticed Thats case League. breezy morning, informal Jim Bridges, asked player courts is. immediately 85-year-old Phyllis Auman, wearing Terraces shirt, cap, slacks sunglasses. teammates, Del Booker, 81, OBGYN, concurs, Shes player. Auman shoulder ski, golf younger. choice Well, reason morning. Miller Bentley quality. novice develop. 37 CULTURALLY Native 20-year anniversary Smithsonian. museum shares collection traveling exhibits artifact loans. Seminoles Everglades isolation traditions, although evade capture territory, tribal historians. Seminole Nation tribe signed peace treaty U.S. government. reportedly accepted runaway slaves. Theirs culture storytelling, elders passing generations, schooling campfires charging pass information forward. tradition drives museum, Macuen hope, continues, visitors, celebrate culture, strength long-storied Tribe elevated boardwalk 66-acre cypress dome, wheelchair accessible. educational hanks movies reruns 1950s, Americans plains original inhabitants Sunshine State. yard. celebrates 2017. museuma Smithsonian Institution affiliateopened 1997 commemorate recognition Big Cypress Reservation, due Clewiston. coming 20th Macuen, museums assistant director. importance heritage. facility 2004 added building complex holds lab collections vault. artifacts loan preserved Ah- Tah- Ti-Ki Museum, name means learn, remember. placards English, languages Seminoles, identifying 67 plant uses Additional signage highlights Everglades. leads re-created village demonstrate crafts woodcarving, beadwork, basketry distinctive patchwork. peaceful gives first-hand beauty flora fauna Cypress, deeply embedded tribes contain related Seminolesas southeastern United Statesincluding historical newspapers, manuscripts, patchwork sweetgrass baskets, artwork, dolls produced century. watercolor images 1980s artist Mary Gay Osceola. Primarily larger paintings mural beautifully delicate joyful composition, houses library conservatory ensure exhibited displayed longevity safety. Miccosukee languages, amassed oral collection, language translated English. cooperation cultural departments linguists, dictionary printed 2009 awarded accreditation Alliance Museums. Open am5 pm. 34725 Boundary 877-902-1113 AH-TAH-THI-KI SEMINOLE INDIAN MUSEUM created. Mobile accessible youth. survived southern tells story, TripAdvisor blogger John T. wrote visit. centuries cool Editor-in-Chief 42 43 44 45 ee ls Transportation, Trends, Toys Girls Boys BRIAN WIERIMA horses wonderful recreation, modernists mostly device wheels going. 164,000 highways 4-million-mile roadway networkand feds billion 2020 maintaining improving gleefully fused vehicles. Media presents Wheels, vehicles roads, whats unusual, tell stories growing FUN OUT SUN Kobis all-season robot mowing mulching. robo-mower reaches mph recharge power running map, GPS sensors sip cool. spending 4,000 happen. MEAN GREEN FGCU Wilson Bradshaw blue green, environmentally. Chevy Volt donated Chevrolet, impressed projects recycle. costs 33,000, runs 53 charge, 400 tank gas. battery alone, operate. SOUNDS GOOD use onboard entertainment isnt clean, devices zero bling recommend vendors Audio Interventions craftsmanship raves SWAMP BUGGY Fat Swampy 2.5-ton behemoth classified swamp buggy, 855 HP pulling wheelies competing sportsmans division. builders Charlie Gorr, Steven Gorr Randy Johnson. AROUND BENZ Karl Benz introduced PatentMotorwagen 1886, regarded automobile. firm far. Consider AMG C63 S, turbo-charged masterpiece racebred engineering. 500 75,000. RETURN RAT RODS 1950s return Rat Rod, sort Frankenstein vehicle mashing parts models. paint period using primer 1950s-style colors, considered street art. BMW MOTORRAD VISION NEXT Self-balancing, smart glasses avoid road obstacles, handlebars frame, motorcycling. BMWs concept bike timed 100th Vision Next car custom fitted, color drivers mood signals pedestrians cross. DUNK CITY PONY smoking promoting product, Dunk mens basketball team. bright Mustang GT Esteros making layup, free throw, three-pointer halfcourt shot hardwood seconds less. HOT STUFF Lots Mattel Hot Wheels cars. Around 1968, smooth-riding cars glide bearings designed missile engineer. Certain worth deal shelf price, models tire stripes valued 100. DUALLY NOTED mess giant F-450 featuring 6.7L V-8 churning 440 horses. duallys add thrust tight spots. truck lists 53,945 Sam Galloway B3 OR SQUARE Kids ages Skate Park, Pine Avenue Bonita. Skateboarders, bikers bladers ramps rails. An attendant duty. Inline skates typically line. Skateboarders regular-sized boards tricks ollies, kick-flips, caveman, grinding drop-ins. 48 428 49 HISTORY Fun facts Americas leaders, unbelievable George Washingtons birthday third Monday presidents. list compiled sources, Farmers Almanac. quote assuming presidency 1789 government accompanied feelings culprit execution. Washington, should noted, refused 25,000 salary. 2001 400,000 annually, 50,000 expense account, 100,000 nontaxable 19,000 entertainment. FACTS child. shortest inauguration speech record--133 words minutes Harrison longest 8,578 words, hour died pneumonia term. Quincy Adams skinny-dipped Potomac River. Grover Cleveland hangman. sheriff, twice sprung trap. Harry Truman anything. capital Africas Liberia Monrovia Monroe. Garfield left-handed president. talk telephone. write Latin Greek hand, simultaneously. term OK derives Martin Van Buren, Kinderhook Kinderhook, O.K. Burens campaigns. Buren States citizen British subjects. Johnson tailor, suits himself. Warren Harding caught White closet woman. Secret Service agents stop beating obsessed poker bet priceless chinaand lost. Jackson fought duels. bullets chest arm. Calvin Coolidge head rubbed petroleum jelly, believing health. man, Rutherford Hayes lyssophobia, fear insane. Madison Jefferson arrested riding carriage Vermont Sunday, violating law. Ulysses issued speeding ticket horse buggy fast. presidents Madison, Monroe, Polk, Buchanan, Carter. Carter hospital. UFO. Tyler second. 70 child, Pearl, born. Ronald Reagan Most Nearly Perfect Male Figure Award California 1940. Gerald Fords adopted Leslie Lynch King Jr. model college, Yellowstone National Park ranger directing traffic feeding bears. distinction unelected vice Herbert Hoover orphan picking potato plants, paid bugs. Abraham licensed bartender. co-owner Berry Lincoln, saloon Springfield, Illinois. photographed inauguration. photo, standing Wilkes Booth. feet, tall, tallest shortest. tall. average 1901 10.7 inches. youngest Teddy Roosevelt age 42, McKinley assassinated. Kennedy elected 43. win Nobel Peace Prize. Barack Obama, Jimmy Woodrow award. Al Gore co-won 2007 325 pounds, Howard Taft stuck bathtub. 51 DINING GUIDE KEY Breakfast Lunch Dinner SB Brunch Banquet Facilities Entertainment Cocktails Beer Wine LOBSTER LINGUINI Serves Pasta 00 doppio flour semolina yolks whole Teaspoon extra virgin Pinch salt Whats Cooking Petars preparation ingredients mixer dough hour, dry. Roll thickness pasta machine manually inch. Cut 10-inch noodles. Maine lobster First, break claws bodies, separate tail heads. Use heads stock cook tails boiling water minutes, removing water, ice bath Break shell save whole, cut lengthwise linguini. Sauce pound butter heads, onions, rough chopped medium-sized carrots, celery sticks, tablespoons tomato paste cups wine quarts heavy Small bunch thyme pot, melt caramelize head, side down, low medium heat. Once nicely caramelized, transfer pot simmer, garlic cloves, one-quarter onion, carrot stick stock. carrots Add heat, stirring frequently. Deglaze alcohol Pour stock, boil, thyme. Stir simmer strain fine strainer. finish, boil linguini heated sauce, remove Season pepper arrange plate decoration, choose. 3300 SW, 239-494-1343249-4064, OLD Like Home Especially Philly. corned-beef hash, pancakes freshly sliced bananas strawberries Carbons malted Belgian waffles fresh-ground Colombian coffee breakfast. Pop Philly cheesesteak, down. 25091 Bernwood Parkway, 239-948-4123, PINCHERS CRAB SHACK Table. Fresh, cut-to-order fries made-from-scratch slaw decadently rich, cheese crab dip full-on fruity, tropical cocktails freshest seafood coast. Multiple locations 28580 Crossings Blvd., 239-948-1313 18100 San Carlos Beach, 239-415-8973 6890 239-463-2909 2360 First St., Myers, 239-245-7049 10029 Center Drive, 239-415-4040 5991 Silver Coral, 33914, 239-540-7939 1200 Fifth Ave. South, 239-434-6616, SANIBEL FISH HOUSE Tried True. Fresh entres all-day sandwiches salads fried baskets specialties, seared tuna rice cakes seaweed salad. salmon ordered broiled, grilled, blackened Jamaican jerked. 4685 239-495-5770 1523 Periwinkle Way, 239-472-7770 320 239-765-6766, PETARS FORDS GARAGE details. dcor 1920s, walked parts, burgers Model Low Carb-uretor. Black Angus topped arugula mouth craft names Kona Wave Goose Island 312. No. 519, Estero, 239-495-3673, RODIZIO GRILL Brazilian Steakhouse. Experience flavors Brazil, dozen rotisserie grilled meats, carved tableside Rodizio Gauchos Feijoada, bean stew, Abacaxi, glazed pineapple. Dont forget decadent dessert Friday-Sunday. 8017 Plaza del Lago 101, 239-498-0018, RUTHS CHRIS STEAK Always Sizzling Success. Vaulted tray ceilings meticulously linen-covered tables mood. petite filets cowboy-size ribeyes, steaks tender juicy choose sides creamed spinach casserole. Point, 23151 239-948-8888, TARPON BAY RESTAURANT New-Fashioned Classic. Hyatt Regency restaurant homage Old-Florida house. ceviche cooked marinades. entrees, crispy-fried snapper. 5001 239-390-4295, CRAZY MARKET Crazy best, favorites, blackened, sauted signature regulars about. Firecracker Shrimp, Crab Cakes, Shrimp Grits ever-popular 54 Grouper Sandwich. Even better, partnered Blu Sushi specialty sushi. prepare just-picked produce, just-squeezed juices, regional goodies CRAZYs legendary Key lime pie, Randys recipe. indoor court, 14700 N., 239-260-1070, DOC FORT MYERS BEACH RUM BAR GRILLE Sequel. story--a sequel. fictional Wayne character serves view Matanzas Pass banana leaf Texas baby-back ribs. nights afternoons. 708 Fishermans Wharf, 239-765-9660, BLANC Food Epicurean. Start Bread Jenga, toasted bread tower modelled entre Robata grill, Lamb Lollipops roasted rosemary reduction, Octopus SS, served habanero sauce. Blancs Almost Entrees, table. Relax ambience savor creations Chris Whitaker Chef Jean Claude Roge, talents lift Blanc peers. 13451 McGregor Blvd, Ste. 10, 239-887-3139, BLU SUSHI Cobalt Cool. incredible sushi outrageous highlight menu, tasty diners prefer steak chicken. 239-4891500 2262 239-362-2843, FIRESTONE Four levels fun. Brick wood warm atmosphere, tires 55 walls remind Firestone. filet mignon paella Grille Room tapas Sky Bar, Martini Bar Friday Saturday. 2224 Street, 239-334-3473, 2207 239-332-3673, PRAWNBROKER Agent Fish. tried true. Salads, fish, dishes, pleasing palates 1982. Soup salad accompany dinners, Early deals 4-530 p.m. Cozy booths, nautical details seafaring vibe. 13451-16 239-489-2226, UNIVERSITY Head Class. business crowd theatergoers dinner. club atmosphere steaks. 7790 Lake 239-437-4377, Novel Cuisine. Local folk joined novelist character, best-seller sandwiches, entrees. skip mojito. 2500 Inn 239-472-8311, ISLAND COW Bovine Bounty. omelets pasta, joint, despite cow references. 56 sun-kissed sun-desirous alike, plate. Ft. Captiva Rd. 239-472-8311 Wharf 239-765-9660 5400 Seas Plantation 239-312-4275 Music Happy Hour Available - Us Got Game 57 239-463-5505 dinners choice, unless breakfast, might consider omelets. bar, offering drinks, homemade Mango Sangria 2163 239-472-0606, JACARANDA Legend. romantic, intimate open-air gathering energetic nightspot, ranges splendid lounge, nightly. 1223 239-472-1771, LAZY FLAMINGO Cold Beer, Raw Bar. plumpest oysters, steaming hot-spiced peel-and-eat shrimp, incendiary Dead Parrot Wings. regular bet. 6520-C Ave., 239-472-5353 1036 239-472-6939 12951 239-476-9000 waterfront 16501-B Stringfellow Bokeelia, 239-283-5959, LIGHTHOUSE CAF Worlds Breakfast. Residents classic decades, why. Ocean Frittata scallops krabmeat, broccoli mushrooms artichoke heart Alfredo pictures historic lighthouse walls. Call-ahead seating available. 362 239-472-0303, PINOCCHIOS ICE CREAM GEPPETTOS FOODIES Institution. 1980, Pinocchios handcrafts frozen confections batches. mecca foodies please cream, gelato, sorbet, sherbet, yogurts custards repertoire, generous portions. Stop Krunch Dirty Sand Dollar. Geppettos Foodies sister gourmet 58 surprises croissant baking. 239-472-6566, Color. Grill typical pub fare--juicy burgers, spicy wings--and Youll bartenders oftensought-but-never-found neighborhood feel, spot. 703 Tarpon 239-472-4453, STAR Culinary Luminary. bagel breakfast burritos French toast caramelized mango syrup. salad, burger panini. steak. 937 East 239-579-0195 SWEET MELISSAS CAFE Thing, Packages. Melissa Talmage prepares entrees portions, sample duck oven cobia. 1625 239-472-1956, TIMBERS Dine Yourself. Favorites calamari, platters lump. menu. market. 239-472-2722, TRADERS Shopping Experience. Traders shopping emporium restaurant, Tuesday Thursday evenings. gumbo, pan-seared macadamiaencrusted grouper. 1551 239-472-7242, guide date. encourage readers ahead detailed andor reservations visiting establishments. 60 Thank Tasteful Success 23rd Annual Taste thanks sponsors restaurants Presenting Sponsor Pinch-A-Penny PoolSpa Sandalwood Diamond Oaks Villages Spa Ace Hardware Bubble Soccer Bronze Sponsors Finemark Bank Blue Innovations Joe Taylor Restoration ViBentley Wiebel, Hennells Caru Kind ABC-7NBC-2 Magazine BannerNaples Daily News iHeart Spotlight Magazines Univision Copper Ackerman Statefarm AdSource Advanced Rob Grady Avante Ballo Associates Brown Canine Command Classic Title Gri th Realtor Cart Cruise Planners Design-Your-Gift Dove Realty Gary Lin Dworkin Michael Grech Pete Villani Memorial JK Bob McClain Schmidt Suntrust Mortgage Blevins Chamber Member Encore Rosier YMCA WINE FEST CRAFT BEER SOCIAL Master Brewer Facial Esthetique Law ce D. Spear P. A. Sommelier JJ Merchant Participating Restaurants Angelinas Ristorante Artichoke Company Fitzgeralds Royal Scoop CHILIBBQ COOKOFF Second Cup Caf TASTE Thai Bone sh Bu alo Chips Capriottis Doc Farmer Mikes Hunters Jersey Ice Lapas Costa Rican Pizza Rodes Fishmarket Cafe Restaurant thank culinary Coral High School Zones Project Greyhound Track Platinum Haines AC Refrigeration Vein Specialists Moving Storage Creative Tile Hardwood Floors P.A. Arc Life Spinal Care Bath Fitter Baywater Exclusive Boat Club Citizens Time Gulfshore Lock-Up Self Pelican Landing Dental Brought Rotary Noon. Gerard Sola 239-877-2854. 61 NATURES NOTEBOOK abundant orchid central south butterfly Encyclia tampensis, Epidendrum tampense epiphytic parasitic genus encircle, referring lobes flower encircle column stamens pistil united, orchids. tampensis originated Tampa 1846. 30,000 species, orchids largest Orchidaceae flowering plants earth. therefore, persisted. Except Alaska, proportionately aside federal, state, county levels. lands counties habitat. orchid, accounting Broward, Collier, Hendry, Lee, Miami-Dade, Monroe Palm counties. occupies forests, swamps forest habitats. flowers primarily August, July, monocotyledons, meaning emerging leaflike structure seed germinates. Lilies, palms grasses monocots. herbaceous perennial pseudobulb swollen stem acts storage organ lanceolate leaves. leaves wide. wide branching spikes obtain length blooms. widespread petals sepals similar shape size. yellow, brown. crimson magenta BUTTERFLY ORCHID LISTED STATE COMMERCIALLY EXPLOITED, COLLECTING IT PROHIBITED. center. sepals, remaining petal modified lip. guides pollinators nectar forced column, effecting pollination. Orchids pollinated flies, bees, wasps, butterflies hummingbirds. emit fragrance midmorning afternoon, pollinating bees. trees, pop ash, cypress, pond apple, oak, gum, maple, buttonwood. Each external anchor trunk branch. absorb nutrients surface tree. pollination, elliptical fruit formed measures 7.6 3.8 internal valves. hanging matures, splits, releasing microscopic seeds spread wind. enclosed unspecialized embryo little grow short obtained outside seed. Fungi mycorrhiza necessary germination seedling fungi carbon removed habitats survive transplanting. caused disruption fungal association. consume stages capable photosynthesis, producing food. collect. Approximately threatened endangered. proposed listings. status Regulated Plant Index Division Industry Gainesville. Information Department Agricultural Consumer commercially exploited, prohibited. 1990s composite image attached buttonwood limb revisited assembly taken. reasons populations threatened, major contributing factor. 63 WHERE DO musics balladeers hits. Hall, Artis-Naples, 5833 239-597-1900, Artis-Naples Visiting Orchestra Series Minnesota Jan. 8, 7pm Grammy-winning praised following Cuba, orchestra. Conductor Osmo Vnsk cellist Alisa Weilerstein lead orchestra Gejias Aho, Sibelius Symphony classical cello, Dvorks Cello Concerto. Pops Broadway Divas 10-14, 8pm 14, 2pm Broadways ladies join Jack Everly Philharmonic Les Misrables, Wicked, Phantom Opera, Fair Lady, Side Story, Chicago Christina Bianco, Mandy Gonzalez, NKenge Kristen Plumley appear ArtisNaples, Lew Gatto Quintet Harold Arlen Join genius Arlen, centurys songwriters. Wizard Oz integral history. memorable bandDan trumpet, tenor saxophone, Delaney Don Mopsick bassist drummer-vocalist Patricia Deanperforms Over Rainbow, Shining Dreams Me. Performing Arts, Moe Auditorium Film 10150 239-495-8989, Chill Out 19, 730pm Concerts intertwine Age, Jazz, Improv Feb. 4, 4pm Saturdays groups short- long-form improv suggestions audience. involved, scene Auditorium, Jazz. international musicians flautist Luis Sandoval display favored classics. Mandala creates versions Universal genres, Out, Ambient, Jazz Bossa Nova, combining electronic acoustic, smoothly genre another. Grammy nominee producer Orlando Sandoval, voice mezzo soprano Mari, exquisitely blends air dazzling opera. Opera Robert Cray Band 3, ears mind essence singer, guitarist songwriter Crays approach writing, recording music. Grammys them, suitcase W.C. Handy blues awards. inducted Blues Fame. SanJan Theater Arts 11515 SE, 239389-6901, Jodie DeSalvos Piano Beethoven 13, interpretations Appassionata Sonata, monumental Hammerklavier Moonlight Sonata Fr Elise. graduate Hartt music, DeSalvo Center. Daniels Pavilion, OConnor 830pm Led foremost fiddlers, OConnor, bluegrass, indie vocal songs, covers instrumentals. Artis- Taylor, Awards appointed Order Empire Queen II. Performs Orchestra. 239-5971900, Masterworks Grimaud Plays Brahms 5-6, Hlne celebrated thoughtful expressive passion human conservation. Philharmonic, Andrey Boreyko, Mendelssohns Overture Son Stranger, Schumanns Concerto 1. Bolton 7, rocker, became Young, Saxophone 15, Simpsons, Ghostbusters, Met famed TV films. Hes Sinatra, Ray Charles Brown. miss saxophone TobyMacs Hits Deep Tour 630pm TobyMac joins Matt Maher, Mac Powell Third Day, Capital Kings, Stevenson Hollyn Tour, promises biggest K-LOVE Air1 Radio Awakening Events Save Date LOGO CENTER Schedule 26-29 International Festival, films screened. Sidebar presentations, question-and-answer sessions actors, filmmakers, writers Centers Hungry, feast senses spiritual lift, needy world. partnership attendees sponsored 15,000 children, providing education, Germain Arena, 11000 239-9487825, ROCKPACK Hit 18, rock Howe, singer Bad Bobby Kimball, Toto Bill Champlin, Chicago, Gross, founding Sha Na Na. 239948-7825, Totally 80s 21-25, 25, Hear mega-hits icons Jackson, Phil Collins, Lionel Ritchie, Sting, more, Nicole Parker Aaron Finley. Jane Monheit Sings Ella Fitzgerald 24, chanteuse performs beloved classics idol, Fitzgerald. Films Lovers TBA Mondays, foreign independent discussion Society chairman member. Wine, nonalcoholic 66 beverage, snacks popcorn. Southeast, Tonight beer, sodas light snacks. Meet Composer Maurice Ravel Exotic 3pm lecturer, McLean, Sundays performing fascinating insights visual era. serie Back Bachthe Father Western Music. Did 18th 19th owe debt Johann Sebastian Bachs suspicious circumstances Bach star McLean man excerpts 239495-8989, Keys Show, 9, 6pm Comedian musician fits mold Entertainment, high-energy show packed comedy, impressions tunes, wrapped witness. Doors 6pm, 730pm. 239-3896901, Grand theater-style ROBERT CACIOPPO, FOUNDER PRODUCING ARTISTIC HISTORIC ARCADE THEATRE ARTSTAGE STUDIO BLUE LEAVES JOHN GUARE ZANY ORIGINAL FARCE HILARIOUS WHODUNIT PLAYING JAN 3-25 Paul 17-MAR SINGLE TICKETS Prtner RIVER DISTRICT STREET BETWEEN JACKSON HENDRY 239.332.4488 877.787.8053 FLORIDAREP.ORG 68 recognized opera scenes Top operas, costume actor McKerrow introduces comments sidelines. 239-389-6901, Argentine Tango internationally renowned performer Pablo Repun. Born Buenos Aires, extensive tango training masters tango, utmost concentration posture, technique. partner, additional band Hinman Comedy Legend Jerry Lewis actor, comedian, film producer, director, screenwriter humanitarian slapstick humor film, TV, radio. Dean hit comedy duo Lewis, followed solo movies, nightclubsconcert shows recordings. one-night 2, listening melodies Hideaway Club, 250 Marco Island. 239-529-3925, Speed Dating 12, immersive, interactive comic act ordinary post-millennial intimate, character-driven show, nightclub, pulls curtain 21st Professional Artists Residence winners Talent competition, borderline theater, speed-dating show. Jackie Mason 21, humble beginnings York, Borscht Belt country, rose hottest comics America 1960s. reached apex Ed Sullivan fall Sullivans disfavor gesture Awareness event. proceeds Regional benefit Foundation efforts. details, organizer Art 14-15, 10am Paintings, glass, jewelry, clay works, photography, sculpture, scholarship programs. Riverside 10451 Off 20, Fundraising hors doeuvres DAN ROSENFELD 71 collectibles. Proceeds program. 239-4958989, Mound Kayak daily, 930am 4-mile roundtrip kayaking excursion 125-acre Key. Calusa Indians, managed Koreshan Historic Site staff. guided climb feet summit, County. Canoe Association. Reservations required, included. College 10600 Chevrolet 302, 239-992-2184, River settlers, west Bay. scenic qualities, Paddling Trail. sites accessed, Great beginner. Full settlement park. Guides ACAcertified instructors. calendar attending 72 LINES Former insiders tale intrigue, truth DOUG GALLOGLY lives wife, Jackie, RUTH J. ANDERSON hen Gen. receives urgent summons Keannealy informs weapons-grade uranium missing, agrees happened. nuclear disaster beginning, Whistle Blower Double Agents R.J. Anderson Peppertree Press, 28.95 quickly builds uncontrolled chain reaction. actual assignment Atomic Energy Commission, FBI assistants. investigation soon reveals missing uranium, politics over. Infidelity murder divert Millers attention, decides findings buried, late-night ghost previous romance distraction troubles, increasingly erratic Ruth writes insider, Nuclear Regulatory incident book based. writing authenticity, glimpse dirty, machinery underpins spent interviewing whistleblower, How truth, Andersons skillful embellishment See figure COMMUNITY families chedule organized Rosenfeld, diagnosed epilepsy. epilepsy adulthood mentor disorder cancer. walkathon 2010., contagious. 45,000 seizure medication successfully withdrawn medication. Source CONFESSIONS FESTIVAL McAllister ARTFEST EXECUTIVE SHARON small. ArtFest attraction drawing downtown District 3-5. festivals executive McAllister, gearing function. production festival year-long labor imagined, nationally ranked showcasing 200-plus awards statewide internationally. Those can, cant, festival. Nonetheless, touches soul. generous, heartfelt, wacky fortune meet. GREAT Downtown District, Edwards Drive WHEN Friday, night, 6-9 Experience, 4-5, a.m.-5 PARKING parking structures lots ADMISSION Free 95 ARTWORK JANFEB2017 MINUTE CLEANERS 239.466.5115 16970-1 Blvd Publix Thru Cleaning Laundry Alterations Bedspreads Draperies Wedding Gown M-F 7am-7pm Sat 8am-3pm Work Done Premises ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS 239.939.0077 Serving Of CopierPrinterScanners Printer Supplies Print Cost Recovery 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Name Termite Treatment Pest Control ALTERATIONS RITA 239.437.7482 11595 Kelly Rd, 211 World Quality Call Appointment Mon-Fri 239.482.2213 239.574.8511 CULLIGAN Bottled Few Cents Culligan Aqua-Cleer drinking system. fresh, sink, RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 Parkway Sales Installation Security Alarm Systems AudioVideo Theaters Intercom System Vac Much STARGAZING PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION THESE DATES Mercury goes direct decisions. moon lights Cancer Capricorn, warning emotional. Aquarius energy intelligence affairs. February Leo cause stubborn reactions. flexible. annular eclipse Pisces attention long-lasting matters. Astrological Forecast NORMA HAGAN, ASTROLOGER ARIES MARCH Mars ruler enthusiastic, interested places ideas. life. partner advantages life, probably work-related opportunities. upgrade wardrobe. Red stimulates senses. Important dates 11. TAURUS MAY fixed Earth sign, practical liked. usual advice--especially secure astrological ground. trip. decisions left planet vibrations health, usual. Make 26. Personal Signs GEMINI JUNE always, busiest plenty happy. Mercury, ruler, fantastic communicator, speaking. close partnerships positive, either challenge. Thankfully, yourself diplomatically situations. brighten February. well. entertainer, host. wants cruise. serious consideration. deserve vacation. CANCER JULY Very LEO AUGUST sun loyal, friend. remember anyone impose nature. Saturn finally resolving problem happier situation steadily better. jolly self news. VIRGO SEPTEMBER analytical thinker, causing worry much. news financial sector, plus upgrades additions. rid replacements. slow liking. Changes best. LIBRA OCTOBER zodiacs planet, Jupiter, sign. favors hopes wishes, luck general. Sagittarius friend SCORPIO NOVEMBER youve while. satisfied, issues sets tackle improve situation. planets secretly worry-free seems probable, entirely slant. interest looks wonderful. SAGITTARIUS DECEMBER ruled good-luck Jupiter. cheerful sunny disposition, Sagittarians serious, somber influence theyve finish concentrate fellow, normal phenomenal resume. CAPRICORN JANUARY signs zodiac. 8. Wait Venus, love, moves Neptune attention. matters mind. cautious careful ways. AQUARIUS FEBRUARY benefic lighting higher travel. trip cultures havent attract curious pace. Taking enhance value applicant favored. committing relationship freedom-loving people. surprised hear PISCES Neptune, currently influenced Venus aware considerable psychic track. trade transient. classes, Colors most. Pastels soft muted suit achievable sensitivity, ability empathy others, appreciated astrologer Federation Astrologers PMAFA. Llewellyn Publications, horoscopes articles Moon Sign Book. Dell Horoscope astrology magazines. appearances Maury Povich Show. 1976 established Virginia Virginia, horoscopes, read tarot cards bono Homicide Division. telephone card readings. 239-4726925 79 PARTING SHOT highly competitive fans quick-moving sport. already season. games regions nonprofits. Learn 40. 959 J FEB 01 VOL. NO. 4.95 BO NIT EST ERO Published BE_Cover_JF17.indd 12416 1130 Only Pediatric Open, Close 365 Safe entrance Calming promotes Child-focused decor Equipped advanced, child-sized Waiting emergencies Streamlined triage efficiently Healthpark Robert, Mariann Megan MacDonald NCH 11190 X 239-552-7827 Immokalee

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