Ad_Page.indd 1 52716 759 PM 2 TOTI.COM JULYAUG 2016 4_BE_JA16.indd 753 3 BONITA ESTERO THERAPY Egyptians trusted salt to remedy ailments. Unearth details about this ancient mineral and its healing powers at the Salt Cave in Naples. MAGAZINE 34 ANCIENT 40 WOMEN IN BUSINESS SOUTHWEST FLORIDAS DIFFERENCE-MAKERS SPECIAL SECTIONS 42 HEALTH PROFESSIONALS PEOPLE AND PLACES MAKING OUR LIVES BETTER On Cover is considered a treatment for what ails you, especially with our bodies holding same percentage as seawater. Discover more therapy Naples on page 34. 4 6116 607 Your Monopoly scratch-off game Natalias best chance attend medical school. TM E V RY P L AY I S F O R D U C A T N. Since 1997, Florida Lottery has been creating brighter future through Bright Futures Scholarship Program. Through scholarship, than 725,000 students have earned opportunity college. The education they received allowing them give back community boost Floridas economy, while helping fund next generation of students. So remember, you play, wins. Must be 18 or older play. Play responsibly. 5 Departments 10 Guest Editorial 12 Making Waves Celebrating Southwest Floridians Profile 14 Hyatt Stillwater Spa Relax Back 20 Technology Apps Good Health 22 Stay Tuned Sounds 24 Outdoors Red, White Kaboom 28 Do You Know Tips Healthy Lifestyle 32 Crossword 33 Beauty Trends Products Help Look Best 50 Whats Store Scoop Local Retailers 52 Cheers Rising Tide Millennials Wine 54 Epicurious Recipe Guide Dining SW 64 Pets Forever Friends 66 Calendar Where Go What 74 Between Lines Doctored Credentials 75 For Kids Have Seen Me 76 In Community Happy Birthday, Bonita Springs 77 Services Professionals 78 Stargazing Elizabeth Joyce 80 Parting Shot issue ... SeptOct issue, we celebrate unlimited capacity creative expression. They say that art eye beholder, aim an eyeful it--painting, architecture, dance, music more. Plus, well exploring design trends fashion. If creativity your thing, will both satisfy inspire. Estero ISSN 1521-1207 published six times year by TOTI Media, Inc., P.O. Box 1227, Sanibel, FL 33957. 6 7 GROUP PUBLISHER Daniela E. Jaeger ASSISTANT Scarlett Redenius EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Craig Garrett Grimm SENIOR EDITOR Beth Luberecki CONSULTING Susan Holly CUISINE TRAVEL David Grant ARTS CONTRIBUTING Acevedo FASHION Rene Novelle CALENDAR EPICURIOUS Doug Gallogly CREATIVE DIRECTOR Brian Stromlund ART Andrew Cantor PROOFREADER ONLINE Heather Gray EDITORIAL COORDINATORS Redenius, Klaudia Balogh WRITERS Balogh, Battey, Gina Birch, Erik Entwistle, Gallogly, Garrett, Joyce, Skip Leonard, Luberecki, Renee Novelle, Kimberly Paulus PHOTOGRAPHERSARTISTS Alison Beyer, Gwen Greenglass, Dave Horton, Jaeger, Paulus, Milissa Sprecher, Taylor Sushil, Michelle Tricca OF SALES MARKETING Kyle Fisher 239-472-0205, ext. 103 ADVERTISING 100 Friedrich 102 Margo Williams 104 Ted Rodman 107 108 Dru Anne Doyle 109 OFFICE ADMINISTRATION, SUBSCRIPTIONS CREDIT CARD ORDERS 106 WEBMASTER Philip Lippard, Sanibel Logic CONNECT WITH US facebook.comtotimediamagazines facebook.combonitaesteromagazine twitter.comtotimedia pinterest.comtotimedia instagram.comtotimedia FOR E-MAIL INQUIRIES toti.comcontactus Island, 33957 239-395-2125 New York Representative Office 800-472-0634 FounderChairman President Guy Tober Vice PresidentC.O.O. Financial Administrator Jacqueline S. 8 Times Islands Subscription price 24.00 one-year domestic subscription. Copyright 1996 Inc. All rights reserved. No part publication may reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors are not necessarily those 9 GUEST To years care solutions Lee Memorial BY SKIP LEONARD years, System, soon called Health, devoted caring community, grows, so do health needs entrusted care. addition million patients every year, LMHS, continually assessing proactively addressing regions most compelling issues. throughout country significant state change transitionour challenge LMHS continue enhance culture outstanding quality all serve, recognizing financial political realities. identified five priorities focus enhancing communitys health. However, order so, must philanthropic investment Philanthropy generosity live world clarity impactclarity mission understanding impact community. cannot think impactful investing wellness Florida. end, Foundation over raising awareness support these strategic areas Regional Cancer Center RCC each since 2008 experienced double-digit growth. Our five-year success rate cancers diagnosed managed exceeds national averages, yet great untold story. begin multimillion-dollar expansion RCC, including 24,000-square-foot existing center Colonial Boulevard near I-75 Fort Myers. Shipley Cardiothoracic Surgery Innovation, Education Research Heart disease tremendous growth, new village 247 freestanding emergency room, surgery center, specialty- primary-care physicians, rehabilitative programs. Life Village This area experiencing continues leading cause death U.S. address management heart lung diseases, 2015 created Center. By using formalized program improve before surgery, outcomes vastly improved. We forefront developing techniques significantly patient vitality. Over youll hearing learning how one impacts present many different ways Many people already given their own unique reasons, label it why. want know why can inspire philanthropy enhances overall serve. See related story personal 28. Golisano Childrens Hospital partnerships physicians groups, local schools, social-service organizations varied neighborhoods, taking grass-roots approach educate initiate healthy living programs circumvented past. Wellness such Leonard Chief Officer System 52916 1057 AM PHOTO COURTESY When Americas newest childrens hospital opens 2017, quickly fill youngest, vulnerable patients. Envision children being pulled little red wagons between procedures rooms. funding shift from bricks mortar annual support. call Little Red Wagon Campaign, because everything dollar raised spent generations come. 11 WAVES salute residents, businesses island coast who make special KLAUDIA BALOGH GETTING RID UNWANTED MEDS f outdated unused prescription medications cabinet, then plan visit sheriffs office. Public safety deemed safest option disposing extra pills, lozenges unguents. Medication drop-off better flushing dumping, experts insist. Easy access pills risks abuseresearch shows some 30 percent Americans chronic pain, which caused reliance pain meds epidemic addictions deathsand flushing, according Food Drug Administration, causes harm environment, traces drug residue found surface water drinking supplies. Therefore, law enforcement choice processing unwanted properly, letting get into wrong hands. South District County Sheriffs accepts drop-offs 730 a.m. until p.m., Monday Friday. Further MEDICAL VILLAGE COMING TO outpatient 2018. Systems 32-acre Care under construction Coconut Point Mall. provide primary specialty preventive, rehab services. 13 PROFILE Relaxing spa centuries old, GINA BIRCH PHOTOS STILLWATER SPA AT THE HYATT REGENCY COCONUT POINT RESORT pas arent just relaxationthey important worldwide, actually prescribed doctors countries. Water treatments date Roman when soldiers would take baths following battle. Jennifer Licciardi, director Regency Resort Springs, says, Theres whole behind simple going hot steam room cold plunge. She says process exercise lymphatic system gives participants feeling euphoria sense well-being. takes seriously, offering shiatsu, watsu, warm saline pool therapist cradling head float. With hand supporting other used stretch elongate spine, work pressure points offer massage. allows greater range motion, buoyancy releases joints. also hydrostatic compresses muscles, complementing movements therapist. While beneficial everyone, restricted movement, overweight pregnant find particularly therapy. weightlessness freeing only body but spirit. deeper symbolic TREATMENTS ARE NOT JUST RELAXATION PAMPERING BUT WEALTH BENEFITS. top left defines Bonita. Guests often start visits right fitness moving relaxing below right. preservation vital, heated towels green practices conserve. 53016 416 15 nature watsu like rebirthing perhaps tired, achy worn down--emerging revitalized, refreshed renewed. sensation flying, Licciardi says. cant help smile, floating there skylight above treetop view. feel free. love it. facials others gentle cleansing skin evaluation aesthetician. real action begins hydra-facial wand activated. calls vortex spins rapidly, firing rays slough off dead layers. Besides exfoliation, extracts impurities. matter pores looks cloudy milky collects small tube. aesthetician adds glycolic salicylic acid peel. tingle bit solution pushed deep pores. final step replenish flush serums moisturizers containing peptides antioxidants hydrate plump. Youll leave beautiful, glow. might feature ashiatsu massage another practice Stillwater. stands table feet rather hands compressions. Melody Warrick-Marsh she was anxious during her first ashiatsu, imagining intense YOULL LEAVE THIS TREATMENT BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY GLOW. sauna aids cardiovascular traditional facial, offers exclusive instant results. Birch well-known broadcast journalist frequent contributor Media. 16 slippery feet, farthest thing truth, bed practitioners keep cream oil. hold ceiling bar adjust glide up down spine. Warrick-Marsh, resides Naples, Its therapeutic, almost meditative me. toes foot hit energy meridians body, really balances meits very Zen. Taking ecoconscious, leaving footprint possible items compress products remove conserving water. use two gallons per standard five. And effort made sure sold boutique clean, no parabens chemicals highest integrity, resort itself recipient coveted Three Palm certification lodging. relaxation pampering wealth benefits. Incorporate exercising eating enjoy powers. n 17 Solutions pain-free living, companys franchise ver grab lower standing Youre alone. According National Library Medicine, us point suffer pain. Although chronic, lasting three months, proper Julie Nodland business serious relieve neck co-owns husband, David, Every day, greet customers looking visitors referred professional easing suffering. Employees dont sell products, big role store education, Helping understand ergonomics ask day anything. Stephen Black, assistant professor Department Rehabilitation Sciences Gulf Coast University Myers, main reason issues sedentary lifestyleno regular physical activity, poor diet high stress. Having appropriate mattress pillow help, Black hes familiar knows quality. recommend place somebody try he began California outlet 1985. It grown 90 stores Canada, today Mastercare Inversion Table DreamWave Massage Chair ease aches pains. ON OPPOSITE PAGE RELAX BACK HELPING UNDERSTAND ERGONOMICS ASK THEM WHAT THEY DO DURING DAY IS IMPORTANT BEFORE WE SELL ANYTHING. --JULIE NODLAND, CO-OWNER BACK, medically driven posture- back-support bedroom, even Some benefits include stretching, providing lumbar cervical support, natural curvature adding key decreasing strengthening stabilizing. Nodlands opened 2007 moved Iowa, where were involved family resort. wanted change. reached late 50s werent ready retire something business, Starting economy hitting rock bottom challenging husband-and-wife team however, didnt up. Failure us, employees years. Almost later, hard worth ability life makes job rewarding, noting corporate awards franchise. office recognized system. Assistant Mall Estero. firm started Canada. 19 TECHNOLOGY Smartphones doctor pocket KL AUDIA cases, treated either nonprescription therapy--and never germfilled waiting room. frequently conditions cold, flu, sore throat, minor injuries, depression, rashes. Doctors examine phone tablets camera, calling telemedicine. Although, Doctor Demand app helps treat common issues, meant replace conditions. Downloading free, cost 95 certain insurances accepted. lingering throat trip seem choice--but sitting someone coughing sneezing right, thinking Am catch worse Thanks todays technology, safe smartphone hand. variety free apps available iPhone Android test results, blood-sugar level check, first-aid guidance connect board-certified via video calls. Here few No. priority daily to-do list. Getting easy FaceTiming. Adding symptoms history need connects physician psychologist diagnose problem, prescribe medication if necessary. able perform complete examination adults children. majority MyChart information fingertips app, service offered System. provides convenient, personalized secure appointments refills. serve electronic platform, professionals easily records 247. acti- vate online chart, activation code after visiting physician. Most Physician Group offices, Convenient Neurology offices service. track medications, wont worry forgetting last appointment. proxy members account. responding save life. get-helpprepare-for-emergenciesmobile-apps mySugr diabetes, managing eat much consume all-day burden break ingredients regularly log blood glucose level. At still whether gamelike graphics monster avatar, entire logging entertaining. meter Bluetooth automatically logs add meal picture, any take. Furthermore, estimates A1C level, hemoglobin--a protein cells carrying oxygen--is covered sugar. youre controlling sugar risk complications. First Aid American Cross Be prepared accident happens else around you. Standing helplessly occurs situation avoid. guides CPR, cover wound cut, burn situations. Keep mind, 911 action. answering questions injury, users control contain problem ambulance arrives scene. pocket, 21 STAY TUNED One bedtime, musics ERIK ENT WISTLE SUPPOSE YOURE OFFERED NEW MIRACLE DRUG THAT, CONSUMED DAILY, ENHANCES YOUR WELLNESS ing bestowed music, devotees intuitively. Indeed, doesnt genius out listening piece bedtime wonders falling asleep getting good nights rest. Or opposite end spectrum, playlist favorite, upbeat tunes potentially monotonous workout fly lead Using well-being requires conscious effort. prevalent dayto-day become taken granted. sense, extraordinary, life-enhancing gift noses rather, ears, reminded advantage numerous potential complicating soundscape fact always lives positively, source stress anxiety. wit neighborhood party keeping past incessant, loud song Reducing anxiety Increasing stamina motivation Improving immune function Aiding memory Decreasing perception fall Even better, negative side effectsand discovered. Interested As turns miracle exists, accessible, low-cost prescription. chances enjoyed Of course, Im talking music. scientists gathered increasing evidence recent confirming quantify- ILLUSTRATION DAVE HORTON PROBLEM THAT MUSIC CAN BE SO PREVALENT DAY-TO-DAY LIFE IT EASILY BECOME TAKEN GRANTED. limits fulfilling, lives. Pianist, instructor musicologist Entwistle undergraduate degree Dartmouth College. He postgraduate piano performance Washington St. Louis. his doctorate musicology California, Santa Barbara. teaches Sanibel. playing radio stand concert movie took days ears recover kids tuning rest constantly headphones. on. But outweigh shortcomings stemming omnipresence society large. basic tenets lifestyle regularly, demonstrated workouts effective, logic dictates should assist regimens. personally pieces achieve results desire. now arenas, achieving faster recovery, treating Alzheimers fighting cancer, EYES exquisite wood sculpture, please contact Media 239-472-0205ext. 106. Artist Charles Taube carpenter starting sculpture 1996. Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art Gallery honored him three-week show City. artists selected NFL participate VIP Super Bowl Tailgate Show. His amazing, having suffered loss car mishap. Taubes collected world. BOTTOM RIGHT CHARLES TAUBE 23 417 OUTDOORS Short list Independence Day festivities, Saturday Second Continental Congress said adios King George III 1776. idea becoming independent states Philadelphia July 4. Thomas Jefferson composed wording 56 delegates colonies signed Unanimous Declaration Thirteen United States America. decision 2. second July, 1776, memorable epoch America, John Adams wrote wife, Abigail. Oops. anniversary 240, fare backyard barbeques chilled beverages. way nation, parade town party. exception. Weve compiled short celebrations wish check websites days. Pier Parade Kick two-hour a.m., traveling Broad Avenue South, Third Street Fifth South. ensure spot viewing, arrive early. streets filling early city organizing 4th Fireworks Municipal p.m. presentation 20-minute choreographed patriotic station WAVV 101.1 FM. event dates 26 Sugden Park kicks ice social food vendors entertainment 630 fireworks 915 celebrates Festivities afternoon Riverside Park, bringing fun games contests, beverage dusk. Miromar Outlets hosting 17th celebration plaza Saturday, face painting, entertainment. Then Lawn chairs blankets suggested. Myers Beach Sunshine, slight breeze sound waves shore Fourth runs hour Sea Grape Plaza Square. Going evening, dusk fishing pier. Make Matanzas Pass Bridge closed 930 till night, once again, oncoming traffic, 25 754 River Alliance holds Freedom Fest downtown There vendors, games, performers event. Caloosahatchee River. Cape Coral citys White, Boom festival held Parkway, Del Prado Lower Bridge. Expect lots food, crafts, activities, giveaways entertainment, contests dog, apple pie baking banana split contest kids. Parkway bridge Small Periwinkle Way, picnic afterward Baileys General Jerrys Plaza, float judges, dogs, scouts, post-parade road rally hosted San-Cap Optimist Club. sunset Causeway. SECOND JULY, WILL MOST MEMORABLE EPOCH HISTORY AMERICA. --JOHN ADAMS NOTE HIS WIFE, ABIGAIL Captiva Star Spangled Celebration Seas Island Included foods drinks, along painting golfcart parade, carts decorated colors, leaves Chadwick Square Plantation Road 27 YOU KNOW RENE NOVELLE studies beautiful complexion depend. theres overnight cure blemish-free skin, weve got seven OLIVE OIL Filled antioxidant polyphenols monounsaturated fatty acids. GREEN TEA study Journal Nutrition reports dose tea weeks produced smoother, elastic less susceptible sun damage. Antioxidants flow, delivers nutrients complexion. Skin Deep KIWI An Clinical discovered vitamin associated dry fewer noticeable wrinkles. Just medium fruit contains nearly 120 needs. ORANGE PEEL Citrus peel limonene, compound oil ultraviolet UV protection. consuming peels zest had decreased squamous-cell carcinoma. ALMOND MILK Dairy milk reportedly inflammatory, meaning worsen acne, wrinkles rashes look dull dirty, Swap dairy non-dairy substitutes reverse effect. KALE cup 134 value 133 Aboth firmer skin. BELL PEPPERS British 250 grams yellow peppers wrinkles, likely due vegetables. hungry food. brains mistranslated signal factors Next time nighttime craving coming on, mentally review considerations opening fridge Waist Not DEHYDRATION Tennessee 37 weakened thirst response, means dehydration commonly mistaken hunger. Try grabbing snack. stimulated busy society, surprising far too sleep. Recent Stanford Sleep Medicine suggest link sleep regulating appetite. LACK SLEEP over- ALCOHOL 2004 Princeton concluded alcohol neuropeptide galanin, hunger-increasing hormone seeking high-fat foods. 29 internet flooded advice tips, lot misinformation circulating. Were setting record straight myths MYTH GREAT ABS START GYM Great abs kitchen. Heres crunches hours unhealthy diet, definition lost blanket fat. Instead, fine-tune menu balance lean protein, fats plenty fruits Exercise Demons SLOW METABOLISM KEEPS ME FAT tight triceps perky derrire, reasons Mayo Clinic recommends resistance training program. DONT HAVE LIFT WEIGHTS LOOK FIT Cardio alone Only naturally low metabolisms, regulated medications. underestimating calories daysometimes percentwhich leads much. FAT-FREE ANYTHING fat-free trended 1990s, mean smart choice. artificial sweeteners, instance, tend higher carbs counterparts. IM TOO OLD GET ages 65-74 partly myth old regime. Dr. Alicia Arbaje Johns Hopkins School reminds associate age, weakness balance, signs inactivity, individuals encouraged heed stay active. Fashion Editor 31 FIND HIDDEN CROSSWORD FAVORITE ADDITIONAL YEARS SAVE OFF COVER PRICE Year Years 39 SUBSCRIBE Hidden Word Reading Pleasure Online rates apply Internet orders only. Visit Web site TOLL FREE fax 800.472.0635 Gift subscriptions SubPage_JA16.indd 440 BEAUTY TRENDS Are lipstick lover fanatic place. lowdown fabulous fragrances, luxurious lotions, must-have makeup in-between. Because laid-back surfer babe total product junkie, feel. BETH LUBERECKI SUMMER ESCAPE European summer getaway isnt cards bring continental vibe routine Lancmes Summer Bliss collection. Inspired colors landscape France, boasts shades ranging neutrals sunny corals. Belle de Teint Liquid Glow Trio highlighting fluid 38 Power bronzer 42.50 radiant, sun-kissed look, Vernis Love long-lasting nail polish Orangeade Glace 15.50 bright pop color digits. draw attention eyes Ombre Hypnse Stylo eyeshadow 27. Pick collection Lancme retailers Saks Bell Tower Shops 239-489-0980,, Dillards Edison 239-936-1441, Sephora 239-390-9889, SKIN SAVIOR dermatologist DDFs Pro-Retinol Complex Moisturizer 65 thing. Gentle enough daytime use, features retinol, niacinamide B3 minimize appearance restore tell youve seen doctor. Find DDF Ulta 239-334-0659, 239-992-0361. PUT BEST FACE FORWARD lucky blessed truly flawless Bsame Cosmetics help. Brightening Face Powder complaints redness, dullness sallow formulations tones Free parabens, sulfates phthalates, translucent matte powder corrects problems, sets makeup, absorbs oil, brightens subtly highlights added shine shimmer. Ingredients C, squalene lecithin soothe multiple applications buildup. Want Head 1117 cozy meditation healing. inside remedies plays vital balancing fluids bodies. Egypt, respiratory ailments, allergies disorders, name few. iodised salt, processed. Himalayan believed pure, minerals trace elements, Cave. Hungarian-born Andrea Geresdi 2009. ising costs distrust pharmaceutical companies causing seek alternative treatments-- prevention. featuring halotherapy, type medicine salt. Thousands drive casting inquisitive nondescript strip mall houses partake spread tons pink crystal 450 square turned space sanctuary does indeed cave--a beach cave. walls fine crystals several giant rocks perimeter piled center. emit glow lights dimmed 45-minute halotherapy session begins. Participants shoes, put hairnets settle comfortable lounge lining peaceful couple tablespoons particles micrometers size, pumped gently air generator. humidity maintained sinuses lungs. tools, microclimate underground reputedly anti-inflammatory properties, heal infections host sterile SALT CAVE 35 environment thus, cut infections, Hungarian hospitals require patients, addition, Hungary mandatory kindergarten-aged notes, go playtime, theyre result sick missing Initially trained biofeedback, cave hers came dream. Her dream forcefully later husband ordering months delivered. attraction spa, complements scrubs massages. stop analysis scan pinpoint weaknesses organ burdened, rid problem-causing toxins. deal quite heavy metal, digestive problems systemic fungus candida overgrowth. bloodstream favorite biostimulation. data entered machine maps circulation, tissue repair, cellulite reduction, lym- slowed, thought rent, nothing. email Friday stating container Monday--and space. Doubts creep registered wholesale backup sister-in-law Sunday, saw rent expensive, facing Route 41 remembers My number, guy answers tosses That night lease. Everything supposed happen, smiling. Twenty Several phatic drainage Tiny electrodes placed various spots sending microcurrents wavelengths blockages. likes conjunction compression therapy, push unblocked--to kidneys release. Elaine Hromin traveled cross-country problems. here met one. me shes treatments, importantly, knowledge. inflatable boots onto Hromin, groin. feels good, wave After four 36 TOP see my ankles again. chimes mother-in-law lymphedema walking powerful is. ionic footbath detoxing body. uses current pull negatively charged ions radicals customer slowly murky green, brown orange. Recently acquiring naturopathy, supremely passionate adds, Ive explanations whats why, fix talks, think, Now Treatments reach beyond spiritual. went church wasnt spiritual near-death experience ago. recalls pronounce dead. stuck IV vein felt brother changed immediately let hatred regret, suddenly seeing oneness devoured books, hungering physically Reclining comfort sessions. Naturopath owns spiritually die. Eventually Brazil, world-famous faith healer Joo Teixeira Faria, known God. Brazil lies bed, Vogel-cut quartz suspended alignment chakras wheels energy. Radiating colored matching chakras. greatly subtle sensations. Reported responses pressure, changes temperature, tingling visions. Once undergoing herself, Solomon strange, historical figure her. Days asking doing there. Perhaps kings spirit winter Dawn Johnson fan shapes sizes Also sale jewelry. Read musings MIDDLE saying, working afterward. Aha moments breakthroughs. climbed anxiously awaiting feeling, vision, something-- inhaled exhaled deeply times, relaxed expectations. surrounded warmth, chest, uncomfortable noticeable. Next, throat. drifting restful state, arm moved--waking normal muscle twitch, tugged woozy determined cave, knowing could relax hairnet, wiggled reclined chair. inhaling air, hoping cough weeks--and did. drying taste lips, beach. visited man influential important--at least me--my dad. therapies detoxing. Benches stools additional seating amidst caves glowing rocks. Scarcity 1877 war Texas--the San Elizario War currency parts lamps neutralize smog Fun Facts About 4962 Tamiami Trail Heritage Court 34103 239-403-9170 Hours Tuesday Special Section SHOULD Ten movers shakers KIMBERLY PAULUS LIZA CLOUSE TRASI SHARP DAWN HILLMAN KATE SERGEANT founded artists. pair niche retail consisting designer Joggling Board must-see. president PTA, Kate attorney Prairie Risk Solutions. Their consensus Dont fear OK afraid, move SUSAN MCCALLION McCallion McCallion, word entrepreneur imprinted Susans DNA. mother owned estate Connecticut invested. followed mothers footsteps, 2014, partnering husband. Never forget life, MELISSA CONGRESS Jewelers, Melissa joined 1989, instrumental immediate. Handwritten receipts dated utilized, initiated inventory afraid suggestions TRACEY GALLOWAY Cooperative, CEO, Tracey strives nonprofit Cooperative efforts hunger homelessness choose passion. LINDA REYNOLDS HOLLY --TRACEY GALLOWAY, CEO COMMUNITY COOPERATIVE, FORT MYERS Genesis Counseling invaluable. profession day-to-day Linda 2003. Lindas Learn ropes branching own. Nexxus, worked vice Accudata decade ago direct marketing consulting firm. needed filled list, Hollys Surround yourself like-minded follow intuition, dreams vision. JENNIFER PAGNUTTI Studio RK Salon, Salon ago, partnership come true, opportunity. back. Support paramount freelance writer. MILISSA SPRECHER SPRECHER, MICHELLE TRICCA TAYLOR SUSHIL Caf Paws, Sanibels go-to places breakfast lunch, seasonal tourists year-rounders. Trasi decade. steps away Liza owns, pet products. Lizas Work funits Trasis learn aspect better. 727 CARE SHELL RETIREMENT Active seniors sharing journeys s aging process, reluctant things. shown overcome tendency. LifeQuest, residents Shell Retirement adopted positive active promotes growth living. Anyone LifeQuests principles TAKING RIDE Points Paul Peterson rode all-terrain vehicle age 85. admits skill adventurous. thrilled shares Pauls Carolyn. relies attends classes yearly Senior Fit Test, SFT, gauge success. scored average segments wife framed proof journey. Dotty set short-term goala four-hour hiking birding excursion organized Caloosa Bird dimensions incorporated activity trod boardwalk Countys Six-Mile Cypress Slough Preserve. enthusiast combined social, educational, physical, spiritual, emotional dimensions, satisfaction hard-earned accomplishment. Down road, reinforced ongoing program, plans Galpagos Islands. TIRELESS ADVOCATES UP OUT KNEE resident Morrison retired 56, Photo Club, Church Choir, challenged things, meeting people, Dotty. go-getter nature, slowed knee replacement 2016, advocates connecting supportive resources. Will Marcia OHara, motivated Wills battle bladder OHaras recently rallied participation cancer walk build research attendees representatives. diagnosis live. answer, remember knowledge power, services manager Community, guest Battey manages LifeQuest oversees planning diverse programs, volunteer activities sponsored trips residents. earlier year. OHara life-changing diagnosis. ATV Hes RICH CERRINA OTHER TROY WELLS HEATHER BATTEY 43 BREAST CANCER Survivors talk disease, pushing detection kicked butt week, Howard, hair realized wear wig. sisters house shaved head. dad cried shaving his. Tears threaten flow again memory. learned eyelashes eyebrows. realize miss eyelashes, them. prevented Howard mammogram seems topic Though recommendations Preventative Task Force mammograms 50, highly regarded organizationsthe College Radiology, Society Breast Imaging Comprehensive Networkeach maintain Bridget delayed breast cancer. underwent chemotherapy. Son Colt journey mom. Radiology Mobile Coach schedules. 44 BRIDGET HOWARD RADIOLOGY REGIONAL CENTER words heard were, Howards expression reflects hear anything that. Eyes flushed restrained tears, 37-yearold single mom 7-year-old son. divorce separated dad, double whammy adjusting this. nation pink-washed flood raise disease. throw statistics, affect communityor family. Until happens. modern America affects hundreds thousands women yearincluding 41,000 ultimately lose completely. Florida, thousands. lump. prior, complaining 35, ignored denied mammogram, Finally, necessitated exam. honestly bad myth. Thats facade, painful. Childbirth Mammograms nothing compared mastectomy rounds chemotherapy struggling function. Tina Gilbert 41. Husband Mark step. 3-D mammography middle painful preventive treatments. Mary Kay Womens Early helped Marie Springsteen below. Shes founder Words Coral. 40. fact, eight invasive younger 45. chemo lady appears shaken discovery. baby. breast-feeding. Recommendations saying shouldnt screened scare crap Gilbert, turning 41, agrees. cringe. imagine wouldve Id waited Prior diagnosis, herself way. industry, assumed educated normal, every-day person itd happen me, woman endured surgeries. ever tells wrong. Still, silver lining. interact calm remind here. detection, obviously prevent point. enough, agency striving lessen Center, physician-owned Among mobile screen workers remote communities. Mammo coach health, lives, Palin. director, believes skip schedules hectic. career barely doctor, schedule. statistic expert checkups. Skipping LEFT TINA GILBERT MARIE SPRINGSTEEN sentence, Palin amazing number detect earliest treatable stage. Springsteens 2012. 20s, avoiding consequences. catalyst project, Foundation, assistance remain alive anymore author enjoying NEED 3660 Broadway, 239-936-2316 PO 150305, 239-887-9264 45 608 INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE merging Eastern Western H CRAIG GARRETT buys holistic care, insurance firms. Much Integrative private federal limiting availability Yet interest Auld keeps teaching instructional workshops, handling outreach tool first-timers breathing thats rate, lessening stressbreathing nose seconds, breath blowing mouth full repeating. Sure slowing heart, calming practiced desk, starts checklist weight management. Conventional lab included. Critical illness recovery preventative nutrition exercise, advances ownership insurers. Details 239-495-4480 Editor-in-Chief eather introduced keynoted guru well-being, Weil, ill things plant-based diets, complementary therapies--what terms children, stunned Weils ideas Weil longer fringe, Auld. knew specializing integrative named uniting orthodox nontraditional units goal beginning onset, plant herbal supplements, among concepts, mixing Disease reversal well. surprisingly, busy. telling charge themselves, empowering them, acting rudder. Auld, finding traction increasingly diets hypertension Memorial, introduces careself-healingnutritional counselingto complement surgery. serious, 55-64 suffering pre-diabetic risks, obese, cholesterol, reversible, certainly treatable, Centers Control Prevention. addresses loss, more, shows. 46 AULD DR. BURTON GOLUMBIC High-tech drilling fidgeting terrifying. avoid dentist anxiety, researchers estimate. trust. possible. developed scattered rooms rushing dentists, deserve. Patients Burton Golumbics Springs. Golumbic Lizzie, individual chosen differently dental practices, scheduling time, devote patient, practice, returning. pride meticulous, deserve strive receive undivided attention, provided finest materials procedures. Patient Erika C. media recommended dentistry. wrote. reserves over-booking. Lizzie work. refreshing atmosphere. Empire State Building City, relocated shortly 911. fortunate City premier practitioners. am constant student. admit lovely awaits up-to-date technology. technology advanced forms excellent maintaining quiet update comforting ambience stepping experience. 239-498-9666, 47 ALLIANCE DENTAL Spaska Malaric complications, premature childbirth, osteoporosis resolved dentist, Clinic, brushing twice daily, flossing, watching eaten tobacco. saves wallets, Prevention, spend millions repairs poorly cared teeth gums. Ultimately, return indicator Dental front-desk greeting Janelle Kent, coordinator happy Who greeted smile Kent asks, beaming. reviews unanimous praising Spaska. Perfect always, blogged. Very knowledgeable staff. Spaska, everybody her, rarest gems blue moon. perfectly explained. strongly anybody vena Rusaliycheva Lauderdale dentist. long ride checkup, it, Malaric, looked wouldnt trust anyone Rusaliycheva, petite brilliant smile. mean, travels Few divine future. introducing child, far-fetched considering third-generation hails native Bulgaria. envisioned myself doing, natural. Known large growing base, bonding, comprehensive exams, crowns bridges, implants restoration, oral screening, cosmetic, cleaning services, porcelain veneers, gum X-rays, dentures age. Gum devastatingand common. Researchers estimate form periodontitis, two-thirds 65. Poor dementia, diabetic MORE INFO 1400 Royal Blvd., Suite 101, 239-939-2433 48 TREEHOUSE CHILDRENS DENTISTRY fun, TV cleaned teeth, perfect, couldnt process. dentistry specializes young toddlers teenagers, needs, orthodontics week. Keeping mind parents school kids, dentists closes late, options schedule Sullivan encourage ahead Treehouse, proceed childs pace member family, notes read child encouraging scheduled checkups braces, welcome emergencies. Yelp blogger KM A. Treehouse 6-year-old son molar emergency, day. extracted thought. girls attentive son, making relaxed. un usually comes pediatric picture trying squirm Say ahh. wildlife animal characters, whimsical trees, toys paint jungle book, stepped Dentistry. doors December 2013, goes mile surrounding table, plastic elephant roasting marshmallows campfire, movies, create return. Stephanie Sullivan, illusion feared misconception perpetuated long, devastating effect allowed continue. P, Yelp, 3-yearold daughters friendly staff environment. --JENNIFER BLOGGER 49 WHATS STORE Hot Popsicle Float Popular celebrity parties summer, Always Fits accessories home Popsicle, Gummy Bear, ice-cream sandwich super cool Trek captains chair floats. 34.99 healthful, fast tastes great. toasted quinoa cooking hassles. sprinkle salads texture, burst walmart.comcarrington 6.99 Quinoa Chickpea Flour Cookbook exactly gluten- grain-free cookbook savory sweet recipes. recipes vegan options. 17.95 Freshly Squeezed squeezed juice trumps shelf varieties taste, GlobalKitchen Caribbean IMUSA juicing easy. colorful contemporary cast-iron device limes grapefruit. 47.99 Music Mask Need beauty adjustable soft Voice Headphones Eye block light soothing MP3. Snacks Crunchy snacks boating barbequing junk-laden. Flamous Brands falafel sprouted multigrain chips guilty pleasures healthful non-GMO, glutenfree, kosher. 4.50 andor affiliates responsible changes, writing mistakes stock. 51 CHEERS chardonnay ot baby boomers consumer buzz generation. Born roughly 1980 2000, numbering 92 million, millennials largest history, Census Bureau. Market Council projects 16- 36-year-olds substantial segment wine felt. generally categorized adventurous, authenticity hunt deals. Blaine East, owner Paradise quest gave birth esteemed Vineyards Napa Valley Unity. wines peers afford, theyve Sisters Lisa Ariana Peju wines, bottled Tess label, mind. N PEJU WINERY smell 2013 Unity cabernet sauvignon bottle hits glass. moderate tannins juicy dark cherry, plums cocoa. Coming sit Peju, brand ambassador Wines similar sister experimenting dinner blending familys white together softer approachable suit palates. Tess, was, describes ros lighter style range, release silky blend sauvignon, merlot, zinfandel, franc, blanc, petit verdot. smells floral MILLENNIALS USE FACEBOOK SHARING WINE DRINK, EXCITED FIRST POST COOL FIND. fresh strawberry raspberry flavors, perfect wine. acquired winery Carneros, calls, blends, adding, overly How market infamous retirees, fit millennial-versus-wine Liset Zelaya, sommelier typical clients older, ones different, oriented, natural, market. From perspective, East sees sons say, Lets share together. connect. connection. Facebook drink, excited post find. noticed friends critic this, first. cooler automatically. Renzulli, 26, echoes sentiment, drinks. collective group chardonnay, story, buzzwords genuine authentic. brands whose philosophies align far, changing Emile Mourad, Base Estero, wines. speculates carries designed affordable appeal pronounced bigger cities, trend lagging behind. restaurant scene, Zelaya buying. Instead concentration grapes regions, obscure varietals lesser-known areas, ever-changing menu. exciting searching producers, millennials. millennial wondering well-established, wineries anywhere, smaller producers distributors. demand eclectic selections doorsteps lovers discovery--a win-win everyone. contributor, personality 53 SWFL DINING GUIDE KEY B Breakfast Lunch Dinner SB Sunday Brunch Banquet Facilities Entertainment Cocktails Beer Like Home Especially Philly. corned-beef hash, pancakes freshly sliced bananas strawberries Carbons malted Belgian waffles accompanied fresh-ground Colombian coffee breakfast. Pop lunch Philly cheesesteak, down. Cooking FRUIT ARUGULA SALAD Serves handful arugula orange grapefruit, sectioned Sliced cucumbers, desired amount Dried cranberries Sesame seeds Dressing balsamic vinegar virgin olive ounce package cheese Salt, pepper, Cinnamon pecans LOCAL 25091 Bernwood 239-948-4123, PINCHERS CRAB SHACK Table. Fresh, cut-to-order fries made-from-scratch slaw decadently rich, crab dip full-on fruity, tropical cocktails freshest seafood coast. Multiple locations 28580 Crossings 239-948-1313 18100 Carlos Beach, 239-415-8973 6890 239-463-2909 2360 West St., 239-245-7049 10029 Drive, 239-415-4040 5991 Silver Coral, 33914, 239-540-7939 1200 Ave. 239-434-6616, FORDS GARAGE details. dcor 1920s, Henry Ford walked parts, includes burgers Model Low Carburetor. Fresh Angus beef topped fried egg water, Place dressing blender mixed. Wash disinfect arugula, drain. Put salad bowl distribute top. Pour finish sprinkling sesame cranberries. 5323 Airport Pulling N, 239-596-3276, 55 craft beer names Kona Big Wave Goose 312. 239-948-8888, TARPON BAY RESTAURANT New-Fashioned Classic. pay homage Old-Florida fish house. ceviche raw types cooked marinades. entrees, crispy-fried snapper. 5th 10801 Corkscrew 519, 239495-3673, RODIZIO GRILL Brazilian Steakhouse. Experience flavors dozen rotisserie grilled meats, seasoned carved tableside Rodizio Gauchos Feijoada, black bean stew, Abacaxi, glazed pineapple. decadent dessert Friday-Sunday. 5001 Road, 239-390-4295, DOC BEACH RUM BAR GRILLE Sequel. story--a sequel. based fictional Randy Wayne character serves view leaf snapper Texas baby-back ribs. Enjoy Wednesday afternoons. 8017 del Lago 239-498-0018, RUTHS CHRIS STEAK HOUSE Sizzling Success. Vaulted tray ceilings meticulously linen-covered tables mood. filets cowboy-size ribeyes, steaks tender sides creamed spinach potato casserole. made-fromscratch 708 Fishermans Wharf, 239765-9660, Point, 23151 239-9481313 1st Street, BLU SUSHI Cobalt Cool. incredible sushi outrageous highlight menu, tasty choices diners prefer steak chicken. 13451 McGregor 239-489-1500 2262 239-362-2843, 57 FIRESTONE Four levels fun. Brick atmosphere, tires Firestone. filet mignon paella Grille Room tapas Sky Bar, dance Martini Bar Saturday. 2224 Bay 239-334-3473, Carb-uretor. 2207 239-332-3673, PRAWNBROKER Agent Fish. tried true. Salads, fish, pasta dishes, pleasing palates 1982. Soup accompany dinners, deals 530 Cozy booths, nautical seafaring vibe. 13451-16 239489-2226, UNIVERSITY Class. gets crowd theater-goers dinner. club atmosphere steaks. 7790 Lake 239-437-4377, SANIBEL Novel Cuisine. band folk novelist develop restaurant, best-seller sandwiches, entrees. mojito. 975 Rabbit 239-472-8311, ISLAND COW Bovine Bounty. massive omelets pasta, joint, despite cow references. 58 59 1223 239-472-1771, LAZY FLAMINGO Cold Beer, Raw Bar. Come plumpest oysters, steaming hot-spiced peel-and-eat shrimp, grouper incendiary Dead Parrot Wings. buffalo wings bet. 6520-C Pine Ave., 239-472-5353 1036 239-472-6939 12951 239-476-9000 waterfront 16501-B Stringfellow Bokeelia, 239-283-5959, LIGHTHOUSE CAF Worlds Breakfast. Residents classic decades, Start Ocean Frittata scallops krabmeat, sauted broccoli mushrooms artichoke creamy Alfredo sauce pictures historic lighthouse line walls. Call-ahead available. 362 239-472-0303, MATZALUNA Well-Smoked Italian. Five Cheese Gorgonzola, ricotta, hearts popular wood-fired pizzas. pastas, chicken, veal round 239-472-1998, PINOCCHIOS ICE CREAM GEPPETTOS FOODIES Institution. institution Pinocchios repertoire 130 homemade signature creams Krunch Dirty Sand Dollar. gelato, sorbets, sherbets yogurts well, served generous portions. Geppettos Foodies gourmet shop, Pinocchios, surprises croissants, baguettes, souffls, pastries, breads, panini, focaccias cook. --Julia Child dinners choice, unless breakfast, consider omelets. 2163 239-472-0606, JACARANDA Legend. romantic, intimate relaxed, open-air gathering energetic nightspot ranges splendid sandwiches lounge, nightly. 239-472-6566, Color. Grill pub fare--juicy burgers, baskets spicy wings--and bartenders often-sought- 60 61 755 but-never-found feel, explains popularity spot. Talmage prepares entrees portions, giving sample seared duck oven roasted cobia. TRADERS Shopping Experience. Traders shopping emporium Thursday evenings. gumbo, pan-seared cakes macadamiaencrusted grouper. 703 Tarpon 239-472-4453, SEA STAR Culinary Luminary. bagel burritos French toast caramelized mango syrup. salad, burger panini. steak. 1625 239-472-1956, THISTLE LODGE Victorian Rendezvous. Creative cuisine grouper, oven-roasted coquelet herb-crusted lamb rack blackened yellowtail mojo allure trappings, glorious views table. 1551 239-472-7242, 937 239-579-0195, STARFISH Beach. Grab overlooking palm tree-studded citrus mahi cherry pork chop meat lovers. Casual flamegrilled Burger aged cheddar. Casa Ybel Resort, 2255 239-472-9200, TIMBERS FISH MARKET Dine Yourself. Favorites calamari, platters door CAPTIVA Old FloridaNew American. Chef Jason Millers always-changing centers bounty season fish. presentations, Sunset away. 15951 Captiva, 239-472-5161 4, guide date. readers detailed reservations establishments. Holiday Inn, 1231 Middle 239-472-7827, SWEET MELISSAS CAFE Thing, Packages. 239-472-2722, 62 63 PETS play Hope HealthCare Association 2005 dog improved functions failure. Beyond literature, first-hand pets Objartel Caution however. visits, behaviorist wellbehaved, startled unusual situations sounds. facility friend. sudden departure companionship pets, owners sometimes alone, assisted senior nursing facilities anymore. W hen open eyes, struggled answers. brought Bella visit, changed. shih tzu puppy lifted lap, huge told cute Amy Objartel, missions Everyone tears. joy Hospice Houses residing facilities. dementia bedroom refused beduntil Rebel, fear. Rebel jumped smiled said, guess OK, Rebels lead. These four-legged successful Pet Program creates maintains connection pets. 1980s, when, volunteers walking, litter playtime. Volunteers companions everyones Hospice, helpthe mount. limitations sacrifice meals feed animals, need, flea prevention vet afford Science aspects Other Dementias, showed statistically decrease agitation increase interaction Another Lois Barrett welcomes Loretta Bartoletti Joannes House SCIENCE ONE REASON HOPE HEALTHCARE SERVICES HAS INVOLVED MANY ASPECTS PATIENTS LIFE. ALISON BEYER GWEN GREENGLASS neglect situation. homes companion deliver veterinary grooming appointments. cases dies ownership. furry animals company, without. Aneysha Shanelles Vasquez hello Tally, Clydesdale. Romeo kid favorite. visitor Sami staffer Gerry Louima brighten Ann Browns PROVIDE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE COMFORT, WHICH WANT EVERYONE CARE. --AMY OBJARTEL, MISSIONS SUPPORT listeners, tough get. Knowing strong patient-pet is, finds cherish relationship. unconditional comfort, everyone togetherespecially matters most. WHERE GO Boulevard, 239-454-7500 Laishley Punta Gorda 11am Live rides displays around. Nesbit Gorda. 941637-5953, 12pm District, fest throughout, culminates river sunset. 855-732-3836, Fishermens Annual Includes concerts, vendor booths. All-day Jim Morris 123pm, trop-rock vibes Jimi Pappas 3-6pm, Roush 6-9pm, blues, festivities display harbor 9pm. Village, Retta Esplanade, 941-639-8721, Adventures Cruise 730pm tranquil waters watch fireworks. Complimentary provided. Reservations required. Paradise, 14341 Port Comfort 239-472-8443, pleasurable Scheduled film, crafts touch tank. Sizzle Truck onsite 11am-2pm serving snacks. Rookery Estuarine Reserve, 300 239-530-5940, Improv Cafe Aug. 6, 3pm Shop Improv, month 3pm. youth improv groups short- longform audience. Moe Auditorium, Performing Arts, 10150 239-495-8989, 22, 715pm Pure cruise listen Jon Dunnicliff Departs Marina Ford, W. 239-919-2965, PBR Pro Touring Division 2930, 8pm Germain Arena hosts Professional Bull Riders Division. Top riders bones against 2,000 pounds raging bull endless seconds. 11000 Everblades 239-948-7825, 930am hometown Way 930am, picnics beverages centers. join islanders noontime Club Rally, scavenger Timbers Road. 239-472-1080, 5pm Celebrate Bridge, booths foods, climb, 300-foot zip obstacle balloon art. Finish bridge. 239-573-3128, 10am 10am. wide floats costumed winding 8th Pier. Lowdermilk south pier viewing. Simulcast Sightseeing boats cruises Gulf. Pier, 239-213-7120, Display kick Boulevard. minutes Fishing Restaurants, lounges Fridays Environmental Learning Fridays, 1-Aug. 5, Admission paying adult. adult Jazz Vodkanauts 16, 630pm Hotel Golf presents 31st series, 16. series combines appealing selection jazz picturesque Gulf, gorgeous sunsets, breezes 851 Shore North, 844-735-2022, 18, third TBA. 239-434-6533, Betty Fox 20, 20. Blvd. Films Film Lovers Broken Embraces 7pm Harry Caine, blind writer, reaches moment wounds name, Mateo Blanco, directing movie. Join lively discussion led film chairman member. Wine, non-alcoholic beverage, popcorn SE, 239-4958989, Nickys Family 11, Story Nicholas Winton, Englishman rescue 669 Czech Slovak outbreak World II. daring exploits forgotten, suitcase attic. documents transport detailing heroic actions. dozens Wintons found. 6,000 whom gone themselves. 67 Therese unhappily married struggles pressures 1920s France. Amelie 25, innocent naive girl Paris justice. decides and, way, discovers love. Young Beautiful 1, losing virginity, Isabelle secret girl, hotel trysts. Throughout, remains curiously aloof, showing encounters themselves money makes. nonalcoholic 68 418 Pope 8, centered relationship newly elected pope Attack 15, Arab surgeon Tel Aviv aftermath suicide bombing, suspect. View Lucy Honeychurch Englishwoman Florence, Italy, 1900s. there, befriends Emerson. returns fianc England, faces Should commitment stoic fianc, Flat 29, documentarian cleans flat belonged grandparents--who fled Nazi Germany--he uncovers clues pointing complicated shocking 69 Town Country Exhibition 1-28 exhibition, explore environments identifies unique. Whether urban dwellers town, nation. Opening reception 6pm. Visual 26100 Human Nature 5-25 exhibition attempts probe human forces shape Artwork spirituality, humanness, adaptation evolution. Humans influence influenced home. Mound Key Kayak Tour Daily, 4-mile, round-trip kayaking across 125-acre Key. Calusa Indians, preserved Koreshan Historic Site Guided hikes 32-foot climb summit, County. rich wading birds, manatee, bottlenose dolphin, stingray, roseate spoonbill, cormorant, anhinga 70 71 certified instructors Canoe Association. required, equipment 10600 Chevrolet 302, 239-992-2184, 2pm east west designated Paddling Trail. occasional alligator, abundance birds feeding nesting lush vegetation shoreline. paddle beginner, boat traffic running launch site. Guides instructors. Farmers Saturdays, 730am Featuring produce, flowers, soaps, handmade items--along people-watching. Nearly locally vegetables fruits, herbs, jams, grass-fed beef, beans. Gourmandize, French, German, Dutch baked goods shell lamps, Mediterranean seafood. 13th 239-4346533, calendar attending events. 72 73 BETWEEN LINES Prescription disaster, novel inspired DOUG GALLOGLY esmond Donahue ocean. stood beside desolate cliff Irelands hed heaven. Wrong Ian OConnor Pegasus Publishing Group, 14.95 convoluted Donahue, Irish survived government checks 1940s. though, proved Donahues salvation. graduation, London friend cook advanced, eventually Walking Cook Chicago, epiphanyhe application Ireland accepted, arrived informed attend. Unwilling dream, deception. attended lectures participated clinics students, necessary skills guile deception title practicing Ireland, accident, diligent investigator uncovered past, web fell apart. true integrity aside pursuit paid price. ends justify Desmond surely no. fascinating lesson us. Jackie, PEGASUS PUBLISHING ENTERTAINMENT KIDS Police agencies ID kits tracking o Act 1982 enabled police FBI databases. Recovery 97 percent, mostly updated photographs fingerprint cards, sort advertisements cartons, Amber Alerts, effort, drivers license. databases report. retrieve information, document officer sheriff officials say. agencies. Mom, guardian sign supply parents, waiver photographed schools kits, identification card thumbprinted. locating Completed returned parentguardian safekeeping photograph, fingerprints, characteristics databases, Chapelle Parents features, relevant advised discuss stranger-danger strategies details, Christine Collier Youth Relations Bureau Kits County, issued thumbprint families secured ready, aggressive message elementary Cpl. Sandra Sprenger preschool Office. visiting. information. Local, kind kit, FBI, works Football Coaches detailed, crimes involve trafficking exploitationinkless fingerprinting, wallet card, DNA envelope. 800,000 fraction strangers. runaways disputes. exploitation trafficking, Missing Exploited Children 4.2 circulated billions photos 218,000 reports. 1980s abduction boy, astonished tools him. enacted DANIELA JAEGER 17, celebrated country-style appeared God Made Girls Songs weekly Billboard magazine, nominated Female Vocalist Academy Awards. Turning spotlight bands, audience Railhead AlleyCatz. committee chooses headliner agencies--based recognition, availability. favorites. Twenty-five vendors--merchandise, nonprofits sponsors--were representing businesses, Fire Rescue vehicles display. performs Bonita, birthday bash April Park. RaeLynn bands 8,000 festivities. CITY SPRINGS Provide musicians follow. family-fun bash, Festival Lora Taylor, communications 18,151 proceeds. funds donated Assistance Office, temporary everyday afternoons country-themed, singer songwriter combination rap country, headliner. Following him, stage turn RaeLynn, MINUTE CLEANERS 239.466.5115 16970-1 Blvd Publix Drive Thru Service Dry Cleaning - Laundry Alterations Bedspreads Draperies Wedding Gown Specialists M-F 7am-7pm Sat 8am-3pm Done Premises ACCENT PRODUCTS 239.939.0077 Serving CopierPrinterScanners Printer Supplies Print Cost Management 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Name Trust Termite Treatment Pest 239.472.6188 2330 Ridge Unit PHARMACY Locally Owned Friendly Faces Can Count Needs Order Business ALTERATIONS RITA 239.437.7482 11595 Kelly Rd, 211 Quality Call Appointment Mon-Fri RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 Sales Installation Security Alarm AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom Central Vac More STARGAZING ELIZABETH JOYCE moon brings natal chart States. astrologer born Cancer, falls 0 6. 240th birthday, indication election president. 19th Capricorn disruption Uranus-in-Aries square. 2010 Uranus bully, forcing directions, not. square--sun, moon, Uranus--indicating pushy disturbing travel completing difficult. August 2nd Leo project. track. vitalized spare celestial beginnings. whatever March, pick run 18th Aquarius new, perspective. charm magnetism dealings anyone, boss, banker ARIES MARCH APRIL loved ones. Around concerning housing redoing entertaining careful end. quickly. spontaneous love, Aries, permanence predictability. Consider romance TAURUS MAY Personal Signs home, company cookouts gatherings content comfortable. concerned review, about. reasons. relationship, so. goodbye, but, long. GEMINI JUNE outings news arrival. Recreation maybe romance, too. money, stability restored 20th thereafter. elderly, August. mid-month, cancel Any disputes battles JULY enjoy. warn chauffeur drastically cut. Get grill. relationshiporiented hugs definitely order. supportive. same. Generous Jupiter conversations siblings, neighbors oldest receiving LEO AUGUST June, Leo, normally argument homefront point, attention. Ready pat higher-up, pays off. Prepare convince temporarily endowed superpower. Please good. VIRGO SEPTEMBER opens, leadership currently leaderless. Becoming den father allow skirmish 11th, count speak. housing, 20th. August, events fine. hobby, full-size business. LIBRA OCTOBER Libras involving fun-loving, romantic attractive dramatic star show. perform, regardless whom, Also, expect simply delicious. elder rough times. close ignoring matters. errors wind solving SCORPIO NOVEMBER promises wonderful Scorpios. gardening single, meet flame married, cookout. lonely, sure. puts rejuvenated walks finances, pickle. Watch impulsive saving. SAGITTARIUS DECEMBER hanging ruling planet, Jupiter, J pass loving gains, friends. specialties. Needless difficult vacation, Mars start. Time stuff CAPRICORN JANUARY puttering nest other. garden spruce sections coat paint. strikes fancy. 18th, anticipation exciting, experiences. bored, earn bread, time. Luck side. AQUARIUS FEBRUARY closeness weekend delightful, surprise brand-new wraps, introductions. relationships of. money. overspending plastic. group. Yes, socialize, mingle kindred spirits. PISCES month, Pisces. planets signs, expressing feelings. attached, romance. arrival high-ticket item, putting deposit distant trip, assured all. remotely work, force income Could animals. partner boss psychics worldwide picked Haitian Philippines earthquakes Twin Towers tragedy witnessed psychic Unsolved Mysteries, Chance Psychic Detectives, CNN News. country. books online. Check website appointment, 215-996-0646. 79 PARTING SHOT flag flying proudly reminder Stars Stripes Day. adopted, announcing Britain states. 24. 800 VOL. NO. 4.95 Published 61116 1229

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