Ad_Page.indd 1 10314 1250 PM BON ITA ESTERO MAGAZINE 36 The Cream of the Coconut SPECIAL SECTIONS Not only culinary darling in chefs kitchens these days, coconut is used for more things than youd ever imagine. We trace coconuts history and its many uses from fruit to shell. Get ready be surprised. 42 Tis Season Shop Let our holiday shopping guide rescue you last-minute rush, what-to-buy-her dilemma other gift-giving quandaries. 45 Culinary Delights acquainted with top Southwest Florida find out whats cooking their kitchens. On Cover Shopping family friends made easy on page 42. 2 TOTI.COM NOVDEC 2014 4_BE_ND14.indd 318 3 1243 Departments 8 Publishers Letter 10 Making Waves Celebrating Floridians 12 Coastal Commerce A Diamond Reputation 16 Whats In Store Scoop Local Retailers 22 18 Culturally Eating Right--With a Little Help Your Friends Explorer Time Tea 26 Getaways Goin Places 30 Outdoors Keeping Skies Friendly 34 To Health Exercising Efficiently Effectively 50 Cocktail Martini Madness 52 Wine Whisperer Gewrz Gains Ground 54 Epicurious Guide Dining SW 64 Calendar Where Go What Do 71 Between Lines Tasteful Obsession 72 Stargazing Elizabeth Joyce 79 78 Services Professionals Community Marching New Beat 80 Parting Shot next issue ... Our JanFeb packed activity Well help ways enjoy all natural wonders which this area famous, whether do that by going quiet hike, playing round golf, hitting tennis ball, paddling kayak or participating something little extreme. Bonita Estero ISSN 1521-1207 published six times year TOTI Media, Inc., P.O. Box 1227, Sanibel, FL 33957. 4 10414 1105 AM 5 PUBLISHER Daniela E. Jaeger EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Patricia Letakis SENIOR CONSULTING EDITOR Susan Holly CALENDAR EPICURIOUS Doug Gallogly CREATIVE DIRECTOR Brian Stromlund PROOFREADERS Heather Gray, ASSIGNMENT Melanie Pagan EDITORIAL COORDINATORS Scarlett Redenius, CUISINE TRAVEL David Grant ARTS CONTRIBUTING Acevedo WRITERS Gina Birch, J.J. Brito, Ed Brotak, Gallogly, Larry Glidewell, Jerry Greenfield, Joyce, Beth Luberecki, Kelly Madden, Dana Mirman, Ann Marie OPhelan, Pagan, Michael Stull PHOTOGRAPHERSARTISTS Garth Francis, Jaeger, Leslie Persia, OF SALES MARKETING Kyle Fisher 239-472-0205, ext. 103 ADVERTISING Friedrich N. . 102 Dru Anne Doyle 109 OFFICE ADMINISTRATION, SUBSCRIPTIONS CREDIT CARD ORDERS Redenius 106 WEBMASTER Philip Lippard, Sanibel Logic CONNECT WITH US facebook.comtotimediamagazines twitter.comtotimedia pinterest.comtotimedia FOR E-MAIL INQUIRIES toti.comcontactus Island, 33957 T F 239-395-2125 York Representative Office 800-472-0634 FounderChairman President Guy Tober Vice PresidentC.O.O. Financial Administrator Jacqueline S. 6 Subscription price 24.00 one-year domestic subscription. Copyright 1996 Inc. All rights reserved. No part publication may reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors are not necessarily those 336 7 PUBLISHERS LETTER I Strengthening Bonds Publisher, Media 1103 TOP RIGHT PHOTO COURTESY DANIELA JAEGER BOTTOM SWEET MELISSAS CAFE t always seems November December zip at lightning speed, signaling another coming close. And Im sure just like me, too yourself reflecting your noteworthy achievements 2014--what did right, what improved milestones accomplished. most proud recognition received as No. Magazine Publisher Lee County County. support community, readers online followers who gave us ranking overwhelming we team very receiving. believe success result how interact you--our subscribers, advertisers, community course partners entire team. Oftentimes input makes difference. listen you, when an opportunity presents itself endeavors new Gulfshore Opera, nomadic opera company will hold first season performances November, board get word introduce yet great cultural asset. See 79. Working highly motivated happy day office, but success. Cordial greetings morning wishes safe journey home end small say, Hey, looking forward office tomorrow. Its also important step building stronger It was long ago asked, Arent lucky having such Well, said, luck everyone receives once while. think am blessed professionals have ability talent, diligently doing best. This serve best neighbors, ourselves closest hearts. As wrap up year, focus turns holidays, special time giving. Of course, comes mind gift list, chance buy present hope members treasure. tradition BELIEVE THAT OUR SUCCESS IS RESULT HOW WE INTERACT YOU--OUR SUBSCRIBERS, ADVERTISERS, THE COMMUNITY AND COURSE PARTNERS ENTIRE MEDIA TEAM. OFTENTIMES ITS YOUR INPUT MAKES DIFFERENCE. exchange gifts, if look around, there give, toy drives numerous volunteer opportunities. Doing so children group helps reconnect strengthen bonds between each other. Think it pause fast-paced, somewhat turbulent, world live today well way create positive well-balanced environment forward. My wish grows closer friends, creating haven where needs met days peaceful. Lastly, head list hand consult Holiday navigate retail scene. Whether youre gourmet food items festive dinner gifts family, were youll ideas fabulous merchandise specialty stores. From filled good cheer, all, lots love. 9 MAKING WAVES honor roll residents Floridas island coast who, everyday lives, make special. MONEY WELL SPENT Stuffing one into jam-packed sound trying add filling overly plump Thanksgiving turkey. However, Small Business Saturday continues gain since started American Express 2010. Following Black Friday, Saturday, Nov. 29, centered local mom-and-pop shops, indie stores like. midnight mall rush thrilling, buying straight allows nice change pace. Check website locations. americanexpress.comussmallbusinessshop-small --Melanie Zimmermann, life co-owner Royal Homemade Ice pretty sweet. says employee handbook, ice cream business, actually happiness bought Springs his wife, Sarah, 1994. fun while work guests fun. Thats separates places. about making every transaction nets certain profit margin. fact, business has giving back hosting celebrity scoop nights events generate money charitable causes. would hard pressed grow werent involved Zimmermann. serving delicious doesnt hurt businesss longevity. quality product stands alone, search ingredients suited formula usage. different fashions come go, never goes style. 239-992-2000, --Beth Luberecki WINE DINE fact universally beloved beverage. When paired right food, flavors can blend together fated characters perfectly wrought romantic novel. Naples Winter Festival, Jan. 23 25, include number creations national vintners. Guests indulge myriad combinations benefiting at-risk youth. 239-514-2239, --M.P. 10514 828 LEFT BY GORDON GROUP MORE THAN JUST TREAT JOHNSONVILLE SAUSAGE LLC MIDDLE 11 ARTWORK JONATHAN KANE COASTAL COMMERCE Customer service sparkles Dunkins Diamonds KELLY MADDEN nyone runs any kind ultimately thing satisfied customers. case jewelry founder, Stuart Dunkin, goal been elevated achieving raving fans. Those loyal Dunkin operates chain showrooms testimony companys continued minute walk in, feel people honest, helpful aggressive, Marlene Price, resident. She her husband, physician Gary lot stores, weve encountered place staff whole experience fun, stress-free real delight, she experiences Dunkins. client beam pride, he realizes passion industry true calling. fathers store boy, observing, then getting hands-on love became set precious stone. Right high school, embarked own career, borrowing three locations, including showroom Gulf Coast Town Center. amount open store. Now, keeping alive luxury endured generations, seven Ohio, employing 140 overall. PHOTOS THIS OPPOSITE PAGE DUNKINS DIAMONDS founder EXCUSE PUN, BUT WORD MOUTH GOLDEN IN RETAIL JEWELRY BUSINESS. --STUART DUNKIN Staying vital key success, lookout latest consumer-driven trends unique custom high-end gemstones. His nickname, Man, came naturally over decades providing clients finest innovative diamond designs, coupled unparalleled customer service. buyers want--a legacy handed down grandfather father--is feels led respected position today. know, thankful appreciate Diamonds, says. Inside glistening showrooms, customers huge array fine-quality wedding style, color, cut size match future brides dreams. select few retailers offer custom, loose diamonds obtains directly source, cutter. adds, virtually design could imagine, thats South Cleveland Avenue, glisten full range fine watches. 13 Miromar Outlets, weight generations behind them. exciting rewarding parts business--to big couples memorable moment. Dont let name fool you. True, exclusive retailer Hearts Fire line diamonds, known world, timepieces, fully certified, restored authentic Rolex watches dazzling gold silver jewelry, elegant bracelets shimmering earrings, everything between. puts effort presence, offering former resident Miami Beach, Madden Fort Myersbased freelance marketing consultant writer. START SHOPPING 14 calls worry-free lowest prices guranteed Internet. selection backed 100-percent guarantee satisfaction, warranty covering lifetime item gemstone. Complimentary cleaning, inspections adjustments experience, goldsmiths Excuse pun, mouth golden notes Dunkin. Ive passionate first-class service, reason repeat have. Quality shining built, applies extensive line, approach discovered treats well, worth staying loyal. Sunni Hammermeister almost 15 years. them fantastic, Brian, purchased watch engagement two showrooms. They exactly for, why keep back. n WHATS STORE hip decor wardrobe essentials, got cool retailers. GINA BIRCH p SOCK IT TO ME Keep feet comfy statement traveling socks Blue Q. These flamboyant foot coverings colorful sayings, favorite salad wine Youre obsessive, compulsively awesome, some mention here. Stuff stocking percentage sales go mission Doctors Without Borders. Find several styles sassy 8.50 Market Earth downtown Myers. 239-226-0006, SECURE SACKS Increased security measures airports, arenas sports stadiums carrying purses bags difficult, impossible. Secure Style versatile solution multipurpose bag easily convert clear concealed, security. At glance carryall appears sturdy kitchen storage straps, perfect passage through checks. Once inside, pull collapsible fabric liner rest wont see stuff. basic 24.99 wide colored liners straps, concert-going breeze. STOWING SPIRITS SNACKS Flasks liquids--that is, until now. Hydro Flask created 12-ounce Food transporting edibles during holidays. food-grade stainless steel, nonporous interior ensures whatever sauces put inside stay there, nor odors. double-wall vacuum insulation keeps contents hot cold hours, opening inches eating access. Just traditional flasks, enough fit backpack purse. 21.99 Golfsmith Naples. 239-254-0483, FLAVOR-TRAPPING CONTRAPTIONS Brilliant attractive serving, conical-shaped Tagine Pot Global Kitchen Line IMUSA, collaboration chefs. volcano shape cookware retains moisture, ideal slow simmering. stoneware heats quickly transferred oven stovetop tabletop, maintaining optimum temperature. Use tool lamb, beef, egg vegetables meals moist tender time. Target 42.99. Want share finds Contact toti.comwhatsinstore 17 CULTURALLY groups healthy event DANA MIRMAN Floridians, joining proving secret ingredient recipe diet. Healthy-eating cropped across region Punta Gorda, participants saying adopting healthy, plantbased diet changed health--and factor diets social offered groups. By harnessing power media use meetups--combined grassroots movement toward eating--such attracting hundreds growing. An unexpected health crisis inspired Linda Berson found Green Scene Plant-Powered Wellness Community. husband had emergency open-heart surgery 61st birthday 2007, Berson. After husbands crisis, says, felt bamboozled, realized thought not. conscious eaters, chicken emphasis vegetables. Motivated perhaps save life--Berson successful career estate enrolled program study nutrition eCornell University T. Colin Campbell Foundation. earned certificate 2010 wrote book entitled Diet. Embracing describes foods, plantbased, no-added oil lifestyle, rich grains amaranth, spelt barley, beans dark leafy greens spinach, left Tasty vegan burgers creative plates Challenge prove satisfy discerning tastes. 359 LESLIE PERSIA NAPLES GREEN SCENE Diet healthier eating. Kent Center Life encouraging nutrition-based care. LINDA BERSON DR. KRISTON KENT FOOD-GROUP CONCEPT HELPS BECAUSE YOU NEED LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE AROUND YOU--FRIENDS WHO EAT LIKE ENCOURAGE YOU. --DR. chard kale, turned around dropped dress. Wanting benefits plant-based others, Scene, focused empower cuisine reclaim vitality. method meetup spread word. soon enlisted Maura Piper, holds degree science nutrition, co-organizer. Together, duo dining landscape surrounding community. initially organized monthly potluck-style gatherings, Piper introduced they dubbed Challenge, restaurant challenged task full, multicourse menus meetings. concept, really taken off. Chefs receptive, turnout. Four-course 35 per person. Past offerings ranged bean brown rice saffron tacos pad Thai zucchini noodles, spicy tamarind sauce mixed Were foodies, explains emphasizing appeal dont attend need interested 19 Participants gather event, held various eateries Three60 Market, multi-course 239-514-7888, Mirman writer television producer. 20 JESSICA JAMES plant-strong foods. foods adding in. Another Floridian, Gordabased Formica, launching group, Charlotte Plant-Based Foodies. February 2014, 40 attended, room capacity. May, Formica reports 100 attendance predicts 200 year. rapid growth according tired being sick tired. Dr. Kriston Kent, owner medical director Naples, takes nutritionbased care, agrees single give healthiest genes load gun determines suffer consequences. notes, however, changing behavior difficult major obstacle food-group concept because like-minded you--friends eat encourage He start working before symptoms. Adopting diet, overwhelming, resources, realize same thing. For Berson, nothing short miraculous. People cured, stopping cancer, my curing themselves. want others--and theres happening United States. INFORMATION 239-451-0881, meetup.comnaples-greenscene-a-plant-powered-community Foodies meetup.comcharlotte-county-plant-based-foodies 21 EXPLORER More drink, tea O ANN MARIE OPHEL AN diabetes, aloe gel often treating psoriasis, dandruff, minor burns skin abrasions. Although turmeric curry, noteworthy. Tumeric antiinflammatory, Via. herb increase bodys antioxidant Organized types teas, black protect lungs, oolong lower cholesterol, green CATHYS HERBS BOTANICALS OPHELAN WISTERIA TEA ROOM given day, half population drinks tea, Association USA, organization serves industry. Next water, second widely consumed beverage world. Furthermore, percent U.S. households. popular drink choice reason, enjoyed medicinal qualities. Legends drinking Chinese Emperor Shen Nung 2737 B.C. Today teas recognized delightful taste, aiding digestion, lowering helping control diabetes benefits. Both lemongrass spearmint Cathy Via, Cathys Herbs Botanicals herbal spices herbs. Spearmint treat sore throats, headaches, toothaches digestive disorders, points out. Aloe plant become tea. assist both internally externally, powerful laxative DRINKING TAKES BACK DAYS WHEN HAD TIME ENJOY POT FRIENDS OR FAMILY WHILE BEING COMPLETELY CONNECTED WITHOUT DISTRACTIONS. --BOBBIE SCHWARTZ, OWNER burn fat reduce risk stroke. on. ailments, assist. these, herbs tasty planted grown Florida. You herbs, air dry brew cup lengthier steep minutes sip desires cup, no doubt adds drinking. Theres better lingering freshly brewed accompanied conversation. Even todays fast-paced society, still relish. Drinking Clockwise offers healing consultations spices, handcrafted blends enjoying afternoon Wisteria Room Cafe Myers Downtown River District cottage built 1919 now houses Wisteria. BREW Bobbie Schwartz, Cafe, shares tips 1. Water filtered water 2. Weight weak bitter much. 3. Temperature Brew boiling white 180 degrees, fragile. 4. five minutes, tisanes infusions minutes. 5. Equipment infuser expand. ball inhibits expanding flavor tisane does through. ORGANIZED TYPES TEAS, BLACK CAN PROTECT LUNGS, OOLONG HELP LOWER CHOLESTEROL, BURN FAT REDUCE RISK STROKE. SIPPING Here places linger cup. 281 9th St. S., 239-595-0586 GARDNERS PARK HOUSE 1815 Fowler St., 239-690-2359 GRIND COFFEE ROASTER Park Plaza Shops 14261 Tamiami Trail, 239-278-5282 Village Shoppes 16250 Summerlin Road, 239-362-0735 TEAVANA Waterside 239-513-1206 5451 Trail N., Point Mall 23160 Fashion Dr., 239-498-5607 WHITE ORCHID AT OASIS 3027 Riverside 239-433-2226 pot completely connected distractions, located historic re-creating experience. sample variety order soups, salads, sandwiches desserts. Vanilla Chai Spice, Nuts, walnuts hazelnuts, Schwartz. Other rooibos, red bush Africa, hands-down Crme au Caramel. Schwartz tie Berry Blast Fruity Sangria. While nod yesteryear, seeing popping coffee shop menus. Grind Coffee House Roaster, one-stop lovers. assortment black, white, green, oolong, rooibos along sandwiches, Danish pastries, muffins more. Teavana, stylish selling pots, cups accessories, locations trained teaologist educate consumers With nearly choose from, here suits palate. folks bottled iced brands headway grocers coolers. last years, ready-to-drink fold. Considering benefits, sense grab bottle Sweet Leaf Tea, Teas Honest instead soda. OPhelan loves sipping partial Spice. 2512 2nd 239-689-4436 24 25 GETAWAYS personal travel-by-train thought. appreciated take shoes belt off x-ray. Depending purchase accommodations, coach sleeper, appropriate car approximately p.m. There rooming selections sleeper cars even adults although cramped Coach accommodations bit modest large seats generous leg room. empty seat me space usually issue. LARRY GLIDEWELL travel sunny Florida, interesting Amtrak Auto Train. Founded 1983, Train daily 855-mile trip stops Lorton, Va., near Washington, D.C., Sanford, Fla., north Orlando. similar elsewhere Upon arrival station, greeted representative check-in process loads vehicle train. cant much easier, AS SIT RELAX ALONG ROUTE, VIEW TIMES SPECTACULAR RIVER CROSSINGS, SMALL ANDY GRIFFITHLIKE TOWNS, PLACES IMPACTED MAKINGS COUNTRY. longest passenger train locomotives 40-plus rail carriers. WIKIPEDIA Amtraks carry 600 passengers vehicles Fla. board, relaxation begin. lounge thereafter free snacks beverages purchase. movie shown nightly, complimentary Wi-Fi available. pulls station sharp. passengers, served upon check-in, decide prefer. bring memories gone by, escorted table, complete tablecloth fresh flowers. Menu braised lemon baked cod, ravioli dishes. table friendly accommodating staff. meal dessert. added bonus friend dinner, seated least person met. 27 Traveling main highways, scenery marina Neabsco, Va. check cars, vans, SUVs, motorcycles boats Jet Skis accepted ALTHOUGH THERE ARE SIMILAR EXPERIENCES ELSEWHERE WORLD, AUTO TRAIN ONLY ONE KIND UNITED STATES. sit relax route, view spectacular river crossings, Andy Griffithlike towns, impacted makings country. Along pass heart Richmond, Confederate capital Civil War Savannah, Ga., largest Pattys Day celebration U.S., Dillon, S.C., Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke grew up--another trivia nugget. lighter side, know town fern America If not, hothouses ferns dotting countryside Pierson, slower speed meeting country perspective, try. challenges stimulate mind, soul well. Enjoy ride. Glidewell battalion chief fire department owns McGregor 28 MATT DONNELLYAMTRAK AMTRAK 29 OUTDOORS Airports wildlife planes R ED BROTAK involved, extent damage any. identification struck bird impossible site, remains sent Smithsonian Institutes Feather Identification Lab. experts determine type involved. Since 2004, FAA required airport meets exceeds conduct Wildlife Hazard Assessment WHA. Then must produce Management Plan submit approval. survey birds property dangers present. 2005, consulting firm, RSW completed preliminary Hazardous Group formed 2005 coordinate activities entities overseen Environmental Compliance manager, Renee Kwiat, instrumental group. planners, wildlife, implementers, operations maintenance RSW. Several steps threat. First, less hospitable inviting, emember famed Miracle Hudson January 15, 2009, Captain Sully Sullenberger successfully landed powerless jetliner 155 safe. plane run flock Canada geese, jet engines quit. this, airports taking avert problems caused airplanes meet up. International Airport leader implementing approaches solve problem. proactive management utilizing technology mitigation deterrents enhance safety aircraft public airport, Victoria B. Moreland, Public Affairs Department Port Authority considering abundance tropical paradise. busy million Aviation Administration problem seriously. Every strikes form pilot fill report detailing exact location encounter, animal ON PUBLIC AFFAIRS, LEE COUNTY PORT AUTHORITY EVERY AIRCRAFT STRIKES SOME FORM WILDLIFE, PILOT REQUIRED FILL OUT REPORT DETAILING EXACT LOCATION ENCOUNTER, TYPE BIRD ANIMAL INVOLVED, EXTENT DAMAGE IF ANY. trees removed grass mowed short. Ponds remain grounds modified banks. wading birds. perimeter fence terrestrial animals deer computers hazard reduction program. Bird encounters detailed computer database. Geographic information system GIS graphical displays areas. grounds, 6,000 acres, constantly patrolled personnel specifically management. Their Ford Explorers equipped loud sirens, scare away. Agents pyrotechnics purpose. terms innovation, Moreland commercial border collie methods deter roosting nesting runways taxiways. Today, 31 1244 8-year-old named Sky routinely accompanies agent James Hess rounds especially useful scaring larger According Tom Nichols, RSW, Sky, collie, dog integral possible. technically pays stays shes working. Only resort killed, depredation officially called. exception endangered species, government allow this. killed far fewer airports. alligators occasionally grounds. Trappers called remove beasts. accidents injuries due past average annually, 63 Strikes causing annually. 82,000 flights operated annually period. So fly knowing possible done ensure safety. it, serious business. Freelance Brotak retired meteorology professor stay-at-home dad. western North Carolina frequently vacation bond exists Sky. Together patrol hazard. 32 WAS FIRST COMMERCIAL AIRPORT USE BORDER COLLIE KEY METHODS DETER BIRDS FROM ROOSTING NESTING NEAR RUNWAYS TAXIWAYS. --VICTORIA MORELAND, 33 HEALTH workouts adjusting volume W MICHAEL STULL e age exercising sometimes wayside. wellness plan effective flexible demands schedule. certainly spinning wheels improve health. goals, adjust vary periods rep schemes effectively. one-size-fits-all finetuning variables lock goals better. Generally speaking, majority general fitness population, completing lifting movements 8- 12-rep build muscle hypertrophy strength. Based training individuals, provide both. maximum strength achieve, eight significant impact levels increasing muscle. reps emphasize muscular endurance size. Adjusting sets exercises intense. Some longer, energy lift heavier weights, shorter cardiovascular effect. total physical week recommended body avoid burnout. Recovery important. Typically, leading sporting race competition. refer tapering workouts. remember tone range. Muscle burning subcutaneous under exercise. Lifting higher ripped myth. Remember, resistance muscles. layers muscles appear. phrase Abs from. necessary workouts, efficient way. exercise physiologist years designing programs individuals businesses. reached ges European sails crossed horizons, communities thrived heaps multi-talented coconut. Palms sprout sandy soil dwarf foliage. grasped value recent stint Fijian Islands-- reap resources land. Back high-tide hidden beach, shadows Tarzan-like jungle, daughter, Melita, spend occasional sack fallen coconuts. Wed comb ground coco grove reach ones. coir--the fiber husk--as kindle fires mulch gardens, traditionally transformed mats, rope, brushes, bedding practical items. durable shells double bowls, musical instruments candle holders buttons crafty strong feeling shell bra cupping breasts women movies Hollywoods invention. homemade contraption maker. try BRITO 37 describe photo impresses native Fijians. Copra--dried meat--is oil, cosmetics, soaps, massage oils, butter moisturizers, shampoos shower gels, beauty products absorbed skin. Whenever whiff scent suntan lotions anyone old Coppertone billboard biting girls swimsuit wells nostalgia childhood beach. But hard-shelled fruit. Philippines exporter worldwide. locals Tree multitude uses. Houses using tree trunk canoes drums leaves woven baskets, hats, roofing such, edible insides provided nutrition. Healing powers abound dandy drupe. Lauric acid rid germs. Oil pulling--the swishing teeth bacteria, viruses, fungi oral shrapnel age-old practice hygiene resurging. Young contains estrogen characteristics sterile opened. readily human blood, level sugars salts, World II transfusions temporary intravenous hydration fluid. husk aids sorts inflammatory disorders. Heck, electrolytes alone challenge claims prefab rehydration. tough mimic nature. Besides obvious subtropical zones, knows origin. Theyve fossils India date prehistoric times. Now talking One researchers agree planet mostly race. Make mistake, respect seeds hardy expanded empire floating miles ocean colonies distant shores. script, resourceful seafarers mass distribution. Recently, co-co crazy. article cowgirl sister, spat out, Oh yeah, feed performance horses. clean omega fats, horse suffers metabolic system. Meanwhile, wondering stuff .... Sprout Nikki Rood organic organic, unprocessed Bobs Red Mill shredded smoothies plant-base recipes make, incredibly hydrating acts internal lubricant. nutritional current controversy effect concerns touting correct disease states others knocking saturated factor. Any should sparingly, immune-building properties excellent alternative fats. 38 climb lofty palm wonder prize kids roadside stand Fiji Islands synonymous 39 cooking. overpowering. sweetness savory. --Executive chef Melissa Talmage, Melissas clever shells, coffeemaker primitive, brews darn Joe. sucker cocos bright flesh. Often grated breakfast bowl paw paw, lime banana, Ill silky mingles lunch dinner. exotic. Before bite it--prying outer casing fortified practice. metal rod sharpened stick jammed trick. raw, satisfying ripping away gristly exterior, grasping weighty, liquid-laden hand. point, Portuguese Spanish explorers facial features staring coco, meaning monkey face. earthy gem costs roughly bucks, splitting husked calculated thud blunt edge cane knife. scrape meaty substance clawlike scraper attached piece wood piles basin below. steaming poured fluff. concoction soak finally squeeze bowl. goods. limitless recipes. Start pouring glass pineapple juice shot rum. consider options cakes, curries, stirfries combined fish, chicken, fruits veggies. Feel Kokoda, dishes, cubed raw fish cured diced trimmings onion, tomato, cucumber, garlic, chili, salt finished cream. Gotta havent. Southern continental States coconuts, executive Talmage focuses seafood. cooking, utilizes versatility max, mojito cocktail menu sorbet dessert menu. realizing high-class. handles gourmet. Sophisticated establishments play. Near Gordons food. Chef Neville Ebanks praises pantry. versatile, touch tropics texture chicken. ample reasons fan. myself warm breeze blows palms salty close mingle culture. Brito traveler residing surfer, spending self-built bungalow writing zeal freedom. Hes author adventure memoir, Worlds Richest Busboy. Learn Coco Ready cook dish Executive Talmages curry promises ignite taste buds. Coconut-Curry Braised Chicken Serves thighs tablespoons extra virgin olive shallot, tablespoon ginger, Madras powder sweet potatoes, peeled -inch dice pineapple, stock 13.5 ounces milk Place saut pan medium heat oil. pepper side pan. move brown. potatoes covered water. Add salt. Bring boil strain immediately par-cooking browned, shallots, garlic ginger stock, cover simmer cooked. Serve rice. thicker continue desired consistency. 41 HOLIDAY Special Section TIS SEASON SHOP holidays Plazas COASTLAND CENTER must-visit destination shopping, Coastland anchored clothing accessory shops fashion lovers ages, electronics, footwear on-site restaurants visit court steam centers indoor childrens play area. 239-262-2323, COCONUT POINT Picturesque outdoor strolling. booksellers electronic retailers, suit style budget. movie. Among upscale steakhouse Italian restaurant. showing multiplex, pick. Estero, 239-992-9966, simon.commallcoconut-point GULF COAST TOWN truly all. else bridal store, boutiques, jewelers, goods supplies shop, center, spas, salon, multiplex cinema hotel--and might appetite diverse Italian, Mexican Japanese, steak, seafood options. Myers, 239-267-5107, MIROMAR OUTLETS Bargain rejoice designer name-brand outlets. Petfriendly walkable, center everything, apparel, footwear, housewares, handbags luggage, pizza, burgers, seafood, deli delights, dishes Be Outlets hosts family. 239-9483766, PROMENADE BONITA BAY scenic destination, Promenade Bay brand-new, 15,000-square-foot market catering. accessories womens plus spa, realtor Springs, 800-799-0178, Beverage GOODNESS SAKE Put Goodness Sake, dedicated enhancing supporting holistic healing. Sake produce, beer, eco-friendly cleaning products, pet care crystals, books gifts. cafe bar. Also Healthy Lecture Series health-related issues. 239-9925838 239-353-7778 FRESH MARKET Enter Fresh senses treated aroma roasted sight kaleidoscopic colors ripe tomatoes veggies, fruits, cheeses high-quality meats, evokes old-world European-style market. specialties sushi prepared in-store chefs, flowers, occasion. 239-390-5948 239-732-0237, 239-430-2444 TOTAL ongoing events, classes tastings, Total More. Dubbed Americas Superstore, wines. thousands wines wine-producing 239-649-4979, WHOLE FOODS Whole Foods healthy. vast groceries bulk section, butcher, bakery, bar, department, cheese more, shopping. catering departments, 239-552-5100, WORLD favorites globe. addition seasonal drinks, miniatures, surprising international delights England, India, Italy, Japan Middle East. 239-390-1424 239- 566-1239 43 Exquisite Finds DIAMOND DISTRICT square feet, vast, welcoming, chocolates shop. freestanding superstore, Point, mens state-of-the-art repair center. includes Gemological Institute GIA Graduate Gemologists perform appraisals in-house outside source. 239-947-3434, brings outstanding commitment sold. everyone, gorgeous budgets. Still certificates too. 239-949-8668 Center, 239-267-4547 11500 Ave., 239-277-1011 COIN rare coins, Coin specializes gold, platinum bullion. buying, selling, appraising auctioning. jeweler onsite repairs design, master watchmaker certified restoring timepieces. Prado Spring Creek, 239-333-2646 14181 239-939-5636 Coral Pointe Plaza, Cape Coral, 239-574-5564 3401 239-643-1616 MARK LOREN Jewelry Mark Loren artisans prestigious status among critics collectors alike. stunning, award-winning necklaces, bracelets, rings thrilling men expansive collection Gifts Gents. Have commission one-of-a-kind design. 13351 Blvd., 239-482-4664 Mercato, 9118 Strada Place, 239-596-5820 44 CHEFS SANIBEL CAPTIVA GIVE ANOTHER REASON VISIT SOUTHWEST FLORIDAS MOST COVETED ISLANDS Chilly months tend evoke within Sunshine State Dropped temperatures exploring areas About hours distance islands Captiva, bounty sea aromas. Visitors driving Periwinkle Way dozens options, casual evenings dress establishment atmosphere, fare itself, magic lies hands quick-knifed innovators skillful masterminds, highlight island. visitors worrying reservation, Follow Nose Jason Miller Tween Waters Inn Island Resort Spa GARTH FRANCIS OTHER TWEEN WATERS INN ISLAND RESORT SPA plate duties Inn. nine-year chef, recently appointed resort. oversee front outlets, poolside Captiva restaurant, ever-energetic Miller. Originally northern Michigan, studied Sechia interning Seas 1998. loved learning prepare variety, snapper, grouper, pink shrimp, pompano with. described slow. braising slow-cooking veal osso buco, tending expertly melts mouth. Snapper Enfilo favorite, snapper classic. asparagus, shiitake mushrooms peppers wrapping phyllo dough baking it. pesto sauce, drizzled aged balsamic delectable goat polenta. SPA, 15951 DRIVE, ISLAND, 239-472-5161 800-223-5865, TWEEN-WATERS.COM 46 10714 1016 Island. intent lawyer, passion, preparing freshest ingredients. stints Citys Union famous Commanders Palace Orleans, brought skills sixth visiting epicureans. best, ingredients, Talmage. absolute area, featuring varieties Fish Stew succulent cobia, melded tomatoes, scallops wine, saffron, fennel juice. aromatic flavorful Pernod aioli. CAFE, 1625 PERIWINKLE WAY, SANIBEL, 239-472-1956, SWEETMELISSASCAFE.COM 47 Starfish Grille covered. Juan Martinez delight freshest, particularly enjoys specials, shines. Mexico launched after three-year picky tastes good, epicurean fortunate guiding creations, results doubly delicious. Grille, room, Star Bar tiki bar Palm weddings events. sushi, Aung Oo rolls, sashimi sushi. hails Myanmar formerly Burma preparation him joined 2012. relies expert uncle, whom learned secrets art people--it happy, Aung. Sesame-Crusted Ahi Tuna Rainbow Dragon Roll styles, everyone. seared sesame-crusted, sushi-grade ahi tuna topped jumbo grilled placed bed sauteed spinach soy-ginger sauce. rainbow dragon stuffed avocado, cucumber crab, wrapped salmon, tuna, shrimp eel. STARFISH GRILLE, 1231 239-472-7827, STARFISHGRILLESANIBEL.COM 48 John Wolff Thistle Lodge Casa Ybel Preparing eclectic Gulf-front day. applying ultimate Wolff. Through sous running best-known premier resorts restaurants, developed Illinois classically countrys prides himself guest resort, lavish private party, Coconuts Poolside Grill Lodge, unequalled Grilled Octopus timid--this Johns Four poached, marinated octopus bouillon caressed citrus individual portions fingerling garnished pickled onion Key tequila gastrique. THISTLE LODGE CASA YBEL RESORT, 2255 WEST 239-472-3145, CASAYBELRESORT.COM 49 COCKTAILS lavored spirits king scene, vodka martinis queen. Vodka bartender blank canvas painter paint. countless flavored vodkas track of, unlimited possibilities mixologists. possibilities, point Martinis 70 strong. boasts biggest, craft martini lists manager Carlos Pacheco multigenerational, multicultural likes martini, Double Dose, raspberry peach puree, expect super balanced mix, seamless. intriguing particular Patrn Silver vodka. Using whiskey tends win macho crowd, stereotype girly. Men miss seem holding glass. Leaning quietly ones ask tall instead. appearance Blues signature striking, one. Cosmo Van Gogh Wheat vodka, triple sec, Curaao, sour splash orange juice, brandy snifter glow stick. smooth Martini. Stillwater impressive beer selection, hot, house apple Titos Pucker, lemonade limeade, lemon-lime version citron names loud. pair, oh trendy Blu Sushi dozen capitalizes BLUE MARTINI BRIAN STROMLUND KEYLIME BISTRO flavors, Pomegranate Keylime Bistro Pink Chanel bestsellers, Aloha Mr. Edison, Pucker. Unique saketinis--martinis sake. Manager Amy Lawrence sakes coconut, pair vodkas, rums juices divine. Tropical restaurants. Biddle, explains, travel, different, gin cabernet. agrees, adding, eyes wide, choices. experiment TRAVEL, THEY WANT TRY SOMETHING NEW DIFFERENT, NOT SAME OLD GIN CABERNET. --ANDY BIDDLE, martinis, blueberry, pomegranate sinful chocolate truffle. Biddles cosmo because, kick. go-to namesake, Martini, graham-cracker rim. Biddle believes concentrated. embraces publication, refreshing mix Ketel Citroen, Curaao creates beautiful aquamarine color fruity finish. watermelon hit, decadent tiramisu, espresso martinis. confirms classic well--a dirty blue cheesestuffed olives. fashion. Many great-tasting cost-- wallet waistline. re-create home, Skinnygirl shave calories lips, hips. newest flavor, Meyer lemon, crisp refreshingly 75 1.5-ounce serving. sampling magnificent Cheers Birch well-known broadcast journalist frequent contributor Media. Read musings MARTINI, 5-count pour 3-count Ke Beach liqueur 2-count Roses Shake dampened rim crushed crust. SKINNYGIRL PUMPKIN SPICE Bare Naked canned unsweetened pumpkin fat-free sweetened condensed almond pumpkin-pie spice Garnish sprinkle spice. LEMONDROP Sugar-free Splash garnish slice lemon. 51 1245 WHISPERER Difficult pronounce, savor G JERRY GREENFIELD ewrztraminer Indian invited tongue-twister grape trade, broke Helicium tasting glasses utmost speed. cool-weather grape, gewrztraminer normally associated Alsace France German border, regions south weather critical. That means Washington state southern Zealand, others. Italys Alto Adige gewrz game. borders closely Germany barely Italy Up winemakers vinify producing wine. preference, though, drier, leaner cream, spice, lychee citrus. DRIER STYLES SUITABLE COMPLEMENTS FOOD, ESPECIALLY HIGHLY AROMATIC CUISINES SUCH INDIAN THAI. Northern Elena Walch name, Domaines Schlumberger vineyard Alsace. tried gewrztraminers producers Gewrztraminer 2013 Light straw glass, nose honey aromas fairly straightforward finish, fades Les Princes Abbes 2008 Unlike Walch, Alsatian skinny bottle. picked flowers nose, nutty, nicely acidity wines, bottles labeled vendange tardive late harvest passito. drier suitable complements cuisines Thai. Summer over, varietal. Sample widely. Greenfield Whisperer. Florida-based advertising agency Festival. 53 829 SWFL DINING GUIDE B Breakfast L Lunch D Dinner SB Sunday Brunch Banquet Facilities Entertainment Cocktails Beer Like Home Especially Philly. corned-beef hash, Texas French toast caramel pecans, Carbons malted Belgian waffles pudding fresh-ground Colombian breakfast. Pop Philly cheesesteak down. ambience. Dance music lake night patio bars cocktails. 239-415-4040 5501 Palmer Crossing Circle, Sarasota, 941-922-1515 1200 5th Avenue South, 239-434-6616, ZIZI Cucina Toscana. Expect flair lounge. prepares Mediterranean-American cuisine, lunch. Zizi Bellasera Hotel, walking Fifth street. 239-226-4242, RUTHS CHRIS STEAK Always Sizzling Success. Vaulted tray ceilings meticulously linen-covered tables mood. petite filets cowboy-size rib-eyes, steaks juicy chose sides creamed tempura rings. 25091 Bernwood Parkway, 239-948-4190, PINCHERS CRAB SHACK Table. Fresh, cut-to-order fries madefrom-scratch slaw decadently rich, cheese-and-crab dip full-on fruity, cocktails complement coast. Multiple throughout 28580 Crossings 239-948-1313 18100 San 239-415-8973 6890 239-463-2909 15271 239-415-4009 10029 Drive, 239-4154040 23151 Way, Suite 101, 239-948-8888, TARPON RESTAURANT New-Fashioned Classic. Hyatt RegencyCoconut designed pay homage Old-Florida house. ceviche cooked marinades. entrees, crispy-fried snapper. 221 Ninth Street 239-262-4835, CHLOS Raising Bar. Beachs experiences, Chlos beach sunset views, depart standard fried-shrimp fare, flounder duck noopie. 5001 239-390-4295, DiamondHead Resort, 2000 239-765-0595, DOC FORDS FORT MYERS BEACH RUM BAR GRILLE Sequel. story--a sequel. novelist Randy Wayne Whites Matanzas Pass banana leaf baby ribs. Friday nights. GARAGE details. dcor 1920s, Henry walked parts, Model Bootlegger. Angus beef arugula fried Kona Big Wave Belgium Fat Tire. 10801 Corkscrew 519, 239-332-3673, PAGELLIS RUSTIC TUSCAN GRILL Dancing Shoes locally owned inspired, 708 Fishermans Wharf, 239-765-9660, NERVOUS NELLIES Neurotically Good Time. massive gator bites dynamite salad, amazing salmon Oscar, wild please. Uglys Bar, upstairs, gets prettier, forget all-day hour. 1131 1st 239-463-8077, Innovative Cuisine. Visually stimulating presentations stellar regulars first-time lobster melt tomato-Parmesan bisque hit lunchtime. Bell Tower Shops, 13499 239-466-4141, BLU SUSHI Cobalt Cool. incredible outrageous highlights menu, choices diners prefer steak 13451 239-489-1500 10045 239-334-BLU3, someone drink. -- Epicurus 55 COURTSIDE STEAKHOUSE HARBOUR Beefed Up. Refined wood, brass, leaded subtle theme, delivers tastiest butchers breed steaks. Diners opt buffet aboard Princess yacht. 17260 Harbour 239-466-2138, CRAVE Cozy Contemporary. Modern Breakfast, p.m., omelet variation eggs Benedict. noon, bacon-wrapped meatloaf jambalaya, salads attract hungry diners. brunch crowd packs house, wait--but 12901 239-466-4663, CRISTOFS MCGREGOR Charm. Designed resemble delightful, Old Floridastyle surrounded landscaping, Cristofs hotspot. rib-eye waiting cook. --Julia Child 56 57 bouillabaisse, receive 10231 239-791-8473 DARUMA Wish teppan-style, Classic Japanese offered, Nippon filet mignon teriyaki. forgive anybody, relatives. --Oscar Wilde 2207 First Street, LAZY FLAMINGO Cold Beer, Raw Come plumpest oysters, hot-spiced peel-and-eat grouper incendiary Dead Parrot Wings. regular buffalo wings bet. 239-344-0037, FIRESTONE Brick tires moving walls remind Firestone. Try paella tapas dance Saturday. 6520-C Pine 239-472-5353 1036 239-472-6939 12951 239-476-9000 waterfront 16501-B Stringfellow Bokeelia, 239-283-5959, LOS CABOS CANTINA Eat, Stay Party tacos, burritos, enchiladas 2224 239-334-3473, f 58 59 guacamole, Arrachera Steak, chimichurri. Youll stepped 100-year-old cantina, modern amenities. 2226 239-332-2226, SUNSHINE Sunny Delight. wood-fired breast corn portobello people. Julia 60 61 mushroom relish, pan-seared piccata. 13451-16 239-489-2226, UNIVERSITY Head Class. theatergoers club atmosphere balance 8700 Gladiolus 239-489-2233, EDISON Illuminati. honors legendary namesake genius, Thomas display photos. steeped tradition, pie receiving raves 7790 Cypress Lake 239-437-4377, 1719 Parkway East, MARKER 92 Nautically Nice. pizza draw beyond Marina located. flatbread pizzas breezy waterside terrace. 3583 239-936-9348, PRAWNBROKER Agent Fish. tried-and-true. Salads pasta pleasing palates 1982. Soup accompany dinners, days. Early catch deals 530pm. booths, nautical details seafaring vibe. DUBLIN ALE PUB Pint Full Variety. rousing Irish pubs disappoint. Shepherds chips fare. Slinte Westin King 239-541-5600, up-to-date. call ahead andor reservations establishments. 1708 West, 239-541-2663, 62 WHERE GO WHAT DO EVENTS 26th Annual Christmas Boat Parade 6, 6pm-8pm spirit Parade. Last participated exciting. Pearl Harbor remembered veteran Russ Winset, ride lead boat. Best viewing spots, parade pass, Game Waterfront Grill, Caribbean Bay, Nervous Nellies, Doc Fords Rum Bills Cafe. 239-454-7500, Pops-Christmas Paradise Barbara Mann 13, 8pm Conductor Leif Bjaland paradise theme annual concert Hall. Music Feliz Navidad Mele Kalikimaka, Hawaiian song. 239-418-1500, Tenors Show 14, 730pm Thrilling audiences voices melodies, classical contemporary pop, showcasing undeniable charm vocal styles. Clifton Murray, Victor Micallef, Remigio Pereira Fraser Walters soulful, anthems, covers songs co-written Tenors. 239-481-4849, Shell BIG 17, Schein Hall Moscow Ballets Great Russian Nutcracker 3pm 7pm Celebrate world-class artists charming life. Experience Tchaikovskys score larger-than-life puppets, growing life-size matryoshka dolls. Give unforgettable Cooking Restaurant TONY TIGER FRENCH TOAST teaspoons vanilla extract teaspoon cinnamon Kelloggs Frosted Flakes cereal slices thick-cut yellow Texas-style Pre-heat non-stick skillet griddle. bowl, crush coarse flakes consistency, stir combine. Set aside. batter, beat wire whisk frothy. milk, cinnamon, combined. Dip Toast thoroughly sides, coat sides. grill till maple syrup. --Ownerchef Tony Backos Restaurant, 239-948-4123, Birthday Years Eve Celebration 31, 1pm-3pm 7pm-12am Watch drop Times Square shivering always-lively Beach. towns 19th party music, brownies cupcakes. kicks celebration, culminates fireworks pier drop. 239338-3500, Arts 1, 6pm wildly interactive inaugural celebrates Sidney Berne Davis Art Centers Gavala. four-course Gavalas tutelage. Proceeds fundraiser educational hour followed 2301 239333-1933, Painting Gardens Leoma Lovegrove 9am painting technique original artwork Edison Estates museum. class, skill levels, Moonlight Garden West Porch. supply provided. Nationally artist teaches museum France, teacher renowned artist. Cost Members 350, non-members 375. 239-334-7419, LIVE O.A.R. Rockville LP Tour rock band Revolution 65 intense, vibrant shows, sold Madison twice, communal fans, show once-in-a-lifetime 239-4814849, Masterworks Internationally acclaimed Maestro Nir Kabaretti leads Symphony 54th season, Performing sounds Rossinis Overture LItaliana Algeri, Vivaldis Concerto Flute Op.10, Goldfinch, Capriccio Italien, Verdis La Forza del Destino Respighis Pines Rome. 239-4181500, Bluegrass Theatre 16, 2pm Join fellow acoustic Foulds bands beyond. presented partnership Acoustic Society SWFL. 239939-2787, Behind Mask 20, Mask, Broadway stars Teri Dale Hansen Nat Chandler evening White hits Phantom Cats, Evita, Jersey Boys, Chicago, Chorus Church Auditorium 15100 239-454-2067, Walk 19, third month. venues feature regional talent. 855732-3836, Wynonna Noise 10, five-time Grammy winner 66 bestselling author, Judd, Noise, Simpler commanding voice, performs greatest hits. Sit reminded simple blessings ring season. STAGE Vanya Sonya Masha Spike 1-19 Tuesday, Thursday Wednesday Sunday, comedy middle-aged sister Sonia Bucks County, Penn., bicker constantly. begins star Masha, swoops young boyfriend, Spike. maid Cassandra, predict future, lovely young, aspiring actress Nina, whose presence irritates imperious crazy mayhem. 239-332-4488, Iced 28-December 530pm Wednesday, Thursday, 630pm Murder Mystery players time, iced. Unravel comical mystery killer clues discover board. Clue sheets collected final act, sleuth prize. Price five-course murder Seminole Railway, 2805 Colonial 239-2758487, Conspiracy Swell 21-December ThursdaySaturday, 7, premiere, 1932 20-year-old orphaned tobacco heir Smith Reynolds returns familys 67 Winston-Salem surprise souvenir wife. Mrs. notorious Libby Holman, older Smith. arrives possibly-insane acting coach. Smiths guardian attempts manage scandal, thrown groom dead. 239-939-2787, Can 23, finalists America, cities. tour lineup Bridget Whitman, Casey Askew, Emilio Dosal, Jacque LeWarne, Jessica Richens, Ricky Ubeda, Rudy Abreu, Tanisha Belnap, Valerie Rockey Zack Everhart. Falls hottest ticket, routines pieces nationwide tour. Youve seen television, stage. Lewis 11, Black, Award-winning stand-up comedian, prolific performers cathartic release anger disillusionment audience. angrier optimist mean-spirited curmudgeon, comic cause audience laugh themselves incontinence compelling absurdity Save Date 68 18TH ANNUAL TROPICAL COOKING EXTRAVAGANZA wondered occasion expand impress friends. Loretta Paganini Jacaranda week-long series classes. learn Classes Monday 30, 2015, a.m. reservations, School 888-7484063 440-729-1110. UNDER 200, Exhibit 7-29, Original 2-D 3-D artworks exhibited Main Gallery, sale, priced less. cash-andcarry exhibit provides reception LORETTA PAGANINI SCHOOL 69 7. Alliance Arts, 10091 Works Glass 5-27 world-renowned Richard Mueller, works galleries Canada, Member Gallery 4th Weekend Festival 28, 10am 113 acres lakes boardwalk, dine, work, live. art, streets fun-filled Stroll amidst sculptures, paintings, oneof-a-kind photography, ceramics 561-746-6615, Please listings. calendar attending 1050 BETWEEN LINES Wine--it BOOK DOUG GALLOGLY said permutations obtained humble persons spin. Thankfully Greenfields Secrets Creative Projects International, Ltd., 17.95 person, pick supermarket 1997, wife Debi glimpse complex seductive Lifer. falling rabbit hole, drawing comparison Alice Wonderland. fateful introduction inevitable purchases racks necessary. slippery slope deposited couple Experience, entry fee 1,500 firmly entrenched wonderland. facts figures, conversation textbook. though sitting talk. speaks affected oak barrel, cork anecdotes humor memorable. shows Lifer snob. enjoyable book. lives writer, instructor, member Educators. Jackie. STARGAZING ELIZABETH JOYCE 6th moon Taurus emotional tide. undercover feelings relationships attitudes hiding money. rules throat, anything subjects trouble swallowing 22nd Sagittarius quest horizons. carefree, independent enthusiastic. big, adventure. Gemini likelihood cutting-edge technologies mind-sets transparent available enforced time-out entertainment industry, recreational gambling children. 21st Capricorn winter solstice. whammy, new-moon conjunct solstice beginning. changes paths, celebrate return light. ARIES MARCH APRIL joint financial worked emerge negative situations brand-new attitude willing try--just once--to patient. planning trip. desire love, laughter invitations usual bored. TAURUS MAY asks personality appearance. How habits influencing gradually pushed asked loan. embarrassed say no. bigger life, resist urge beloved. devote checking account carefully GEMINI JUNE sweetie promise lasting. flit flirt strong, sexy, exotic stranger, behave yourself. able wheedle charm. greener, missing something. Slow yourself, Is dinners Personal Signs noontime later evening. Year, tad purse strings, Gemini. CANCER JULY Novembers one-to-one relationships, Cancer. careful blow proportion obsessive. volatile across. Issues emotions likely explode. completely. kindly surface, daydream selective memory. doctor ordered. LEO AUGUST month, activities. there. along, will, Leo weekend involve new. married, expecting arrival. freedom Saturn moves Eve. Saturns tighten frivolities, begin savings account--or stash, Year air. VIRGO SEPTEMBER communication Octobers Mercury retrograde phase. Speak clearly. long-distance relationship, pen pal genuinely Someone thinks 73 quite game weekend. Believe computer. Take break universe arranged hitch angel Santa Claus, assured Jupiter needs. Lucky LIBRA OCTOBER action, Libra. someones extravagance mean lasting memory, invest Protect heart, flight Vegas first. December, imagine smile Christmastime knack arranging turn cherished memories, overboard Day. Libra influential SCORPIO NOVEMBER antennae keen Anyone suspect hide Warn bother lying. mysteries puzzles, drained break, Scorpio caught bills, spree Friday. fun-loving Budget 2015 younger catches eye mid-month, madly attracted. thinking married careful--not 74 SAGITTARIUS DECEMBER Over youve light tunnel. conscience bothering clean, goodbyes arent eager conversations. endings beginnings happen quickly. tempted admire. wise, humorous side. old-fashioned impressions important, benefit opens, honestly CAPRICORN JANUARY attraction. energies eyeing afar. Why wait Who possibly unless absolutely necessary--or sweetheart. associates, crowd. occurring affect run. fills spirit. conflicts moderate, job, month rejuvenated. desperate can, expense. AQUARIUS FEBRUARY choice. conserve job finances holiday. agreeing invest. Prepare bold rebellious basis. sales. Something revealed splainin. PISCES work-related frantic. comfortable stepping spotlight, awards. retreat uninterrupted RR. overhaul Applying loan negotiating overdue debt lightheartedness front. attention earning donations charity Born identical twins, psychic birth. Named Greatest Psychics Citadel Press, 2004 Top spiritual healer gives readings professional astrologer, counselor, healer, clairvoyant interprets dreams Dimension. Her TV appearances Unsolved Mysteries, Beyond Chance, Psychic Detectives cable Psyched. new-visions .com rates services. appointment, 215-996-0646. 76 77 MINUTE CLEANERS 239.466.5115 16970-1 Blvd Publix Drive Thru Service Dry Cleaning - Laundry Alterations Bedspreads Draperies Wedding Gown Specialists M-F 7am-7pm Sat 8am-3pm Work Done Premises ACCENT BUSINESS PRODUCTS 239.939.0077 Serving CopierPrinterScanners Printer Supplies Print 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Name Know Trust Termite Treatment Pest Control 239.472.6188 2330 Ridge Unit PHARMACY Locally Owned Faces Count Needs Are Order 239.437.7482 16681 Blvd, 206 ALTERATIONS RITA Call Appointment Mon-Fri RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 College Sales Installation Security Alarm Systems AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom System Central Vac Much no-holds-barred strives STEFFANIE PEARCE MELANIE PAGAN hes celebratory event. Nadler directors artistic chorus Trent Bowen. 2014-2015 heres production town, specifically, impermanent far-reaching phantom trolling halls blink, sighting pops location. Steffanie Pearce, May Lee, Collier counties. declaring founded separated Opera representation series, Viva Verdi, Church, Harborside Event venue fullfledged opera, and, theatrical fashion, Pearce dramatic. Abundant lighting video screens manipulate stage guestss up-close action plays Pearces plans grabbed Mayor Henderson, agreed post-concert champagne toast, celebrating Henderson isnt familiar face spot Paul Nadler, Metropolitan conductor Symphony, hundred-plus on-stage performers. homecoming Nadler. figure GULFSHORE OPERA, NOMADIC OPERA COMPANY CREATED PEARCE, WILL HOLD PERFORMANCES THROUGH LEE, COLLIER CHARLOTTE COUNTIES. concerts Artis--Naples Moorings Presbyterian schedule, 239-529-3925 assignment editor coordinator Facebook, Twitter Pinterest pages, conducts Operas debut Verdi. creator 2_RSW_ND14.indd 436 PARTING SHOT brimming plazas jewelers story 208 Revisited Brewing Perfect Cup Adventures NO V EC 01 BO NIT EST ERO BE_Cover_ND14_Ver2.indd VOL. NO. 4.95 CRAZY WHY LOVE EXOTIC FRUIT Published 10114 1118

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