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On Cover Dr. Mrs. Burton Golumbic dental practice Bonita Springs, Story page 32. 4 53014 1201 5 Departments 20 10 Guest Editorial by Sawyer Smith 12 Making Waves Celebrating Southwest Floridians 14 Profile Living Dream 18 Beauty Trends Products Help You Look Your Best Coastal Commerce A Jewel Business 24 Getaways Soulful St. Kitts 28 Balanced Mind, Body Soul Connection 32 Healthcare Pros SPECIAL SECTION Traditional Philosophy Meets Modern Technology 36 Treating Pain 40 Floridas Top Doctors 44 Health Tips Just Another Manic Monday 48 To Score Goals Planning Ahead 62 Natures Notebook Birds Are Word 64 Epicurious Guide Dining SW Florida 74 Between Lines Dangerous Love 76 Calendar Where Go What Do 84 Stargazing Elizabeth Joyce 90 In Community Magic Skies 94 Services Professionals 96 Parting Shot next issue ... our SeptOct issue, we celebrate mans unlimited capacity for creative expression. They say that art is eye beholder, aim give eyeful it--painting, architecture, dance, music more. Plus, well be exploring design trends as fashion. If creativity your thing, will both satisfy inspire. Estero ISSN 1521-1207 published six times year TOTI Media, Inc., P.O. Box 1227, Sanibel, FL 33957. 6 1204 7 PUBLISHER Daniela E. Jaeger EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Patricia Letakis ASSOCIATE EDITOR Jeff Berlinicke CREATIVE DIRECTOR Brian Stromlund PROOFREADERS Doug Gallogly, ASSIGNMENT Melanie Pagan EDITORIAL COORDINATORS Scarlett Collier, CUISINE TRAVEL David Grant ARTS CONTRIBUTING Acevedo WRITERS Susan Bennett, Jane Brickley, Cathy Christopher, William R. Cox, Keri Jordan, Joyce, Beth Luberecki, Kelly Madden, Dana Mirman, Renee Novelle, Pagan, Smith, Roberta Sotonoff, Michael Stull PHOTOGRAPHERSARTISTS Garth Francis, Jaeger, Jodice, Debra Kilpatrick, Sotonoff OF SALES MARKETING Kyle Fisher 239-472-0205, ext. 103 ADVERTISING Friedrich N. . 102 Dru Anne Doyle 109 OFFICE ADMINISTRATION, SUBSCRIPTIONS CREDIT CARD ORDERS Collier 106 WEBMASTER Philip Lippard, Sanibel Logic CONNECT WITH US facebook.comtotimediamagazines twitter.comtotimedia pinterest.comtotimedia FOR E-MAIL INQUIRIES toti.comcontactus Island, 33957 T F 239-395-2125 New York Representative Office 800-472-0634 FounderChairman President Guy Tober Vice PresidentC.O.O. Financial Administrator Jacqueline S. Gallogly 8 Subscription price 24.00 one-year domestic subscription. Copyright 1996 Inc. All rights reserved. No part publication may reproduced without written permission publisher. Opinions expressed contributors not necessarily those 9 6314 1045 AM GUEST own Conservation 2020 Program, which buys conserves sensitive watershed lands, has been successful meeting original mission since inception 1996. This type program essential judicious water management, but reaffirmed voters updated meet new challenges land resource protection. Lake Okeechobee management within Lee Countys control, yet downstream impacts devastation red tide along coasts very much concern. U.S. Army IN SOUTHWEST FLORIDA HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT IS INSEPARABLE FROM ECONOMY. Corps Engineers state Water Management Districts need work cooperatively region better manage releases from lake. Future planning must include recognition environmental protection throughout all waterways, balancing needs opportunities economic development County--perhaps more so than almost any other area Florida-- represents nexus oftentimes competing interests management. Strong leadership aligning diverse into sustainable balance required maintain environment while addressing quality-of-life concerns. We benefit singularly beautiful environment, easily forget fragility interconnectivity ecosystem--an ecosystem upon future well-being depends. join together ensure protection, simultaneously engaging thoughtful proactive decision making support businesses, create jobs grow economy. After all, healthy inseparable encourage leaders Washington, Tallahassee promote common-sense solutions achieve these mutual goals. As look around us already achieved, confident remaining true shared principles commitment community, successful. W Its About hether drifting Boca Grande Pass during tarpon season or snook fishing mouth Caloosahatchee, kayaking maze mangroves Ding Darling relaxing miles white sandy beaches, beauty harmony coastal inland waters incredible wonders natural things make corner world one most places live visit. Those who year-round County residents love community life recognize impact millions yearly visitors drawn here resources. Nearly five million last alone pumped three billion dollars local It same resources protected if sustain improve value, communities invest quality life. responsibilities maintaining Gulf Coast Caloosahatchee River, keen interest, also extend far beyond countys jurisdiction. Partner, Wilbur Law Firm PHOTO BY GARTH FRANCIS 11 MAKING WAVES honor roll island coast who, their everyday lives, special. GRIN AND BARE IT D CARING THE COMMUNITY uring her time director Springs Assistance Office, Maribel Slabaugh saw role YMCA played community. Now Ys branch director, shell spearheading organizations efforts lives citys residents. Since taking helm earlier year, reaching churches, schools let them know what Y offers, ranges sports programs kids teamwork physical exercise health wellness initiatives targeting conditions like diabetes childhood obesity. Were really working hard promoting strengthens families whole enriches children, she says. I see core place people feel they belong, opens anyone wants lives. herself looks forward spinning classes hitting pool Y. Swimming my favorite sports, relaxes me helps tremendously, physically mentally. 239-221-7560, --Beth Luberecki For ridding hair unwanted places, there solution razor. Azul Cosmetic Surgery Medical Spa first incorporate laser hair-removal technology, quickly relieve problem areas less discomfort. Say goodbye long sleeves bikini cover-ups, hello baring it all. 239-415-7576, --M.P. CURE WANDERLUST WHATS UP, DOC Ever just another number doctors office At Private Physicians Florida, dont to. private medical center, locations--now including Springs--is celebrating 17 years being concierge Florida. Here, able downsize patient intake, allowing professional-to-patient face time. 239-415-1111, --Melanie 206 TOP LEFT COURTESY MARIBEL SLABAUGH MIDDLE RIGHT AIR BERLIN BOTTOM T.S. Eliot once journey arrival matters. traveling Europe, easy one. April, airberlin celebrated nonstop international flights Dusseldorf Airport DUS International RSW. service only helped bring revenue area, abundant experiences travelers well. 866-266-5588, 13 ARTWORK JONATHAN KANE PROFILE April Cosimano takes fitness routine top, building muscle RENEE NOVELLE sit down chat over protein smoothies, ask secret is. absolutely Im doing, declares. Then goes explain isnt help transform bodies, motivate inner selves People come unhappy lifestyles, explains. gives tools happy again. Seeing smile walk confidence rewarding thing could for. From appearances, found lifes calling. But wasnt always simple. former graphic artist had lifelong passion fitness. after corporate layoff left unemployed day before Thanksgiving 2012, decided turn frustrating situation advantage. was chance dictate freedoms ts notice Cosimanos smile. radiates dimpled cheeks contagious joy, hinting bottomless reserve peace. And authentic, refreshing change. She wears confidently works way gym, serves take notice. Eyes follow curious wonderment charismatic personality might be. personal trainer too focused client attention. PHOTOS ON THIS OPPOSITE PAGE APRIL COSIMANO pursue passions full focus knew wanted day, says, indicating gym us. choice paid off her. offers variety one-on-one training packages schedule clients partnership NYMAG provide womens kickboxing boot camps studio. about empowerment exercise, helping others craft themselves theyve wanted--inside it--which motivation early morning sessions. certainly knows motivation. Shes driven woman whos sculpted precisely toned body. seeing work, encouraged begin looking physique competitions. 15 Id do show grandmother got sick cancer every weekend spend could, eyes glistening memory. few weeks, impressed supported doing. dream win competition. When passed away October 2013, used needed distraction, throwing four-hour sessions, seven days week. kept demanding diet order prepare. end, effort off. Exactly initially losing job, won Womens Physique height category overall 2013 National Committee NPC Championship. caught several judges, head judge Peter Potter, career area. Helene Mayer Bingley, Ontario Champion NPCIFBB competitive bodybuilder Marijan Lipsinic, Aprils current coach certified HER BODY JUST FLAWLESS HARD WORK DRIVE PROVE THAT SHE HAS WHAT TAKES TO COMPETE AGAINST BEST WOMEN LEVEL. --NPC COMPETITOR DANIEL MESIDOR guest appearances many about. meantime, hopes impart inspiration others. Understand setbacks momentary, advises. whatever goals are--whether personal, professional health--they achievable want badly enough willing commit creating them. living example that. n Novelle author freelance journalist though still seems surprised success, watched prepare were not. lot damage stage, says competitor Daniel Mesidor. Her body flawless drive prove compete against best women level. sky limit Indeed Southern States Championship Fort Lauderdale, step closer highly coveted pro status. that, doors open endorsements, 16 1205 BEAUTY TRENDS lipstick lover face-cream fanatic youre right place. Every lowdown fabulous fragrances, luxurious lotions, must-have makeup everything between. Because whether laid-back surfer babe total product junkie, good feel. BETH LUBERECKI SMOOTH THINGS OVER Tired fine lines, dark circles puffiness Try FarmHouse Freshs Crow Catcher serum 46. paraben- sulfate-free formulation includes ingredients seaweed algae extracts, emollient caprylic triglyceride smooth, protect repair delicate skin face. Apply twice start differently when mirror. Fresh products retailers spas Lulus Gift Emporium Myers 239-418-0060, Tween Waters Captiva 239-4727722, Oasis Salon 239-992-0928, LIGHTEN UP During summer no wear anything weighs down, comes closet bag. So nows put heavy creams reach Lumenes Bright Vitamin C BB Serum 21.99. Containing wild Arctic cloudberry extract lightreflecting pigments, lightweight, colorless detoxify, smooth illuminate minimize appearance pores. Free parabens synthetic colorants, light worn under night moisturizer. Lumene Ulta Bell Tower Shops 239-3340659, Coconut Point 239-992-0361. SCENTS Thymes known botanically based bath made oils naturally derived ingredients. items Studio Collection exception. mineral oil, petrolatum, sulfates, collection bar soap, lotion, wash, bubble cologne fragrances. Aqua Coralline scent, inspired sea, features notes lily, cyclamen driftwood, Kimono Rose fragrance rose, peony jasmine. youd rather beach garden, theres option you. Eliza Boutique 239-437-2252, NATURAL SOLUTION nicesmelling soap ordinary shower hand-washing session enjoyable. Herbarias allnatural, vegan soaps 5.95 food-grade vegetable oils, then add scents French lavender, lime coconut aloe spearmint orange. Emollients shea butter jojoba oil moisturize soften skin, inclusion oatmeal some exfoliant. Theyve proved helpful users issues acne, psoriasis eczema. Pick two yourself gift Nest Home Garden downtown 239-226-1314, SWEET RELIEF Did overdo Sun Bums Cool Down relief sore, sunburned skin. Ingredients aloe, cocoa vitamin E soothe, nourish hydrate crispy arms, legs parts prevent peeling. alcohol-free, non-greasy formulations available Hydrating Gel 9.99, Continuous Spray Aloe Vera 11.99 Lotion 11.99. Grab Bum Surf Shop 239-472-8185,, Ron Jon Town Center 239482-8888, Sweetwater Paddlesports 239-405-7155, 19 COASTAL COMMERCE With things, husband-and-wife team built gold mine company KELLY MADDEN rare Highway 41 discover gem sitting alongside jampacked roadway. case Gulfcoast Coin Jewelry, thats exactly youll find. newest gold, diamond custom jewelry showroom business sits across Cleveland Lexus dealership, recent store open, wont hold status Members Greater Chamber Jewelry staff ribbon-cutting ceremony Myers. OTHER GULFCOAST COIN JEWELRY Owners Denise Mike WERE ACTUALLY MOM POP OPERATION, REALLY PROUD THAT. PEOPLE APPRECIATE WE OFFER ENRICH THEIR PERSONAL COLLECTIONS, WAY DO BUSINESS. --MIKE JOYCE, OWNER because entrepreneurial engine behind operate unlike retail precious metals broker entire region, energetic owner Joyce. His accent selfeffacing demeanor draw his vision instantly man destined business. loves he does, such makes him driving force impressive growth family visited 1975, coin shop Tampa. Apparently, ended buying Fowler Street, reopened downtown, gregarious master watchmaker restoring timepieces. 21 Clockwise bottom grand opening Lindsay Schnyder, Gayla Wright Moody Barbara Snyderman mother Emily Burke guy. By 1978, small there. Things lean first, offering expertise, wide array collectibles, art, silver bullion opportunity exquisite designs, strong customer base. now operates showrooms Cape Coral, Myers, Naples. Within months, opened 10,000square-foot locations, stores slated large expansion plans. wife, Denise, came onboard accomplished gemologist appraiser married. reasons successful, notes. Along lead designer James Franklin Rolex-certified jeweler Bob Nixon, keeps coming back. whose job research historic artistic provenance antique coins, weaponry artwork broker. present marketplace, realize expertise adds collecting experience, He points does common models. Other aligned manufacturer requires floor inventory according direction, distributor calls shots. select high-end sources second none, hands arent tied distributors demands. truly savvy shoppers. Their sophisticated understanding value solid silver, treasures, coins loose gemstones ensures seek expert, propel sales year. firm active auction business, brokering manner collectibles in-store online. bidders countries logged watch run monthly auctions live. bids gleaming exotic valuables estates banks, executives lawyers involved estate liquidation clients. Our customers steak, collectible dealers selling sizzle, loyal clientele understand shiny television ads mean money. 22 1211 FIRM ALSO OPERATES VERY ACTIVE AUCTION BUSINESS, BROKERING ALL MANNER RARE COLLECTIBLES BOTH IN-STORE ONLINE. BIDDERS COUNTRIES LOGGED WATCH JOYCE RUN MONTHLY AUCTIONS LIVE. respect know, weve rewarded Joyces operated now. unrelenting care pedestal success. actually mom pop operation, proud concludes appreciate offer enrich collections 239-939-5636, Madden Myers-based writer marketing consultant. GULF COAST 23 GETAWAYS One unspoiled Caribbean islands, enchants verdant rainforest, plantation inns, friendly locals playful monkeys ROBERTA SOTONOFF touristy. rest 65-squaremile Eastern Island untouched traffic, tumult big hotels occupy prime space nearby MaartenSt. Martin. easiest island--if mind rocking rolling train cars crowds--is Scenic Railway. 10-mph run, skirts black-sand villages, mountains rainforests. wave passengers. board train, running commentary provides folklore, history geography, complimentary daiquiris ultra-sweet sugarcane cookies. Consistency, charm niche. integral mountains, tropical rainforest ruins. lets vervet seem everywhere. Early settlers brought islands pets. people, guide Jason Amory. However, Kittians visit old British formality persists here. courtesy important, advises Marty Lowell, owners Ottleys Plantation Inn. upscale inn, restored18thcentury sugar acres spa, trails, ruins Royal Palm Restaurant, succulent lobster. nearby, inns setting scenic ocean views different experience. Charming accommodations two-room unit plantations utility building. Though brick walls, beamed ceilings furniture old- f activity Kitts, hike Citadel atop 300-year-old Brimstone Hill Fortress. World Heritage Site, reconstructed officers quarters restored cannons, climb. reward stunning 360-degree panorama Caribbean. northwest Eustatius top Saba, southeast, vista Montserrat Nevis. Below verdant, undulating, spermwhale-shaped island. vantage point, probably doesnt did 18th century production surpassed Barbados. changed ago, traveler, Windhorst. These southern peninsula capital Basseterre bit Fortress boasts view upward worth effort. LEFT, STRONG OLD BRITISH FORMALITY PERSISTS HERE. YOU MUST SAY GOOD MORNING BECAUSE IMPORTANT. -- MARTY LOWELL, OTTLEYS PLANTATION INN Nestled countryside Above Lowell guests trails spotted intriguing architecture dots 25 EASIEST SEE ISLAND--IF DONT MIND ROCKING ROLLING TRAIN CARS CROWDS--IS TAKE ST. KITTS SCENIC RAILWAY. IF GO Tourism Authority 800-772-3039, fashioned ambience, spacious bathrooms Jacuzzi modern. hotel Lowell. middle bamboo sculptured orb created. snaps pictures enormous above-ground roots spread river tributaries. Lowells humorous fauna descriptions palm tree spews entertaining through woods. Lunch juicy lobster-salad sandwich Reggae Beach Bar Grill. fun peninsulas Cockleshell Bay adorned country college flags, t-shirts graffiti. Jimmy Buffett plays background. bay, fish hang near brain coral yellow tube sponges, spot snorkelers spy underwater delights. small, sparsely populated shoreline sunbathers listen bands play reggae-tinged rock music. beaches Frigate Bay, lesscrowded stretch fringed trees. long, curving Friars locals, rental umbrellas, 26 chairs cabanas available. night, Carambola Club reveal romantic bistro Continental cuisine--along plenty Vendors grill delicious crustaceans street Basseterre, located beaches. Independence Square trip 18th-century buildings clock define public plaza, site slave market. couple tiny museums, cruise port abundance souvenir shops. ships port, bustling, serenity stay month relish lovely, lush, island, lobsters monkeys. Chicago-based writer, appeared publications, websites guidebooks. 27 Lifestyle fad JANE BRICKLEY Caspersons lifestyle philosophy Inside Out, promotes nurturing outer finding important aspects emotional, spiritual, physical, social. balanced, Casperson developed line nourishing, affirmation-based skincare cosmetics featuring inspirational phrases cultivation healthy, balanced My use do, life, believe everyone beautiful, using saying years, industry placed greater emphasis importance beauty, slowly started shifting towards healthier, holistic approaches cosmetics. While companies reformulated re-branded appeal consumers trendy lipstick, Sanibel-based expert Kay blending decades. MY PRODUCTS ARE EVERYTHING LOVE WANT USE EVERY DAY, DO. LIVE BALANCED, BEAUTIFUL LIFE, GIVE OPPORTUNITY OTHERS. --KAY CASPERSON KAY affirmations, find aspect simplistic, works. Establishing balance, mind, soul, important. designs apparel activewear, T-shirts, tank tops, dresses, hoodies, yoga pants leggings, accessorized daytime dressed town. currently process expanding developing colorful nail polish each shade bearing word name. Last continuing wellness, launched high-quality nutritional supplements. believer supplementing nutrients getting daily basis. Sometimes difficult eat diet, especially stressed constantly go, said, adding proper nutrition critical nails. collection, picked supplements single multi-vitamin, resveratrol, CoQ10 Omega-3 added occasional favoriteslike C, melatonin whey powder. noted depends individual. Thats in-depth Consultants learn how evaluate determine beneficial procedures person, skincare, styling spa services. share unique products, Seas Resort 2009, signature location Buena 29 Vista Palace Hotel Downtown Disney, Orlando, 2012. third Sundial soon fourth Promenade Springs. Offering rejuvenating facials, massages, mani-pedis full-service salon, haven transformation founded Out. greatest joy watching succeed. inside 30 GREATEST JOY WATCHING TRANSFORM SUCCEED. ITS INSIDE SOMETIMES NEED LITTLE INSPIRATION. sometimes little inspiration, Visit read menu salon services, browse Kays cos- metics, accessories. Connect Facebook, Twitter, Instagram YouTube. contributor Brickley communications Casperson. 31 HEALTHCARE PROS Special Section TRADITIONAL PHILOSOPHY MEETS MODERN Golumbic, patients other. becomes clear theirs complete sense word. calming effect practice. get other, Lizzie think be, Originally practicing Empire State Building, relocated shortly tragedy 911. exciting Manhattan. kinds mentioning enjoyed teaching Columbia Universitys school. 911 came, tragic Golumbics first. trend remains consistent everything, cozy office. going change soon, news pleased learn. evening, doctor Lizzie, entirety. Naturally, struck smiles, genuine joy. enchanted ease, finish thoughts, Together Creating warm trusting priority team. ONE INSIST COMMUNICATION SPECIALISTS. SHOULDNT BE SO BUSY CANT MINUTE GET GOING. --DR. BURTON GOLUMBIC everybody. literally disappeared afraid city. leave hustle bustle relocate enjoy fully. comfortable pace Starting ground up, relied mostly build risk, Weve gained trust, flattered that,he theyre respect. Patients scheduled privacy nurture environment. Theyre given longer-thanusual appointment slot, hes cleaning examination himself--there hygienists rarely, ever, keep waiting. something Ive real stickler about, mine. patients. smiles warmly reassuring lost shuffle specialist call, connection send 33 But, traditional ways, advanced digital images dentist email. great service, turns like. saves having repeat x-rays. busy back Epilepsy Walk past event hearts. Held November, son, Danny, suffers disease. Danny diagnosed, feared appointments affect receptive efforts. become shows sets apart amount detail thinking practiced, will. Everyone widely reflects. Theyll end That instance. 34 insist communication specialists, shouldnt cant minute going. COMFORTABLE PLACE BE. AREA PACE MORE INFORMATION P. 239-498-9666 Foundation extra spends needs. 35 TREATING PAIN Vein Specialists, Joseph Magnant venous insufficiency There her, technology didnt until 2000. refers minimally invasive procedure called endovenous ablation, replaced traumatic vein stripping past. ever stripping, would never recommend it. pretty morbid procedure, overwhelming previously unresolved pain. 2006, Georgia hed spent permanently hen completed fellowship Dartmouth-Hitchcock Center, imagined eventually premiere insufficiency. himself least, retirement age. fate seemed plans him. success practice, offices chose path. seed planted 1994, wife introduced restaurant. Diagnosed varicose veins age 15, hoping arterial surgeon advice. Specialists DR. JOSEPH MAGNANT NOW DEVOTES HIS FOCUS ONEIN-FIVE INDIVIDUALS WHO SUFFER VARIOUS STAGES VENOUS INSUFFICIENCY, USING ONLY MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY TRULY EFFECTIVE RESULTS. did, family, someone devotes caring one-infive individuals suffer various stages insufficiency, effective results. cares, Laura Shue, suffering multiple symptoms related veins. moment walked appointment, appreciated kindness doctor. admits couldnt think. sunny weather skies lend cognizant condition legs. hiding pair sweatpants, Yet symptoms, myths surround Swollen legs, 37 Personal touches, photos, certain warmth Magnants achy feet, discoloration fatigue signs. bulging cosmetic told primary doctor, Magnant, anyone, health. learning misinformation circulating, outreach education major Hes created interactive website, online screenings assist providing free information. push 239-694-8346, 1510 Blvd., Ste. 101 3359 Woods Edge Circle, 38 1212 ready, call us, Once initiative office, assured continue actively engage phase. have, you, spokespeople process. weary juggling waiting results tries efficient visits. co-payed death, save travel reduce unfortunate copays, consultation, ultrasound visit--something require least visits accomplish. level ethics unnoticed, staff. Vilma Schwarz largely character, ethics, grow. perk Otis Spunkmeyer cookies coffee. ridiculously expensive, jokes, short drink bad 39 FLORIDAS DOCTORS Six physicians Primary Care earn high ranking P SUSAN BENNETT Integrative medicine, incorporates spirit, specialties, treating menopausal women. graduate University Arizona Medicine, Auld studies world-renowned Andrew Weil, founder center. disease-driven market, instead healthdriven one, earning degree Dakota School Medicine serving residency Mt. Sinai Cleveland. recognized regions ninth consecutive honor, credits Charles H. Curtis, M.D. hysicians scored double-home recently, Castle Connolly Ltd. honored practices members Doctors. York. physician-owned largest independent multi-specialty specializing obstetricsgynecology, pediatrics internal medicine. Here Heather Auld, Helping control choices heart gynecological JEFF JODICE PPC deserves Doctor, wouldnt trust members, Aulds ObGyn 9021 Park Drive, 239-432-5858. casual suggestion friend, outdoors, persuaded M.D., establish medicine Coral ago. water--boating, scuba diving, fishing. canals, quiet, safe neighborhood Curtis received Carolina, followed internship Bayfront Petersburg. physician, specializes preventive screening hypertension, detect cancers early, treatable, Doctor designation surprise Curtis. nice respected doing worthwhile others, Family Practice 1255 Viscaya Parkway, 239574-1988. Paul J. Joslyn, obstetriciangynecologist, tangible work. Now, 5,000 babies later, seen outcomes. pleasure pregnancy, delivering years. Virginia native grew Roanoke, undergraduate Duke University, earned Virginia. Shands Teaching Hospital convinced sunshine state. somewhere warm, half-jokingly. Joslyn anticipate hospital administrators high-risk pregnancies, laparoscopic surgery, pelvic prolapse surgery 1265 239-574-2229. George Kovacevic, unlikely father grandfather ministers Kovacevic thought footsteps. Blaise Kovaz, Mary C. Yankaskas, college, realized meant be--caring difference graduated Rush College Chicago masters Illinois Hospital, Chicago. established vacations pack move boating outdoor activities. designated recognized, person address respectful way. surgeries endometriosis holds unusual distinction quadruplets. gynecologist perform hysterectomy sacrocolpopexy. Gator order, bachelors Zoology, UF Medicine. addition obstetrical care, Kovaz surgery. pleasantly recognition, ultimately Trying possible award. working, enjoys playing soccer Frisbee border collies, kayaking, hiking photography. 239-4325858 Yankaskas Managing Physician gynecologist. clinical time, served Director Obstetrics Memorial System. began teenager young girl cerebral palsy, led Robert Wood Johnson Jersey, degree, Thomas Jefferson Philadelphia. nine-time winner designation. am honored, however, group validates practices. menopause adolescent gynecology 239-574-2229, Bennett relations Media. 42 43 HEALTH TIPS Or perhaps hidden allergens home impacting energy levels KERI JORDAN oure feeling tired, grouchy, havent shake headache morning. Sure days--or causing allergic reaction. choosing vacuum cleaner, low-emissivity paint fewer chemicals, ways chances sick. today healthier ENSURE ADEQUATE VENTILATION air vital wellbeing, sufficient throughput fresh air. Open windows frequently filters conditioning system regular basis optimum performance. Always well-ventilated outside breaks. Consider air-purifying plants remove pollutants air, Lisa Walsh R.S. Landscaping NASA Associated Landscape Contractors America studied house purify stations. Topping list peace Draceana marginata, Ficus benjamina, English ivy, aglaonema HYGIENIC HOUSE, CHOOSE VACUUM CLEANER HEPA HIGH-EFFICIENCY PARTICULATE FILTER CAN TRAP SMALLER PARTICLES CLEANERS MAY RECIRCULATE BACK INTO AIR. tips ingredients, vinegar baking soda systems filter summer. chamadorea palm. locally Garden, garden center Sanibel-Captiva Road School. tor discuss suitable requirements. CHECK LABEL CLEANING HEPA-FILTER CONTROL POLLUTANTS Many household cleaners, sprays materials contain volatile organic compounds VOCs evaporate headaches, dizziness sinus irritation. soda, hydrogen peroxide release irritants. VOCs, formaldehyde trichloroethylene, paint, pesticides, upholstery adhesives. low-VOC paints, designed harmful gases harsh chemical indoor Consult approved painter decora- Regular vacuuming dust, dirt, pollen pet dander. hygienic house, choose cleaner high-efficiency particulate trap smaller particles cleaners recirculate wood, tile vinyl flooring alternative carpet, easier clean dust free. Carpeting rugs breeding allergy-causing substances trigger asthma pulmonary conditions, Chris Designers Rug Steam carpets presence mites home. 45 46 Filling steam key controlling allergens. HAVE NOTICED MUSTY OR EARTHY ODOR, PEELING PAINT, GREEN DUSTING MOLD BLOOM DISCOLORED SPOTS CLOTHING, FURNITURE WALLS YOUR HOME, COULD SIGN PRESENT. --JON LAVENDER, INSURANCE FIRE WATER RESTORATIONS, FORT MYERS professionally cleaned amazing dirt collects carpet untended. ERADICATE climate excellent mold grow, humidity, condensation standing contributing mildew indoors. Mold visible wallpaper, between insulated areas, cause respiratory problems outbreaks untreated. noticed musty earthy odor, peeling green dusting bloom discolored spots clothing, walls home, sign present, Lavender Insurance Fire Restorations wall non-porous, simply wipe wet cloth disinfectant mixture. reappears, intrusion humidity problem. case, consult licensed remediation possible. LIGHT LIFE According American Migraine Foundation, Americans migraines, exacerbated lighting bright. correct bulb difference. longer lifespan electrical efficiency LED bulbs popular homeowners. LEDs eyestrain flickering florescent lamps, Steven Stafford, president Stafford Engineering, compared incandescent low-cost environmentally source lighting. experts Ben Mading, CEO Green Secure Energy, lights allow energy, utmost vibrancy homes. four-to-five lighting, reduces maintenance replacement costs, reducing ambient heat, savings air-conditioning Ann Cemer, senior project manager Energy Solutions. produces glare, visibility colors indoors out. brains tend function light, carry activities, reading, well-lit wherever Jordan editor United Kingdom. 47 Staying haul counts O MICHAEL STULL alternatives road leisure examples packing baggies almonds walnuts snacks, putting veggies cooler, keeping powder mixed water, cooler fruit Greek yogurt, rice cakes packets peanut top. idea temptation either form french fry couch potato, ready tackle challenge forward. done sure ahead workout simple, utilizes bodyweight minutes limited space. Having clothes straight Workout buddies interesting fun. partner reliable activity, out, sport. fantastic accountable comfort zone. Without goal often motivated. car mind. Setting mini-goals week realistic measure progress objective. committed regardless moving consultant physiologist eight designing businesses. reached ne toughest starting sustaining haul. means effective. excuses skip unhealthy meal, choices. Notice consistent, perfect. difficulties temptations and, boat knowing overcome obstacles veer path committed. Accountability leading factor achieving forms but, importantly, holding substantial with. starts attitude. Part ahead. 49 Fifths restaurant, Avenue5, touch elegance exterior. Opposite dining room facials counter aging stress. FIFTH AVENUE5 CATHY CHRISTOPHER HEN COMES WELLNESS, WEEKEND AWAY WEAR DOWN RENEW MIND. THINK ABOUT HAVING MASSAGE FACIAL, DINING TASTIEST HEALTHFUL FOOD PREPARED TOP-NOTCH CHEFS SLEEPING THICK MATTRESS COCOONED SOFT 100-PERCENT COMBED-COTTON SHEETS. Youll Level Suites fact, perfect getaway, blissful hour. Sitting South, 119-room property extraordinary blend luxury accommodations, suites overlooking pedestrianfriendly avenue poolside rooms rooftop oasis. elegant cater health-conscious escape, indulge unwind. 51 Naples, explore surrounding boutiques galleries foot. Enjoy brief backyard vacation book stay. Rooms palate grays, creamy whites crisp black bold splashes red. Plush pillow-top beds wrapped cotton sheets black-out curtains guarantee sleep baby, totally refreshed Soft bathrobes bonus lounging room. need, attentive service. Tucked Fifth. disappear hour day. interior Naples-based Jinx McDonald Designs. Asian influences, Feng Shui elements tranquil, Zen-like atmosphere. FIND NEW WAYS RELAX massage, facial soothe soul range Swedish massage specially packages, services tailored individual client. uses finest all-natural lotions creams, wholesome botanicals therapeutic-grade oils. Two Relax Custom Package Restore Package. two-hour 225 Therapeutic Massage Anti-Stress Facial. 340, threehour Facial Hot Stone Foot Hand Reflexology Massage. four available, treatments, lengths pricing options. 52 allows couples memorable. tailor likes, scent pressure Judy Neilsen, exact benefits vine, Vinotherapy, doubt wine enthusiasts savor Grape winemaking grape extracts nourish, revitalize cleanse natures powerful antioxidants--polyphenols resveratrol-- rich collagen, slow Vinotherapy Scrub Renew Package, Vino Radiance Exfoliating Facial, Pinot Noir Detoxing Wrap. nine facials--some low 120--for regain youthful glow. Neilson, utilize dfi Aging soy, gluten, GMOs. Treatment options Anti-Aging Rejuvenating Deep Pore Cleansing Skin Firming among Gentlemen favor Aromatherapy Renewal hand foot reflexology, stress improves blood flow. additional charge. Light Relaxation Massage, medium pressure, deep tissue massage. Harmony indulgence, hot stones 20. treatment retreats girlfriends mothers daughters. More healthful twist Dead Sea Salt Mineral Mud Scrub, Australian Lime Tea Wrap, Chocolate Raspberry Brown Sugar Scrub. Guests enhance add-ons, Exfoliant 20, 30-minute Full 60, Dcollet Rejuvenator 55. ear candling waxing arrive escorted locker, plush robe slippers visit, relax glass water. access sauna treatments. Each receives assistance concierge, suggestions reservations request. dinner Located property, food, vintage glam ambiance breathtaking bar. World-renowned Jeffrey Beers Internationals stylish, inviting, atmosphere luminous, airy SPOIL TASTE BUDS TOO 53 Avenue5s chefs beautifully plate diver sea scallops la plancha, applewood bacon fingerling potatoes. California cuisine style, cooking utilizing fusion incorporating freshly prepared typically food saturated fats vegetables fruits. palette sunset. restaurants centerpiece gorgeous bar, seats socializing, friends. culinary brings decades kitchen. worked diligently dishes clean, flavors advantage whenever vegetables, onion puree carrot puree, thickening agents roux flour butter. Additionally, expertly acid flavorings meat dishes. method yellowfin tuna. Tahini paste sesame seeds brushed tuna cooked sweet soy vinaigrette champagne blackened snapper, tostados pineapple-pepper relish, Scottish salmon, accompanied pepper jam. sugars sweeteners. carte pick sides, steamed asparagus roasted root vegetables. seafood non-hormonal meats farms traceability source. grass-fed beef Estancia Beef, naked bird chicken Farms farmers obtain freshest produce micro greens. locally, executive chef John Welch. Over 54 CHEERS Among drinks Sunset Martini, mixologists. sip sun set Mexico. NAPLES SUNSET MARTINI 1.5 ounce Zyr Vodka cranberry juice orange Splash Liquor Shake vodka ice strain chilled martini glass. Sink bottom. Finish cocktail splash Liquor. Garnish slice. Counterclockwise appeal, raised 3-pound lobster see-and-be-seen avenue. integrating sourced introduce menu. Consistently showcases shine simplicity Theres appetizers, soups, salads raw selections, delectable duck confit crepes, Maine bisque jumbo salad. entrees diners cuts meats, chops, Maine, specialties char-broiled risotto, surf turf. 100-percent Berkshire two-bone pork chop, 24-ounce Braveheart 30-day-aged cowboy bass pound Main Creative sides garlic cheese fries, char-grilled mushrooms mac added. decide dinner, 300 choices, wines America, Australia America. Craft beers bottle, barrel-aged cocktails herb-based drinks. lunch accepts dinner. information table website 239-403-7170. Fifth, innonfifth.comspa-on-fifth 239-280-2777. Christopher 55 1213 57 S 58 Santa Clara Cartagena, Colombia. producer stone. o diamonds, rubies, candy adornment therapeutic purposes power vitalize energies body, plus Gemstone therapies relegated healers. menus. Different disciplines gems treat mental well-being. Astrologists depend stone fortune. example, Taurus emerald, Libra sapphire. Ayurvedic healers illness Gems relate influence chakras-- centers interdependent. chakras connected varying levels, emotional coded data consciousness, functions, sounds, persons aura. aid Author Simmons explores numerous books researching book, Stones Consciousness Healing, Awakening Co-creating Crystals, Minerals Gems. inquisitive crash course practical applications crystals Labyrinth, described spiritual held lectures apply crystal grids knowledge radiate color light. Paula Koger, electronic therapy Sarasota Rainbow Natural Dunnellon, jewels directly mood functions. Gem profound relaxation improved increased way, heal itself, Koger. involves low-voltage, attached precision instrument. device aims specific acupuncture points, meridians. Chinese meridians paths gi flows. pleasant--regardless disease, insomnia pain Mona Rain, practitioner Chacaruna Healing Shaman Spirits Cave Offerings Boynton Beach, balancing. orchestra conductor hear instruments note tune chakra direction hands, Rain. First, determines field, fingers, toes eyes, exist, consists placing polished stones--rubies, turquoise, aquamarines, lapis lazuli amethysts-- arrangement field. Rains Crystal Spirit Cave, sorts. Grounded Himalayan halite painted onto walls. Clients cave relaxation, meditative calm nervous system. Isabelle Morton, GEM Formulas Manchester, Conn., dwell chakras. deems fire, earth, metal wood. SPA chakras--major MARIE SELBY ROBERT FESQ SANIBEL MOORINGS 59 Diamonds, emeralds, sapphires rubies Chicagos Trump, Trump Tower. harmonizes stones--a symbiotic pairing relationship explains Morton. arena spas, Eau Manalapan aptly named Diamonds Pearls 90-minute polish, wrap package crushed amethysts, gems. treatment. Nidah Eldorado Fe, Mexico, therapists strategically Turquoise Southwest. Native belief, crossover ancient Ayurveda techniques. mirror Keene. purports stimulate immune Spa-goers, opt detoxifying En-Wraptured Wrap mixture turquoise applied heart, stomach throat Colombia-- emeralds--has emeraldinspired concentrates chakra, 150-minute Emerald Essence Ritual strives harmonization emotions exfoliation, cleansing Treatments 60 AT TRUMP begins guided meditation, chill exfoliation emerald elixir. Rejuvenation therapy, crystal, quartz amethyst-infused cream precise techniques shiatsu. targets crown expand awareness soul. transparent amethyst harmonize, fill loving chakras, Karen director. Spas amethysts permeated Amazon nut oil. moon. combined vital. Chicago, infused spring fall solstice. Imported Dubai, bottled stone-- diamond, ruby sapphire--each particular result. Balancing Diamond clarity, enlightenment. Purifying Emeralds Calming Sapphire benefits. Revitalizing Rubies negates negativity uplifts self. lovely trinket catches store, impress spouse significant ornament. healthy. reason girls friend. Understanding Chakras names, well-balanced achieves attainment. Root Chakra spinal column, colon adrenaline glands, foundation. garnet, agate, ruby, hematite smoky quartz. Sacral below naval, accept experiences. carnelian, moonstone tiger eye. Solar Plexus nerves abdomen, confidence. citrine amber. Heart circulatory system, lungs thymus, ability love. peridot, jade rose Throat voice, lungs, thyroid, teeth throat, communicate. amazonite, blue lace agate aquamarine. Third EyeBrow lower brain, ears nose, concentrate. lazuli, sodalite, opal Crown pineal gland, connect spiritually. amethyst, quartz, lazuli. Therapy Labyrinth 239-939-2769 Wealth 941-539-4232 954-675-5945 Conn. 877-443-6436 561-533-6000 Holtz Ottawa, Mexico 505-988-4455 Colombia Ill. 61 NATURES NOTEBOOK Shorebirds WILLIAM COX horebird sightings attract birding world. observed birders identifying shorebirds impossible discouraged attempting identify birds. Not species shorebirds, appear non-breeding plumages, adults juveniles. field guides shorebird identification easier. Some Sibley Birds, Identify Yourself Shorebird Guide. extremely useful photographs illustrating plumages cycle. simplify identification. experienced birders. skills birder own. species. ringed plovers snowy plover Charadrius alexandrinus, Wilson Plover wilsonia, semipalmated semipalmatus, piping melodus. photography approachable identify. shortest bills Unlike stop feeding, tap sand mud surface locate worms arthropods. observe May sporting plumage Identification determining color, leg bill size color. adult plovers, upper backs wings brown. exhibit fairly breastbands. pale graywhite tan wings. thin incomplete breast bands. pink respectively. Of thicker plovers. black. thin. slightly extensively tipped. ends abruptly, appearing blunt. thick base tapers evenly length, point. aware season, approximately months long. faster characters behavior Piping Semipalmated SHOREBIRD GUIDE EXTREMELY USEFUL AS MANY PHOTOGRAPHS SPECIES ILLUSTRATING DIFFERENT PLUMAGES THROUGHOUT CYCLE. positively addictive populations decreasing rapid rate. recruitment birders, focusing shorebirds. ornithologists grounds becoming obvious locating, long-term monitoring wintering migration staging feed fat grounds. Unfortunately, disappearing, population conservation Cox nature photographer ecologist william 63 207 EPICURIOUS KEY B Breakfast L Dinner SB Sunday Brunch Banquet Facilities Entertainment Cocktails Beer Wine SWFL ambience. Dance lake patio bars cocktails. Like Especially Philly. corned-beef hash, Texas toast caramel pecans, Carbons malted Belgian waffles pudding fresh-ground Colombian coffee breakfast. Pop Philly cheesesteak down. Point, Estero, 239-226-4242, RUTHS CHRIS STEAK HOUSE Sizzling Success. Vaulted tray meticulously linen-covered tables mood. petite filets cowboy-size rib-eyes, steaks tender creamed spinach tempura rings. 239-415-4040 5501 Palmer Crossing Sarasota, 941-922-1515 1200 5th 239-434-6616, ZIZI Cucina Toscana. Expect Italian flair lounge. prepares Mediterranean-American cuisine, lighter offerings lunch. Zizi Bellasera Hotel, walking distance main street. 25091 Bernwood 239-948-4190, PINCHERS CRAB SHACK Table. Fresh, cut-to-order fries madefrom-scratch slaw decadently rich, cheese-and-crab dip full-on fruity, complement coast. Multiple locations 28580 Crossings 239-948-1313 18100 San Carlos 239-415-8973 6890 239-463-2909 15271 McGregor 239-415-4009 10029 239-4154040 23151 Village Way, Suite 101, 239-948-8888, TARPON BAY RESTAURANT New-Fashioned Classic. Hyatt RegencyCoconut pay homage old-Florida house. ceviche types marinades. entrees, try crispy-fried snapper. 221 Ninth Street 239-262-4835, CHLOS Raising Bar. Beachs experiences, Chlos sunset views, depart standard fried-shrimp fare, stuffed flounder noopie. 5001 Road, 239-390-4295, DiamondHead Resort, 2000 239-765-0595, FORDS BEACH RUM BAR GRILLE Sequel. story--a sequel. novelist Randy Wayne Whites Matanzas banana leaf snapper baby ribs. Friday nights. GARAGE taste details. dcor 1920s, Henry Ford parts, burgers Model Bootlegger. Black Angus topped arugula fried egg beer names Kona Big Wave Belgium Fat Tire. 10801 Corkscrew 519, 239-332-3673, PAGELLIS RUSTIC TUSCAN GRILL Bring Dancing Shoes owned inspired, 708 Fishermans Wharf, 239-765-9660, NERVOUS NELLIES Neurotically Good Time. massive gator bites Thai dynamite shrimp salad, grilled 65 salmon Oscar, crab, asparagus, please. Check Uglys Waterside Bar, upstairs, gets prettier, all-day 1131 1st St., 239-463-8077, BISTRO Innovative Global Cuisine. Visually stimulating presentations stellar paired regulars first-time melt tomato-Parmesan hit lunchtime. Shops, 13499 Ave., 239-466-4141, BLU SUSHI Cobalt Cool. An sushi outrageous highlights menu, tasty prefer steak chicken. 13451 239-489-1500 10045 239-334-BLU3, COURTSIDE STEAKHOUSE HARBOUR RESORT Beefed Up. Refined brass, leaded subtle theme, steakhouse delivers tastiest butchers breed steaks. Diners buffet aboard resorts Princess yacht. 17260 Harbour Pointe 239-466-2138, CRAVE Cozy Contemporary. Breakfast, p.m., omelet variation eggs Benedict. noon, bacon-wrapped meatloaf jambalaya, sandwiches, hungry diners. brunch crowd packs wait--but 12901 239-466-4663, 66 CRISTOFS MCGREGOR Old-Florida Charm. Designed resemble delightful, Old Floridastyle surrounded landscaping, Cristofs hotspot. Whether rib-eye bouillabaisse, receive generous portions 10231 239-791-8473 DARUMA Make Wish teppan-style, Classic Japanese favorites offered, combinations Nippon filet mignon teriyaki. 239-344-0037, 2207 First FIRESTONE Four Brick wood atmosphere, tires remind Firestone. paella Grille Room tapas Sky dance Martini Saturday. 2224 239-334-3473, LAZY FLAMINGO Cold Beer, Raw Come plumpest oysters, steaming hot-spiced peel-and-eat shrimp, grouper incendiary Parrot Wings. buffalo bet. 6520-C Pine 239-472-5353 1036 Periwinkle 239-472-6939 12951 67 239-476-9000 waterfront 16501-B Stringfellow Bokeelia, 239-283-5959, LOS CABOS CANTINA Eat, Stay Party tacos, burritos, enchiladas guacamole, Arrachera Steak, homemade chimichurri. stepped 100-year-old cantina, modern amenities. 2226 239-332-2226, SUNSHINE Sunny Delight. wood-fired seafood, corn portobello mushroom pan-seared piccata. 8700 Gladiolus 239-489-2233, EDISON Illuminati. honors legendary namesake genius, Edison, display photos. steeped tradition, pot pie receiving raves 3583 239-936-9348, PRAWNBROKER Agent Fish. tried-and-true. Salads fish, pasta 68 pleasing palates 1982. Soup salad accompany dinners, days. catch deals 530 p.m. booths, nautical details seafaring vibe. chips Irish fare. Slinte 1708 Parkway West, 239-541-2663, Westin 15951 Silver King 239-541-5600, 13451-16 239-489-2226, UNIVERSITY Head Class. theatergoers club Novel band folk joined White develop best-seller entrees. Dont mojito. 975 Rabbit 239-472-8311, DUNES Member Problem classic twist. lump crab bisque, Eastern, Western Burger, empanadas pulled seared steak. 7790 Cypress 239-437-4377, 1719 East, MARKER 92 Nautically Nice. pizza oven Marina located. flatbread pizzas breezy waterside terrace. DUBLIN ALE PUB Pint Variety. rousing pubs styles disappoint. Shepherds 949 Sand 239-472-3355, 69 ISLAND COW Bovine Bounty. omelets pasta, joint, despite cow references. dinners choice, unless breakfast, consider omelets. sandwiches lounge, entertainment nightly. 239-472-1998, SANDBAR Welcoming. stone-crab claws, appetizer, unsurpassed. perfection please palates. velvet cake creme brulee dessert. 1223 239-472-1771, 2163 239-472-0606, PIZZA Slice Paradise. tradition Pizza it, crust Pasta, calzone popular. calamari bruschetta miss 2761 West 239-472-0305, Local Color. Grill typical pub fare--juicy burgers, baskets crusty pizza--and seasoned bartenders often-sought-but-neverfound feel, popularity spot. 1619 239-472-1581, JACARANDA Legend. romantic, intimate relaxed, open-air gathering nightspot Food splendid MATZALUNA Well-Smoked Italian. Five Cheese Gorgonzola, ricotta, artichoke hearts pizzas. pastas, chicken, veal round 703 Tarpon 239-472-4453, SEA STAR CAF Culinary Luminary. bagel breakfast 70 71 pancakes caramelized bananas apples. lunch, burger panini. 937 East 239-579-0195, STARFISH Beach. tree-studded beach. citrus mahi braised ribs lovers. Casual fare flame-grilled Burger aged cheddar. Holiday Inn, 1231 Middle 239-472-7827, MELISSAS Thing, Small Packages. Chef Melissa Talmage courses appetizer half-portions, giving sample dishes, cured yellowtail. 1625 239-472-1956, THISTLE LODGE Victorian Rendezvous. crab-crusted mojo allure trappings, glorious table. Casa Ybel 2255 239-472-3145, TIMBERS FISH MARKET Dine Yourself. Favorites platters lump. Be door. 239-472-2722, TRADERS Shopping Experience. Traders shopping emporium Tuesday Thursday evenings. gumbo, macadamiaencrusted grouper. 1551 239-472-7242, 72 CAPTIVA Nacho Madres Mexican. inside, bright serape colors, piatas, terra-tiled floors adobe-style subtly suggest gone south border. setting, beat. eclectic walnut-crusted sausage peppers, escargots baked tomato. cravings. 11509 Andy Rosse Lane, Captiva, 239-395-4000, MUCKY DUCK Quack Start pint brewed side pond. combination grub. beachside gazing. 11508 239-395-1142, SEAFOOD WINE Inspired Bistro. charming, caf European touch. wood-grilled lamb chops mahimahi, pecan-crusted goat Outdoor seating 14970 239-472-0248, FloridaNew American. Millers always-changing bounty fish. Wines presentations, breath away. 14900 239-472-6200, 239-472-5161 4, KEYLIME Changes Fooditude. picket fence cheery canopies 11546 239-472-3434, RC OTTERS Otterly multitude daunting. Steamed clams, baskets, quesadillas up-to-date. readers detailed andor visiting establishments. 73 BETWEEN LINES secrets buried DOUG GALLOGLY thrown with, cannot forget. clue follows, inexorably realization closest friends conspiracy, persistence harms Why Natalie disappear, frightening interested Years Coben. grabs reader words else aside--even sleep--as Jake journey. Harlan Coben Jersey internationally bestselling novels. check bookstore Missing You, Cobens thriller. Jackie. hat loved itself suddenly married promise contact again if, obituary Fishers dilemma struggle conscience, funeral. learns leaves questioning believed Dutton, 27.95 series bestsellers acclaimed story passionate affair inexplicably broken, threatening broke Natalie, search truth, finds danger. Violent men searching flame, torture kill furthering quest. professor, 75 CALENDAR JULYAUGUST WHERE JULY 4TH CELEBRATION 4th July Fireworks Cruise 730-930pm fireworks Cruise. Departs G Dock Port Marina, 14341 Comfort 239-4728443, Fourth 10am Festivities kick parade Boulevard spectacular shows, beginning Fishing Pier. celebration restaurants, lounges venues festivities Activities Times length 239454-7500, Freedom Fest 6-10pm music, childrens activities 930 admission, preferred 737 77 fireworks. Historic River District, 239-826-0356, Day Celebration 3, 530pm Miromar Outlets 15th annual finishes lawn blankets. 239-9483766, 930am oldfashioned hometown Way a.m., picnics beverages Baileys General Store Jerrys islanders noontime Rally, scavenger-type hunt Nightfall marked Causeway. 239-472-1080, Red, Boom pm carnival vendors bridge. dazzling stage. 239-573-3128, Music 18, August 7pm District alive month. dozen participating feature regional talent. 855-732-3836, STAGE Train Deception Sunday, Wednesday Thursday, 630pm 78 Allies thwart ring WWII Murder Mystery Train, Seminole 239-275-8487, Saturday, gritty gumshoe genre intersects society OUTDOORS Farmers Market 2, 8am goodies Riverside Park, 239-992-2556, Historical Walking Tour Wednesday, Saturday 1030am Learn district. 239-9450405, Haunted History 8pm reveals darker history. Greenmarket 9am Alliance Arts 10acre campus, grown, cultivated foods sampling purchase. Live musicians, kids, gardening demos 239939-2787, Bicycle 730am Meet bicycle House, Sanibel. 239-4722155, 79 SPORTS Extreme Water-Ski 31, 3pm Show performance Lazy ATV 9591 82, Felda FL. 201-754-8326, FAMILY FUN Shell Crafters Monday, Join seashells crafts. charge supplies. 239-472-2155, CLUBS Zonta 3rd 7am SanibelCaptiva, 1987, award-winning hands-on assistance, advocacy funding strengthen County, International. House. Lions 6pm dedicated fortunate organizing fundraising events charitable organizations. ABWA 8, 12, Chapter Association invites meeting. 80 81 Save Date AN EVENING TUSCANY 17, Pagellis Lakeside evening philanthropy. Signature 630 artisanal cheeses Justin Fleming. appropriate pairing. meal silent auction, proceeds Golisano Childrens cost 150 per smart attire requested. Fleming 239-287-8756. Please listings. calendar attending events. 82 83 STARGAZING ELIZABETH 12th Moon Capricorn usual blow proportion. Time wind projects habits. Moon, tides expected bigger usual. rainstorms excessive flooding. 26th Leo luck Anything begun powerful, carried fly close landing. endure, 10th Aquarius ego balance. keys harder 25th Virgo purity purpose. self-esteem seriously compromised. planets square off, frustration. gas brakes. months. ARIES MARCH July, Jupiter enters romance admirers grows. bored moment. tough waving dear ones plane Hang effort, rest. luck, lovers, children creativity. tempted gamble hard-earned dollars, remember Lady Luck fickle. Credit card coming, jeopardize moments thrills. TAURUS opens, confusing financial Taurus. resolve this. 13th arrive. money odd front keel. solved fuss. GEMINI JUNE friends, Gemini, pocket Any urge changes quo resistance well, familiar. Spend matters situations. trying talk shot, fail. Signs 1214 sudden longdistance venture CANCER quiet unfairly deserves. unstoppable earned. marriage. untangle neglected job. Romance delicious, intimate. LEO AUGUST Mercury direct 1, causes rejoicing. carefully pore facts pact group, celebrate. hand, solve mystery. Leo, fans applaud heats hottest record. Youre hot, fan growing. Will stick might. confrontation forces 8th. VIRGO SEPTEMBER dying responsible mudding retrograde. Facts 85 1st, encounters authority figures. along. desire road. makeover clothes. Also, midmonth. careful resort. Ready not, friendships now, lasting kind. stressful schedule. matter count star show. decks done. Remember void creates vibration Impulsive situations probable, fire boil, angry, deal merciful. Think asked relocate. position homework gut. right. LIBRA OCTOBER long-distance youve finally arrives 8th, Libra. inheritance delayed funds 27th, SCORPIO NOVEMBER learn, horizons. Taking ticket department intimacy. see, 18th. SAGITTARIUS DECEMBER concentrate relationships issues. unsaid relation, retaliate strive listen. honest. interest 86 included. politics, religion, foreign lands education. teach preach, definitely ignored. younger. CAPRICORN JANUARY trade establishing reputation, Cap, strike 16th loan mortgage property. manipulative month, break, either. bucks reality, worthwhile. brand return. AQUARIUS FEBRUARY Talk Ridgewood High. reunions, school college. redo adolescence. wisdom worlds. dealing social attention ole 180. Drop habits entirely. Welcome 87 PISCES nothing cause. Someone professionals point flaws plan. resist reacting advice spirit offered. strides dealings vocational personnel. good, trustworthy Even planned, heart. Allow necessary need. Born identical twins, psychic birth. Named Worlds Greatest Psychics Press, 2004 100 2014, healer readings worldwide. astrologer, counselor, healer, clairvoyant interprets dreams teaches Dimension. TV Unsolved Mysteries, Beyond Chance, Psychic Detectives cable Get Psyched. books--Psychic Attack Victim, Ascension Accessing Dimension, Dimension WORKBOOK Opening Intuition Sensitivity Books Two--are heads Bucks Metaphysical Association, nonprofit organization charities Pennsylvania. Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Mahwah, Jersey. rates 215-996-0646. 88 89 Balloons Paradise Festival ritual J DANA MIRMAN ust daybreak perfectly late magical sight Immokalee. brighten sky, scores balloons rise, riotous kaleidoscopic vibrant serene graceful ascents. family. DANIELA JAEGER Chuck Rohr, Rohr Tober, Tina above inflating balloon festival. awesome delighted awoke attend Festival, presented Casino mass ascension, was, action-packed replete fun-filled festivals grown 35,000 attendance, Jim Gibson, embraced attracting teams country. Indeed, Balloons, Mount Dora Texas, pilot race. noted, festival, camaraderie pilots. accessibility pilots distinctions, Gibson said. pilots, happens race dawn, tethered rides answer questions. centerpieces platform showcase heritage alligator wrestling educational culture, Gibson. festival included polo. polo received, hosted riders educate match, 91 riders, spectators DEBRA KILPATRICK SEMINOLE CASINO IMMOKALEE midday, exhibition began. American-ranked player Kris Kampsen Wellington, competed States, Canada basics match riders. afternoon progressed, party continued musical performances RachelHughes Band, JJ McCoy Sister Hazel, You. Truly ages, carnival-like Kids Experience offered giant slides, treats. vendor Marie Benn owneroperator Ice. shaved ice, flavored syrups, flavor combinations. participating, event, balloons. here, kids. delight grown-ups, featured state-of-the-art BMW. Drew Hollowell, experiential BMW, models, five-passenger SUV Series convertible. Hollowell market enthusiastic sharing input. participants went aloft balloons, entertainment. cooled ices treats, attendees spectacle. WAS FESTIVALS THIRD YEAR WEVE GROWN YEAR. YEAR, HAD ATTENDANCE. EVENT BEEN EMBRACED COMMUNITY. --JIM GIBSON, Don Urch, splits LaBelle Alexandria, Va., forever casino, event. Everything run. attended, surely fond memories. missed beginning, awareness, of, Mirman producer. 93 239.466.5115 16970-1 Blvd Publix Drive Thru Service Dry Cleaning - Laundry Alterations Bedspreads Draperies Wedding Gown M-F 7am-7pm Sat 8am-3pm Work Done Premises ACCENT BUSINESS 239.939.0077 Serving CopierPrinterScanners Printer Supplies Print Cost Recovery 239.728.7708 MyersSanibel CLAUDIOS PEST MANAGEMENT Claudio Treviso Name Know Trust Termite Pest Control 239.472.6188 2330 Ridge Unit PHARMACY Locally Owned Friendly Faces Can Count Needs Order 239.437.7482 16681 Blvd, ALTERATIONS RITA Quality Call Appointment Mon-Fri RON SONS SECURITY ANDSOUND 239.481.2949 8941 Sales Installation Security Alarm Systems AudioVideo Theaters Radio Intercom System Central Vac Much 95 6914 1138 PARTING SHOT South. luxuriously decor blends Mediterranean See 97 548 Overnight Spoil Keep Healthy Air Balloon U LY 01 BO NIT EST ERO BE_Cover_JA14.indd VOL. NO. 4.95 TRIP DENTIST WILL MAKE SMILE MRS. 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